Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Suburban Sonny WUB

Or: Sonny in real-life 

Carly on her phone at the Metro-- things are buzzing... 
Carly: Sonny? 

Sonny is in his living room, staring out the window...
Sonny:  Yeah? 

Carly: Look, things are falling apart here.  I have to stay longer and I need you to do a couple of things for me...
Sonny: Well, I'm deep into brooding for Morgan but...what ya got? 
Carly: Ok, Avery has that ear infection and she has an appointment at 2...so I need you
Sonny: Wait..where's Ava, she could get herself over here and...
Carly: Sonny, she's in the hospital-- burned. 
Sonny: Oh. yeah. She's a bitch that one..
Carly: SONNY! Focus will ya!! 
Sonny: Ok ok....pediatrician...ear infection... 
Carly: Do you have the insurance card? 
Sonny: (Pause) the what? 
Carly: Our insurance card, we're covered under the Metro plan but they'll need to take an updated copy ..and oh, our copay is  $45.
Sonny:  Um... (squeezes eyes) .. yeah..ok, I think I got it.. 
Carly: Remember to get her car seat up from the garage...
Sonny: Garage? 
Carly: Where Max lives over? 
Sonny: I know where the garage is.. I meant the car seat. Where's that? 
Carly: The extra one is over by the winter tires.
Sonny: Winter tires?
Carly: SONNY!! Look, I have to go... oh and Joss needs to be picked up from crew, so stop by the park and
Sonny: Crew?
Carly: Oh my god!! Yes, where she's gone every Thursday for the last year--they are practicing on the canal today. 
Sonny: You mean the river
Carly: NO... the canal.. it's behind the old Braden warehouse..
Sonny: Whatever..ok.....got it, I got it! 
Carly: Oh and she texted me and you have to take Tara Jenson home too. 
Sonny: Who?
Carly: HER BFF since 2nd GRADE!! They live on Oak Terrace..they...
Sonny: Can't Jax pick her up.. I'm kinda tight for time..(looks out window)
Carly: Sonny! You had him DEPORTED!
Sonny: Damn it, that' right. Stupid Jax. 
Carly: So...pediatrician and pick up Josslyn, ok? Oh and you'll have to take the SUV because...
Sonny: Not happenin...
Carly: YES IT IS! Now get going..
Sonny: (throws his glass..it shatters)
Carly: That had better NOT have been another tumbler because..
Sonny: OK! OK! I got it. I do run a giant coffee company on my own you know...
Carly: I hope you put air quotes on that coffee comment...I have to go,  I'll be home when I get there. 
Sonny: (stares at his phone.. walks to the mantel ..leans.....puts chin in hand....looks around, sighs)...
Sonny: MAX! MAX! Get in here!
Max: Hey, boss..you ok? 
Sonny: Yeah, yeah...listen I have a few errands for you to run...but first, (reaches in suit coat for his wallet) do you know what an insurance card looks like? 
Max: Like, for the car?
Sonny: Hell if I know... 

More to Come..because GH-- OY 


  1. Karen!!! Hahahahahaha. That was great hahahahaha!

    The island:

    Carson: Yeah Carly I was thinking that it was a trick too! Sonny did you get her a new dress?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Julian and Alexis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thought I saw Scotty walking in!

    Julian and guy: Oh it's not Scotty. Oh that guy wants Sonny! Oh Julian what is with you? Oh and of course Alexis just HAS to stare and stare and stare and listen in.

    Alexis: 0-0

    Paint and Wall's home:

    Paint and Wall: Wow she still has that knife!!! Sacre bleu!!!!! Oh she is lying!!!!!!

    Julian and Paint and wall: WOW!!!! Julian is still in love with Sonny! Julian still wants to protect him!


    Nathan and Amy: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    Nina and Nathan: He does look good in that suit. :)

    Bobbie and Nelle: GO BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Glad you still co-own Kelly's!

    Nelle and Nina: Thanks Nina for the new job! :)

    Hotel room:

    Amy, Nathan, and new woman: MARION FROM AMC YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad she isn't Marion though.

    Q home:

    Michael and Joss: They never argued? Oh come on!! Yeah right. And then he says someday they will.. Foreshadowing?

    Bobbie and Michael: I love how when they were talking, Joss kept rolling her eyes! HAHAHHAHAHA! Michael listen to Bobbie!

  2. Karen you are hilarious and you wrote it so perfectly I could visualize it exactly!!! You are awesome!!!

  3. Too funny! Just waiting to see your name on the writing credits one day!!


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