Tuesday, June 6, 2017

James Depaiva To General Hospital?

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So... Kassie Depaiva just tweeted "Guess who's coming to #GH"... and there's a blurry pic of her hubby, James. He of course played Max for YEARS on OLTL. 
Speculation is that he's ...Jeff Webber? 

Hmm, I will keep you posted! 


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  2. Another OLTL orphan. I don't mind if he's Jeff Webber and people don't start saying calling him Max. (He looks like he could be Jeff)

  3. Too busy concentrating on the lack of good storylines for the over bloated current cast and veterans than to be involved or excited about defunct soap castoffs.


  4. David, yep I get it! Remember when Belafonte came on as THE MAYOR? That went NO-WHERE.
    Some people are also saying that he might be a burn specialist for Ava.

  5. I noticed that Spencer HAD grown, he IS getting taller . . . I don't know how old he is, have to look it up . . .

    Sonya, where are you, are you OK?

  6. Oh my gosh. Jean is retiring!!! Yay. Maybe I'll start watching GH again!!!


  7. I agree with David. Never seen this guy, don't care, and how can they fit someone new in with Sonny on every day? To me Spencer looked exactly the same as he did last year when he was on. Maybe he will spurt at some time. Emma has certainly grown.

  8. Ant Joan, the boy who plays Spencer is 12. The character is 11.

  9. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Can't wait to see James Depaiva again!!!! Happy that Kassie is cancer free!!! :)

  10. "AntJoan said...I noticed that Spencer HAD grown, he IS getting taller . . . I don't know how old he is, have to look it up . . ."

    Yes he is!!! And his lisp is completely gone! :)

    "Sonya, where are you, are you OK?"

    I'm great! I had computer problems.. I answered you about it in another post. Sweet that you were concerned.. *BEARHUGS*

  11. Di, thanks.

    Sonya, sooo glad you are OK :) Must have not seen your other post, although that is strange, as I read ALL posts.

  12. "AntJoan said...Sonya, sooo glad you are OK :)"

    Thanks! How are you doing? Are you okay?

    "Must have not seen your other post, although that is strange, as I read ALL posts."

    Hahaha. It's okay. :)

  13. I'm OK with this - JD is likeable and can act well. If you can't get RDA back as Jeff Webber, JD is not a bad recast at all. Thumbs up from me.

  14. just to be clear. i am not knocking the actor. i am sure he is a nice guy with a great background on his soap.

    writers get residuals based on NEW characters. so we keep getting new characters. and with a new writer(s) coming on board after July, that means we will probably get more and more NEW characters so the writers can get extra money.

    bye bye vets.

    i still think, and I know i am in a minority, there should be NO contracts at all on the show and everyone should be contracted day players.

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