Friday, July 14, 2017

Lee Baldwin

He was my Atticus Finch! Here's his complete history on Wiki-- read it if you want to know the history of this legacy GH character. 

This is the time I started really watching GH: 1977:

Lee Baldwin returned to Port Charles in 1977 after his wife died in an accident. Lee found comfort in long, warm and platonic evenings with Dr. Gail Adamson. Lee and Gail were good company for each other. Sensing his devastation, Gail secretly contacted Scotty Baldwin, Lee's stepson, urging the young law student to get in touch with the only father he'd ever known. Scotty had left Port Charles several years earlier and was now living in New York's Greenwich Village. Gail's mission worked when Scotty showed up in town. She smiled with satisfaction as father and son reunited. Scotty, agreeing to join the "establishment", accepted a clerking job at General Hospital, where he met and became instantly captivated by young Laura Webber.


  1. I don't know a lot about old GH history . . . Please school me. If Laura was a Webber, and Elizabeth is a Webber, does that mean they're related? So then wouldn't Lucky and Liz be related? Because that's gross.

  2. I don't remember who Laura's biological father was but her mother had given her up for adoption and they reconnected when Laura was a teen. Laura's stepfather is Elizabeth's uncle; they were brothers. Actually, they were half brothers. Rick (Laura's Stepfather) and Jeff (Elizabeth's Father) shared the same mother but had different fathers. Jeff's biological father is Steve Hardy. Hence, no blood relation.

    Geez that really took some thought.

  3. Robert, you summed that up pretty good - well done! That is going back aways into GH history


  4. That's about when I started tuning in and I remember it like that too.

  5. I remember back in the day! I remember when Serena was born!!! I remember Lee and Gail!!!!

  6. I started watching sometime in the late 60's...I remember Scott's mother, Meg. Also Lesley didn't give up Laura for adoption, Lesley's father did and she was told her baby died. Then when Laura was a teen, Lesley's husband, Cameron, investigated without telling her and found Laura

  7. One aspect of GH that I wish the writers had focused more on throughout the past couple of decades was the connection between Gail and Monica. Monica grew up in an orphanage and was fostered by Gail. With Gail later being married to Scott's dad Lee, that practically made Monica and Scott family (of sorts), but that was never fully fleshed out. I think the fact that Scott was a mess and eventually got tangled up with Heather put a cramp in that - made more interesting with the fact that Scott was married to Susan (Jason's mom) at one point before she was murdered.

    Gail found out years later that her previous husband Greg had raped Monica at one point. Monica's experience with Greg helped her to support Laura when Laura was raped.


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