Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"You Look Pale"

Says Alexis to Sam at the coffee clutch.  And.....Sam seems to have postpartum depression? WHAT? Huh? What did I miss?
Wait...this is really out of left field. Bizarre.  Alexis gets Sam to go to the spa and pamper herself. She sits with Scout and Julian comes by. OH, maybe that whole thing was JUST to get Alexis alone so that Julian could see Scout and her!! 

Alexis lets Julian hold the baby.

And..oh Lucas is on! With Julian!! Why didn't they have him on for the Nurses' Ball? Why this? Who cares? We get to hear that Lucas hates Julian YET AGAIN! oh thanks. 

Jason and Sonny are toasting Ava's Karma. Sonny is seriously crying about Morgan and GOING OVER EVERYTHING again. 

Anna (I think it may be Alex) is telling Lulu/Laura she knows where Val and Char may be. Why would she tell them??? HUH?  Lulu is all hep to 'help out Charlotte". Whatever. 

Valentin is teaching Charlotte how to lie about who she is.

AND I AM NOT making this up-- the 3 of them...Anna, Dante and Lulu show up in Niagara Falls in about ONE minute .
They don't even try. Holy shit. I mean, that was so stupid. SO stupid.  So, Charlotte went with Lulu and Valentin is all mad. 
Val and Anna yabber about the past. She arrests him. He cries, she cries. We all cry. 

Spencer's home. Sees Laura.  He used apps to get home--lol. He even used an app to generate a text from Laura-- saying he was needed at home. LOL. He wants to avenge his father's death and 'reclaim Wyndemere".  He got his pizza :) 

Sam is sure acting really weird. 

MAC is on tomorrow. He couldn't be on for the Nurses Ball...but he's on tomorrow????

OMG..today's show was so confusing. 


  1. Says Alexis to Sam at the coffee clutch. And.....Sam seems to have postpartum depression? WHAT? Huh? What did I miss?
    Wait...this is really out of left field. Bizarre. Alexis gets Sam to go to the spa and PAPER herself.

    I know this was a typo, but considering their nicknames on this site, this made me spew my Dr. Pepper :)
    I figured she'd be more into PAINT than PAPER!!!

  2. Don't hit me but I enjoyed today, except for Sonny... ugh! Have a feeling this has something to do with the curse (Sam). Glad Lulu FINALLY has her daughter!

  3. Coffee clutch the same as coffee klatch?

    coffee klatch

    or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch

    A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.

    Origin of coffee klatch
    Partial translation of German Kaffeeklatsch Kaffee coffee Klatsch gossip ; see klatch .

  4. OMG did I say PAPER??????? ahahahahhaa

    I was so upset and distracted today by the show!

  5. OMG, Spencer and Laura, AMAZEBALLS!! You know, Genie always has been a great actress, but her dialogue and delivery are so spot-on, as she gets older she seems to keep getting better. You know, I don't like getting older, but seeing Grandmas like Anna, Laura, Felicia and Alexis can put aging in a very good light!

    As much as we all complain about GH, seeing Spencer and Laura together just makes it all worth it!!

    Well, I haven't finished watching yet, must get back to it.

  6. Karen,

    After reading your synopsis today, I have to wonder something. Jean, the writer who is retiring.... could it be she was really fired but told she could say publicly that she is retiring to save face? Because after your synopsis today, she deserved to be fired. What a mess this show it.

    Now, this has been done before, mostly in professional sports.

    1. Could be, but if she were just leaving the show that's one thing but since she is retiring it's probably not that she got fired,

  7. Loved Spencer and Laura but he doesn't seem to be growing much. Great little actor. I really like watching Charlotte and Valentin. Couldn't watch one second of Jason and Sonny but I did like Julian with the baby. Yeah, out of the blue Sam is acting weird.

    1. I noticed the same. My youngest nephew from the time he was a baby to about elementary school was on the lower end of the growth chart. He's 15 and he just sprouted up overnight. I'm 5' and he's finally taller than me. His younger sister was as tall as he was for yrs, people thought they were twins.

  8. Lante home:

    Lulu: It's all my fault Charlotte is missing! I have a lot of hormones! I'm pregnant and this baby is huge!!!!

    Spencer and Laura: SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So glad to see him!!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Julian and Lucas: Hey!!!! LUCAS IS THERE YAY!!! Wait where is Brad?

    Central Perk:

    Sam and Alexis: Yes Sam is acting very strange. What is the nickname that we call Scout I don't remember! DOH! Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: We help our children out, and then we corrupt them, and then hand them back to you.


    Julian and Alexis: UGH! Another scene with them. Oh no Alexis don't let him hold the baby!!! UGH!!!! Julian and the baby UGH, William DeVry and the baby awwww! :)

    The massage parlor: Oh boy what is wrong with Sam?!?!?!!? Maybe she has a feeling that her father has her daughter.

    Paint and Wall's home:

    Sonny and Jason: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Niagara falls cabin: Wow! Anna and Lante used the teleporter!!!

    Charlie and V.C.: Awwwww such a sweet scene! I love it!

    Anna and V.C.: Such a sad scene. :(

  9. "Cheryl said... I know this was a typo, but considering their nicknames on this site, this made me spew my Dr. Pepper :) I figured she'd be more into PAINT than PAPER!!!"

    Hahahahaha. More into paint than paper!!!! ROFL!


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