Thursday, July 6, 2017

More Martinis Please!

WOW! In ONE Scene today:


HOLY MOLY! WOW... it was about Olivia's bachleorette party.  They leave and Dillon and the rest to play poker. They smoke cigars and start a small fire. LOL  Carly arrives with firemen, it was only a trashcan fire so nothing is really damaged. They have to check the rest of the floor. 

Olivia is getting smashed.  Laura helps her up to a room at the Metro. She passes out, Laura leaves...later a fireman comes in to check out the room (as per code) and she thinks he's a stripper. She yells, jumps on the bed and in the next scene, she' jail.  Later it looks like they think she's a hooker? Huh? Anyway, Dante comes to get her.  Much ado about nothing. 

Sam really didn't stab Sonny, it was a hallucination. Of course it was.  Sam bitches about Sonny taking Jason away from the family. Sonny's all confused. She then apologizes and asks him not to tell Jason she was there. Really weird scene.

Liz and Jason talk about Sam's being tired and not herself. Liz says having a baby will exhaust a person. It lasted about 3 seconds lol 

Stella is down, Waiting for the ambulance. Later, in GH, Griffin says it's good they got her right to the hospital. It's probably a minor stroke. He does say she's had a few small ones according to her medical history. Curtis and Jordan go to see her. She says she had a stroke years ago but has been ok until she came to Port Charles--then glares at Jordan LOL  Jordan talks to Griffin and she thinks Stella could have another stroke with stress so you KNOW she's going to break up with Curtis again. OMG this is going to go on all summer. 

Joss can't go to Aussie Land because Jax is in Abudabi. Joss is mad --the reason that he's there is because he can't do business in the US. She's all mean to Carly. After Carly leaves she and Oscar text....angst text. 


  1. things I don't understand:
    SO is Valentin being taken away by someone helping him escape? WHY did we follow-through? WHERE is Alex?
    Is James on there ONE day as a doctor? they are all apparently horrible doctors because everyone tells Sam she is tired...and she was NEVER in a hospital gown!!
    Dr. O barely confessed - it would never hold up court - just saying 'can you see me changing the test results'-----unrealistic....and yet Jordan arrested her.

    and finally - Curtis as an IT guy is worth watching everyday.

  2. The hospital:

    Aunt Stella's room: Yup I thought so. A stroke.. WOW she had a strokes before?!?!?! DAMN! Oh Jordan I know what you are thinking.. You want to break up with Curtis again don't you?


    Jason and Liz: Oh yes. Sam is SO tired! ROFL!

    Carly's home:

    Joss and Carly: Oh Carly don't manipulate Joss!!! Well, I want Jax back NOW!!!!!!

    Joss and Oliver: Hmm that picture of Oliver, that's a different Oliver! I did hear he was going to be recast.. Not sure why.

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Sam and Sonny: Great scene!!!! Too bad the stabbing wasn't real, but love how she is turning on him! :)

    Sam: You stay away from me and my family!!!!

    Sonny: ?????


    Sonny: ????????

    *Sam gets a phone call*

    Sam: Oh I am so sorry Sonny!!!! Please forgive me!!! Don't tell Jason what happened!

    Sonny: ??????


    Carly: Joss Joss Joss Joss.

    Sonny: I will talk to her.

    Carly: Joss Joss Joss Joss.

    Metrocourt private party room:

    Ned, Michael, Dante, and Dillon: Love everything Ned said!!!! Hey we got red white and blue in that room.. Olivia is wearing the red. Hahaha. Uh Dillon!!! Did you leave your brain at the door? Didn't you see you didn't blow out the match??? DON'T YOU ALL SMELL IT?!?!!?! Oh hello fire fighter guy. :) Glad Carly wasn't angry hahaha. Where the hell did Michael go all this time? Did he go and call Nelle?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Laura and Olivia: Lighten up Laura? Really? Now that Olivia is drunk are you happy now?

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Olivia and Laura: Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: I haven't been this way since, since the time that Ned talked me out of opening a hotel for dogs.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh yes I remember that! ROFLMAOPMP!

    Olivia and fire department sexy guy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cracked me up!

    Olivia's jail cell: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So hysterical.. And no young new cop Olivia is NOT a hooker! ROFLMAOPMP!

  3. Sonya, Michael went to the Q mansion to get scotch (or some liquor) from "Grandfather's private stash."

    OMG, Olivia in the jail, HYSTERICAL!! She is a great comic actress!! LMAO!!

  4. AntJoan said...Sonya, Michael went to the Q mansion to get scotch (or some liquor) from "Grandfather's private stash."

    Ohhh okay.. Took him long enough! :)

    "OMG, Olivia in the jail, HYSTERICAL!! She is a great comic actress!! LMAO!!"

    Hahahaha yes she is!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Barbara said...
    things I don't understand:

    Is James on there ONE day as a doctor?

    ** Nope, according to this week's issue of SiD it says: He's joining the hospital staff and will be interacting with various characters. Right now the role is being described as "open ended". If all goes well, they apparently do have plans and story for him. So now it's just a situation of "wait and see" I' m thrilled to see him back in soaps, though.


  6. Olivia was hysterical! I really like Lisa L. and they should have her and Ned on more. I was so hoping Sonny really got stabbed but no such luck. Sam's symptoms are more of a mental illness than physical - so contrived. Kevin should have been the one to help her if she had told him what was going on. KM is still having a problem pronouncing ST -said "Reshtaurant". I like seeing Laura more involved with everyone.

  7. I think that the man sent to retrieve Valentin probably was sent by Alex to free him. Since we haven't heard from Alex, and VC is still part of the cast (I am assuming), then he can't be away for long.

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  9. K said...
    LSV422 said...

    Olivia was hysterical! I really like Lisa L. and they should have her and Ned on more.

    ** As do I. IIRC, it's because he was taken off contract, and bumped down to recurring on Days, that he's even able to do both shows at the same time, now. Not to mention that Days' shooting schedule is so messed up, in itself. As of right now (at least) he's had more airtime with GH. I just wish it were more regularly, is all.

    Sam's symptoms are more of a mental illness than physical - so contrived.

    ** I'm a bit torn on her hallucinations. Having lost a VERY close friend who about 20 years or so ago died just a few short years after it was discovered that he had a brain tumor, taking everyone who knew him by total surprise. He did have some hallucinations on occasions. Just not by any means how GH is showing things now.



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