Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sunday---No Saturday Surgery: Falling For You

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So, here's the deal. I'm taking the weekend off, so...the blog is being written on a Friday night to be published  Saturday. Even Surgeons change their schedules now and again! 

It's another short one. I'm giving the highs, lows and woes that I've seen. Spinelli's back. Kevin was on. Sonny fell down. Jake smacked Cam. Alexis got a new house. All in all, not too bad of a week. 

Not sure what to have today but a nice Bloody Mary always fits the bill. 

YEP....this is Jake... in 3 different screen shots. This is his ongoing face. Except when he's mad at Spinelli for taking so damn long to find out who he is. *sigh*.... No, no movement on this front. Liz is still all jittery--Nik is still warning her...yada yada. So we wait.

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Spin's back! Doing his hacking and now trying to reconstruct's Jake's face from a skull Xray. BUT! Alas, our Jackal is now in the custody of Miss Jordan for getting into the mainframe of GH's computers. Drat! 

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Sonny's angry. He can't walk. Patrick can't make him walk. He's gonna find another doctor. He's gonna walk on his own...but...

CATV 3 20151021 1321(39)

Even though he pouted and huffed and puffed...

CATV 3 20151022 1306(12)

Um.... WHOOPS.  Those legs ain't walkin' no where! 

CATV 3 20151021 1327(30)

Loved the scenes. I'd kill to have KA back playing them, but I have to take what I get. Roger was fantastic. There was a point where Nina was SO happy and excited telling him about having "house guests"--and he just looked at her with this face. A face that was mixed with happiness and also sadness because he knew they were coming just to get something from her.

CATV 3 20151021 1329(24)

Having Maxie and Nathan come over was nice. Nina is backing Dillon's movie now so she'll be involved. She gets some creative control, a part and part profits. I hope this makes the movie a bit MORE interesting. Nina can be all nutty. heh. Something has to happen. We know that they are going to show the footage of Val and Dante at the Halloween party. I wonder if Lulu's implantation will be complete at that point? Hmmmmm...

CATV 3 20151023 1314(6)

I'm not digging Anna being all upset and needing pills, BUT... Yes, I loved that Kevin was on. Too bad he's being 'replaced' but there you go. Anyway, this was a good scene. Anna goes to the morgue, Jordan finds her. They talk. Sabrina comes in and gets Carlos' ashes, making Anna even more guilt-ridden. (she pops some pills). Goldberg, the head of the morgue, gets her the autopsy report.  Anna looks at it and realizes that the body wasn't Carlos'.  Paul peeks through the window at the end. Now see, that's how I like a scene. One day... many characters come through and something actually happens. More than 2 people talked too! 

CATV 3 20151023 1326(23)

Sam got a giant ring from Paddy too-- Bigger than her head, btw. 

CATV 3 20151023 1337(12)

A SHOWER!! Yippee!! Epiphany! Felix!! Dr. O!! EXTRAS!! What!?? Epiphany's toast was so sweet...and so telling about what's to come. I love that they had pretzels and cheetos. SO true for any office party. You should also know that Liz asked Patrick to 'stand for her' at the wedding and Jake then asked Carly. 

CATV 3 20151023 1354(28)

After Felix says to Sabrina "Could that be Carlos' baby"?? Michael grabs her to go tell Mom and Pop the good news! Both Carly and Sonny have dead-pan expressions. LOL. Nothin' 

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Julian's strange phone calls have been to have Alexis' new house built. Let's forget that it looks a LOT like Alexis' old house and the brownstone combined, ok? It even has a tub and a fireplace in the same room! 

Ned leaves Olivia for a lame reason--he can't keep the secret any longer. (see below, the point is moot but...) It was a touching goodbye but we all know that Wally is over at Days so, not much we can do about that. GH was stupid to let him get away, imo. 

CATV 3 20151022 1346(28)

So, Alexis gets the DNA results and tells Julian the same day! Soap fans around the country faint that it came out that fast. She didn't hide it at all!! Julian didn't sit tight but went to the Metro to demand Olivia hand the baby over. Um, yah, that was going to happen. Now he AND his sister can be trying to get custody of their kids. Kinda funny when you think about it. 

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Think about this too:  Babies on the show: Avery, Leo... Sabrina's baby is coming and Lulu's trying to get pregnant. PLUS we've got toddler Danny and Rocco hanging out. I guess I should be happy that Georgie isn't on canvas. The show is overloaded with kids at the moment. Cam, Joss, Emma, Invisible Aiden--and Robo Jake. Who am I forgetting. Probably a mess more. 

CATV 3 20151023 1326(20)

While Laura is watching the boys, Jake is happily drawing devil-doodles when his bro Cam decides to scare him with a monster mask. Laura hears a crash and.....welp. Jake Jr. Walloped ol' Cam in the head and he falls down. Laura's concerned. I mean he WAS on that island with Hells all those years and ... you know. Evil. 

