Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Port Charles Is Burning

Biggest News This Week? RoHo cut his hair and shared the results.
Yes, I wept. I love the Todd Look! 

Oh yes, the Wubmaster is sick again this week--can you believe it? Bronchitis!! I've been just a mess. So, as you could tell I didn't even get to Friday's show.  I will run though what I can and you fill in the gaps, ok? 

Repeat I was off the hook there. 

BEHOLD!! I have the CHUMUNGA BEER CAN!! The Light--The Dark! The GLOWING EMBER of Death!!! 
Which turned out to be really easy to turn off and then some goons came and started shooting but Miss Anna grabbed it and "disposed of it" and ..well.. that was that! I think I probably got some ice cream afterwards. 

Wubs Note: Did we live though all that scarecrow nonsense for THIS????  Here we all were trying to figure out if Jake or Charlotte was a true Chimera when....well, it appears this was all just, um.. dare I say, stupid? 

OMG..he's talking to me! Really talking--TO. ME!! But he found my secret blog. Oh darn it. But wait, maybe I can use it in my favor!  OMG, I 'm so happy because I know he'll love me even when his wife comes back! I'm going to have so much air time ever!! 

....and then your Grandpa Luke brought back this chip named Kong and gave the town an awful virus....

OMG! I spilled my wine on your nice suit! Wait..I think that's a...bullet HOLE! WAHH But I love you! But I was jealous of Anna....but really I love you...but I.... VALLLENTIN....don't DIE!! You can't die!!! 

Um, I get your mad Sonny, but Ava is like burnt to a crisp right now and she may not make it...
I DON'T CARE, SHE'S SCUM I HOPE HER SKIN FALLS OFF WHILE I WATCH! She HURT my LITTLE BOY MORGAN with the PILLS! She's DISGUSTING! I've never EVER Made any mistakes when it come to ANYTHING and she must PAY! 
Um, want to see my bullet wound? 

As a MATTER OF FACT, why don't I just rub it into KIKI too? I get She's upset when she sees her  mom all fighin' for her life an all, but hell, she NEEDS TA KNOW! 

Sonny, it really is horrible what happened to Ava, I mean--burned alive and all? Hello? Do you hear me? Is there anyone in there? Compassion? Humanity? Nope? Well, I tried. 

Wub Note: PLEASE have Krissy be thinking about calling Valerie for a date...Please....

As your good friend who just brought you the key to your life back with this law license, I must advise you to not contact Julian now that he's out on bail. Don't even touch him, or feel badly for him. Nope, don't do it. 

I know I shouldn't touch you...or feel badly...but I do... why oh why did they write you so badly? Why did you have to literally fantasize about killing me, then hold a knife to my throat and terrorize me? Why? (said every GH watcher ever) 

Well, Nelle, it's been a long week watching you and your kidney lay in that bed. Let me pour you some water as a token of my love and affection. That' will be our thing, ok? Water? Because it so defines what we are.  I'd love for it to be 100% whole milk, but the hospital frowns on that. 

Ava's eyeball is going to be doing some acting next week--and Sonny's going to go in to further torture her. 
Can she have a secret bazooka under those sheets? 

All I can say is I'm so disappointed in the Chimera story I could scream. I'm not even sure Anna did "dispose" of it all like she said. I don't even care. The Alex thing was weird and totally unsatisfying as well. Hell, "Anna" could be "Alex" now and I wouldn't bad an eye.  I'm still wondering why we had to go to that stupid cheesy island for the whole Chain-Up. Oy. 

The Nurses' Ball felt like an obligation on the part of the writers. No tradition, all interruptions. Ava's getting beat up left and right all because of that horrible pill-switching plot. She laid in bed when she had cancer, what's a bit more? 

Oh, yeah..Hayden and Finn are going to move in together. Their scenes are so apart from everything else it's just a mess. Did she not go to the ball because she was pregnant and sick? I missed that?? They both WORK there, right? God forbid they interact with anyone else. 

