Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jean Is Leaving Soaps

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Co-head Writer of GH, Jean Passanante is leaving soaps, says Daytime Confidential and others around the net.  She will be retiring in August. Keep and eye out about who will step in to fill her shoes! 


  1. Finally! Better storylines are ahead I'm sure!

  2. Time to break out the good bourbon to celebrate!! (I hope).

    The big question now though, is whether someone will be replacing her, or does it mean SA will "flying solo" so to speak. Since they've been kind of a "package deal" for awhile now.


  3. Does this mean the storylines will now only suck half as bad?!?

  4. Bob Buchanan said...

    Does this mean the storylines will now only suck half as bad?!?

    ** No one really knows for sure WHAT is going to happen, and HOW it'll effect what we see on screen. I can't help but be somewhat worried though, considering the current state of the industry (We're down to only 4 shows, and even with just those 4 everything is just on such shaky ground), everytime a head writer, EP, or anyone else that is central to the production/creation of a soap, that some network exec high up will just say to cancel the show, and stick some other cheap to make and talk show in it's place. Since the cancellations of AMC and OLTL pretty much came out of nowhere. (And with AMC having JUST moved from NYC to L.A.) One or more of the remaining soaps getting axed for something like this happening isn't out of the realm of possibility by any means at all.




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