CATV 3 20151023 1358(28)

After bopping Cam in the face for scaring him...Jake Jr. tells Jake Sr. he's his Daddy. Yes, MY REAL DADDY. (flashback to him overhearing Liz and Laura talking). Jake's all confused. Or IS HE? Liz comes in and sees this from a distance and gets all nervous. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Anna and Kevin. Ok, I don't much like her cracking up but Finola is fantastic. Kevin was his steady ol' self and knew she had more to tell. Great stuff.  I love FH. That's all. 

CATV 3 20151021 1332(7)

PROP OF THE WEEK; 99,999999999% baby! 

CATV 3 20151023 1300(17)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Spin gives Sonny's Bocce balls because it's a game you can play 'sitting down' LOL..OMG. AWESOME !! ahahaa. 

CATV 3 20151023 1300(22)


CATV 3 20151023 1336(35)


Summing up: 

 Kiki in her own orbit right now with Nina and Franco. Get away from Morgan and Michael for awhile. Glad they got Nina involved with the movie. Will there BE a movie after the Halloween party? Don't know.  If there is, she'll bring some life to it! 

The bridal shower, the inclusion of more hospital staff (Goldberg the morgue guy, Tino the orderly and the guy that was all "OMG someone hacked into the mainframe). This adds depth to scenes, imo.  We had a ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE! 

Anna...god HELP ME but I'm intrigued. I don't like her all weak but she's giving such a great performance and I'm hoping in the end, she solves the Sloane is Carlos mystery. Thank you for having Kevin on even if for a scene. Appreciated. 

Laura noticing something up with Jake Jr. Good stuff and PLEASE have her on more.  I also liked her going up and doing chores, just normal things we all do. We've been missing that. 

Alexis has a new house that's gorgeous!! 

Spinelli. I'm waiting for the program he created to start shaping the face. I can see him going EUREKA! and St. Jayson's face staring back LOL... then him flying into the wedding with the photo in hand. 

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I am not saying much about Sonny, Jake's ID or Lante at the moment. Naxie needs stuff to do besides exposition. The Darby distraction was stupid, imo. I mean..really? What? Why? Just to make Kiki jelly? 

The Carlos Daddy Sabrina Michael connection. I yelled about it enough last week to make you nuts so I'll refrain. 

Where the HELL  is Tracy? 

I like but this memory thing is dull. She's dull. I want her lusty and feisty again and make her someone's niece. Like Diane or... Amanda Barrington's (Great Niece). Tie her to someone. 

Ok, I'm stopping there because that's enough for this week. The show was good--a LOT happened that was crammed in there.  The show was also boring in places but hey, so it goes. The Halloween party next Friday should be good and then the next week will HOPEFULLY be the "Jake reveal".  Even if Jake knows he's Jason, he doesn't "know Jason". That could unfold into a very interesting chapter. 

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!! Have a good Sunday. I'm going to a gorgeous little town in Western NY to enjoy the fall. See you next week! (I actually want to watch the show most days!) 


  1. Oh and early Sunday sugary! Cool! :) Great job again Karen! :) Speaking of that shower, I forgot to mention yesterday, when they were toasting with their drinks, why was that woman just sitting there? Everyone was standing, and she was sitting! :) I thought that was odd.

    "After bopping Cam in the face for scaring him...Jake Jr. tells Jake Sr. he's his Daddy. Yes, MY REAL DADDY. (flashback to him overhearing Liz and Laura talking). Jake's all confused. Or IS HE? Liz comes in and sees this from a distance and gets all nervous.

    And Liz pees her pants again! ROFL!

  2. About Anna, remember when she showed up in Port Charles she was wearing a fake scar, so she's had some issues before. I'm with you, I love everything she does! My favorite part of the shower was Dr. O saying "and napkin rings". That cracked me up!

  3. Sonya, I noticed that lady sitting there also. I was trying to figure out if she was in a wheel chair.

    Also, haven't enough people told Jake he's Jason. I mean enough that he might run a DNA test against that of Jason or a Quartermaine.

  4. I did love that Dr. O gave her European lol

  5. "Mrs. Goose said...Sonya, I noticed that lady sitting there also. I was trying to figure out if she was in a wheel chair."

    I didn't see a wheelchair. She just sat on a chair and smiled haha.

    "Also, haven't enough people told Jake he's Jason. I mean enough that he might run a DNA test against that of Jason or a Quartermaine."

    Yeah!!! You're right!!! Come on man figure it out!!!!! :)

  6. OK, I want Anna's coat, and Sam's ring--my birthday is coming up soon, may I have them, please??

    I remember Anna's coming onto the show, and the fake scar . . .

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  8. Loved Patrick calling out Sonny (during the deal with your situation scene). Finally, someone laying it out, not being enamored of Dimples (I got the touche of the history of the character and his displeasure of Robin's friendship with Sonny)


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