So... I got this done as best as I could today. Sorry if it's not up to par. I've had more virus' this year than I have since I was a kid! Makes me want to scream. 

Hope you are well. 


  1. Haha! umh wanna see my bullet wound?Love RoHo hair!!

    1. Oh and the "disposal"...I am with you, I was like what if Anna is really Alex and has it....cause ya know, GH.

  2. The writers should be writing sci-fi fantasy, if anything, rather than a daytime drama. Where is the romance? Where is the sense of history? Every storyline falls flat. Too much time is given to newbies and characters that most people don't like. GH could be great with new writers!

  3. Let me tell you when I screamed with laughter....ahem....Anna "I have taken it to a nearby WSB facility and it's been disposed."
    WHERE WHERE is the facility that she had TIME to get there/take it/change clothes/come back and Valentin wasn't even in surgery yet????????
    (and no she didn't dispose of it and I do think it's Alex.....

  4. One last thing about the NB, and the hospital that bugs me. A looooong time ago, st. Sonny gave $30 million to gh for the "hiv/aids wing that he got from Lily's death by her father. Where is it??? Never see or hear about it.. and that was several writers ago.

    1. these writers don't care about history nor do they know the history....sad news and it won't get better until they realize that the fans do care about the history and know the history of GH

  5. Karen, sooo sorry that you are sick. Last Sunday, we were supposed to go to a Memorial Day BBQ at my sister's. Then my husband woke up with a horrible chest cold. I went without him, and my sister's husband, who was cooking the stuff on the grill, also had a horrible chest cold. Then I went to get my hair done this week, and the woman who washed it had a chest cold. So, I guess something is going around, maybe it's the changeable weather?

    Hope you get well soon!

  6. Whether I agree with you or not, I love reading your take on things. Really, you should write for GH. I know it's not good when I find myself thinking that Nathan/Amy's little storyline is refreshing. Hurl. So much potential here with such great actors. But then comes the part where Lulu tells Valentin he will soon be arrested and should do the right thing for Charlotte and leaves him alone with her. Surprise! Poof he's gone. Not predictable at all.

    1. OMG, if they gave a Daytime Emmy for Stupidity, it would go to Lulu for her careless disclosure to Valentin about his impending arrest. Even Anna disappointed me when she told him what was coming (the arrest, a trip to the Netherlands where he would be tried at The Hague, thence to a Super Max facility) ... and he WASN'T even cuffed to the bed! That was some VERY bad writing/planning. Anna has no right to question Lulu for telling Valentin that he was going to be arrested because she did the same damn thing! Unless ... Anna is Alex?

  7. Great SS and so sorry you are ill again Karen. Hope you recover quickly. Another meh week.RH looks much better. I don't find him all that attractive to begin with but this is a big improvement. Michael and Nelle look like siblings. She must have had her hair lightened as she lay in bed. Love when Bobbie gives her a hard time. No chemistry at all with those two either. It was really horrific to see Sonny go into Ava's room to threaten her. She did wrong but she didn't force Morgan to get in that car. Reminds me of when Alexis was a patient in GH (cancer then?) and Sonny cold bloodedly came in her room to threaten her. He is truly despicable. I liked Dante showing some disgust for his dad in their scene together.

  8. I'm guessing they don't remember when Carly wanted Sonny to sign away his parental rights to "their little boy" and let Jax adopt him. And then of course he went away to military school or wherever until he came back as a big spoiled brat. I love the writers saying Ava has to pay but Sonny never does.

  9. Yah, they NEVER EVER mention that fact..about Jax/Morgan and military school. LOL EVER.

    one of the daycares I give service at (and has a ton of sick kids all the time) just told me they have 3 kids with bronchitis and one with pneumonia. ERGO-- wonder where I got it.

