Thursday, June 29, 2017

The True Tragedy of Ava Jerome

I was watching GH yesterday and it struck me; this is the 2nd time Maura West has been laying in a hospital bed doing pretty much all face acting. (Which she can do way better than most people can with full on body acting). 

This photo from 2014 shows just how little we've moved in these stories.

Poor Ava Jerome. Such great promise--such a great character to introduce. Slinky, devious with  the killer instincts of a python. First misstep?  Paint her into a corner by killing Connie.  She had to go weeks, months and forever with angst that Sonny would find out and threaten her (for weeks, months years).  Oh, she also shot Olivia too.  The irony is not lost on me that Sonny actually shot AJ in order to supposedly 'save' her from AJ, btw. Something that Sonny sure doesn't pay for in any way, shape or form. 

Let's not forget crypt sex.  What came of that? She used the pregnancy to save her life.  Gave birth to an adorable baby that is wielded over her head like a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. All dangled by--Sonny. 

Ava takes a bullet from Carlos and 'falls to her death' off that damn bridge. She's not dead though because Silas has her in NYC in a room...alone for months. Oh, and she has cancer too. Weeks to live.  Of course she's saved only to return to Port Charles as....

Denise.  With a BAD BAD WIG... (I still can see that thing).  What followed was just nonsense in every sense of the word. Thankfully she comes clean and Denise is put into storage (for good I hope). 

Time goes on and she switches  Morgan's pills to mess with his depression. We all knew it was a bad  story and boy were we right. Only took a YEAR to sort it all out...with Ava getting no story but the preoccupation of guilt. Sonny and Carly taunting  her with Avery at every turn.  Pleading to Scotty or Lucy whenever the writers decided to put them on the canvas for a few days. 

In all of this West has portrayed Ava as multi-faceted and someone to both hate and have compassion for.  Let's face it, she's been regulated to being afraid of Sonny's repercussions, fighting for Kiki's love and trying to see her other daughter who's being raised by people just as despicable as she is. Let's also not forget that when her sister Olivia was on, Ava had maybe 2-3 scenes with her. That was it!! What a goldmine did that miss? 

I have so many stories to tell with this one. She could have married AJ and they could have done such damage to Corinthos Clan, all in the name of The Q-Jerome Family.  She could have really taken over the business when Julian 'got out'(thus avoiding the entire trying to kill Alexis crap). She could be a Diva Leader of PC. Instead she's looking over her shoulder, scared of Sonny, begging for her own kid and now laying in a bed after being burned alive. "Could have" is my go to word for how great this character "could have" been.  If only someone had the foresight to map it out.  Until then, we'll watch Maura act her heart out from the hospital bed, half covered in bandages. 


  1. Your comments about her ability to act with only her face is so true.... She has only her voice to project all those feelings and thoughts that Ava would be having at this time. And even with only that, we know exactly what she is thinking and feeling. Fantastic actress who is sinfully under used.

  2. I agree with all - what a great actress and what a shame she has this crappy storyline. In what hospital rooms do they ever have windows with blinds that everyone can look in on? She just had her bandages changed, too, with the blinds open. Glad she has been interacting a lot with Julian since they are very believable as siblings. I sure hope Morgan is alive if only to end this.

    1. I read they hired a 25 year old actor who's name I forget with black hair and brown eyes I'm guessing it's a Morgan recast.

  3. As I said before, the actress must be sooo uncomfortable having to act in mummy wrap. And she still looks beautiful, and, as others have said, can convey all of her thoughts and feelings in this condition. If, as they say, Ava has years of surgeries and rehab, are they going to make the character disfigured? Once, she had a dialogue with herself and they showed the old, uninjured Ava, maybe they will continue to show her that way?

  4. I totally agree. All of the writers missed the boat with Ava by writing her into a corner. It's interesting that Sonny never gets written into a corner. No matter what despicable things he does, he comes out smelling like a rose. Ava is literally burned in order to be punished. Carly and Sonny accuse Ava of using her daughters, and yet both of them use their children as well (look at what they did to AJ and Michael). They've all done bad things, but there seems to be a lot of hypocrisy coming from Sonny and Carly against Ava as if they are better than she. I think Maura West does a great job, even if Ava does bad things. She really draws my attention in her scenes no matter if she has a big or small role, even when she's acting with half a face and one arm showing.

  5. ITA as well. Let's just hope that Steve Burton's Jason turns out to be AJ with plastic surgery. Then, every time Sonny and Carly look and see Jason's face, they'll be reminded of AJ. Maybe then, he and Ava can hook up and take full custody of Sonny's daughter.

  6. LiamAZ said...

    ITA as well. Let's just hope that Steve Burton's Jason turns out to be AJ with plastic surgery. Then, every time Sonny and Carly look and see Jason's face, they'll be reminded of AJ. Maybe then, he and Ava can hook up and take full custody of Sonny's daughter.

    ** That's about the LAST thing I'd want to see happen.


  7. Carly's home:

    Carly and Joss: I am surprised that Joss didn't say she wants to stay with Bobbie!

    A private shoot:

    Amy, Nathan, and Nina: Geez Amy tried so hard to keep Nina out of it!! Keeping Nina in the dark was so boring, but then when Amy finally told her, I'm glad Nina is going to keep her secret.. Awwwww. :) Jennifer Bassey's character wins the line of the day.

    Publisher: Why are you shouting?


    The hospital:

    Ava's room:

    Dante and Ava: YIKES! BIG EYED DANTE IS CREEPY!!!!!

    Scotty and Ava: Awwwww! Great scene!!!! Maybe they will become a couple!!!

    Sonny's restaurant:

    Sonny and Spencer: Poor Spencer. :( Doc really needs a session with Spencer. I'm glad Sonny told him no. I'm glad Sonny talked to Doc. Great scene all around.

    Carson: Oh no Carly! I wouldn't manipulate Joss if I were you!!!!!!

  8. Ava was WORKING that right eye!!


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