    1. You think they'd leave their sick kid at home. Hope you feel better!

  10. Michelle Latta said...

    Haha! umh wanna see my bullet wound?

    ** I actually COULD see Sonny saying/doing that!


  11. kdmask said...

    Yah, they NEVER EVER mention that fact..about Jax/Morgan and military school. LOL EVER.

    ** Even IF they did, this being Jelly, they wouldn't even get the history correctly, anyways. Seeing as they seem to be rewriting history daily, with EVERYTHING they've done now, as is.

    Glad to see you're doing better Karen!

    And now I'm going to go mourn RH's hair.


  12. K, I think it was supposed to be Dante saying, "wanna see my bullet wound?" referring to the time that Sonny shot him.

    Karen, I interned for 1 year in a school for children 0-5 with delays, and got sick like a MILLION times!! My supervisor there hated me for being out so much, but I was a hot mess! Between the sick kids, and the overheating and lack of air in the place, it was a germ factory! The teachers there told me, "After 3 years here you become immune to everything," but you have proved them wrong!

    1. Yeh Dante saying that to Sonny is correct.
      I worked in the pharmacy for 8 yrs and swear I'm immune, of course stupid pollen allergies don't count.

  13. AntJoan said...

    K, I think it was supposed to be Dante saying, "wanna see my bullet wound?" referring to the time that Sonny shot him.

    ** I can see what you're saying with that now. Since Sonny had just been shot a couple years ago, my brain just read it as if it was Sonny to Dante. The absurdity of the fact that when I do think about it, it could definitely apply both ways, isn't lost on me at all, though,


  14. NOOOO! Why did ROHO have his hair cut?!!?!?!! I love his long hair. :( I love his short hair too, but I like his long hair.

    June 2nd GH episode.

    Lante home: Boy they are not hiding that baby bump anymore. I guess they don't care anymore.

    The hospital:

    V.C.'s room: I don't want V.C. in jail!!!! Run V.C. RUN!!! Run like the wind!!!!

    Burn unit/Ava's room:

    Julian and Alexis: I can't believe she hugs him!!! And then a 2nd hug is a no no because 1 hug is plenty? Are you serious Alexis? 1 hug is too much!!!! GO HOME ALEXIS!!!!!!!

    Julian and Ava:

    Julian: Come on Ava you got to get better. So we can start flirting again and being very very close that we almost kiss!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Kiwi: They are talking about Pilly! Show Pilly come on!!!


    Nathan and Amy: Zzzzzzz. Arrest her Nathan!

    Central Perk:

    Carly and Krissy:

    Krissy: I don't care if she is suffering. After what she did to Morgan, she is getting what she deserves.

    Hmmmm. Like father like daughter.

    Carly and Kiwi:

    Kiwi: Whine whine whine. This is my fault! Whine whine whine.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Julian: UGH!

  15. Emm is like 20 months preggers and enormous so it's harder to hide LOL! But seriously she's only 9 months but still very large.

  16. "Michelle Latta said...Emm is like 20 months preggers and enormous so it's harder to hide LOL!"


    "But seriously she's only 9 months but still very large."

    That baby is big! I wonder if the baby will be 8 pounds.

  17. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Fairman said on twitter, that Jean Passante will not renew her contract with GH!!!

  18. Yeh I saw that as I follow him on Facebook and posted on yesterday blog. So happy!! She's retiring. :)

  19. "Michelle Latta said...Yeh I saw that as I follow him on Facebook and posted on yesterday blog. So happy!! She's retiring. :)"

    I wonder about Shelly Altman!

    1. She's staying....i think. Michael didn't mention her.

  20. "Michelle Latta said...She's staying....i think. Michael didn't mention her."

    Yeah he didn't mention her. Rats.

  21. Michelle Latta said...

    Emm is like 20 months preggers and enormous so it's harder to hide LOL! But seriously she's only 9 months but still very large.

    ** This is when careful placement of large plants and sitting at tables comes in!



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