Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Floating Ribs

Dr. O's in Ze Pokey.  Nathan talks to Finn about her case. Finn goes in to talk to Lesil and says he and Monica might have an alternative for her besides prison. He wants her to resign, write to the board and clear his name. She says NO.  He tells her jail would be hard, and she might not see Nate.  She wants to think it over. In the end, she talks to herself about being free and then taking away "the thing that matters the most to him" ie: Hayden. So, I guess that's her exit story. 

Maddox finds Anna in Floating Rib, she was going to meet Flea and Mac but they didn't show up. Dante calls her and tells her Valentin got out of prison.  She calls Robert and leaves a message.  The WSB calls back and says since the weapon is outdated, they are embarrassed this happened so..why have a trial? Plus, Alex is gone and Hells is dead. So...Val is free to go (stupid) 

Valentine's OUT of Ze Pokey.  He's with Nina--the charges are dropped. Whatever. No one is ever really IN jail but poor Steven Lars LOL.  Nina tells him they are divorced. He tells her to leave Wyndemere. He goes to see Charlotte..Charlotte runs to him PAPA! PAPA~~~!!! They argue about CUSTODY of Charlotte...because you know, they haven't enough. 

Liz and Hayden talking about Dr. O being in prison.  They go grab a bite at FR.  Why DO THEY SHOW them now? Rebecca B is leaving the damn show!! UGH I hate GH so much.  Anyway, Hayden has pains and goes to The Hospital with Liz and Maddox. In about 3.4 seconds we find out she's fine.


  1. I can hardly believe it myself, but the parts I didn't ff thru involved Hayden, Obrecht, and Finn. (When Hayden was GreenPea on AMC I absolutely abhorred her. I didn't like Hayden at first either, but now she is not just a worthless appendage. She has a job and skills. LOL) I really can't stand the Valentin/Nina/Charlotte story. (And I can't remember whatever else was on today. Sad.)
    Karen, in keeping with your proposed award for props, I nominate the ribs at Jakes. They always make me crave ribs, and I don't even particularly care for ribs. Go figure.

    1. If Lulu can't have full custody I'm gonna be po'd.

  2. Isnt Dr. Matt (Maxie's ex and Patrick's brother) still in prison as well? And Shawn. Yet Sonny, Jason, Ava, Julian, Franco, Valentin, etc all wander free.

  3. I loved Dr. Matt. But ONLY when e had a beard. He looked around 12 when he was cleanshaven.

    How about Blackie Parrish? Is he still in jail?

    1. Ahhhhh Blackie. ❤❤
      My first adult-ish love looked just like him.

  4. Question...how does Laura get money?

    1. How do any of them really...tgey have jobs but don't see them wk. Haha

  5. Liam, I've often wondered about that myself.

    It seems that Spencer is the only one who shares my outrage that VC murdered Nik. Well, I guess him and Lulu. They seem to be the only 2 who keep harping on it, as well they should, NO ONE should speak to him after what he did, we know Nina is cray cray, but it really is crazy to marry such a horrible murderer.

    I know there are lots of murderers in PC, but most of them are in the mob. No, that does not excuse murder, but folks in the mob kill each other, it's the cost of doing business. The way that VC held them all hostage and killed Nik and shot Kevin, it was HORRIBLE, then they had the stupid Anna story trying to redeem him, it made no sense.

  6. Shawn is in jail and he didn't even commit the crime!!

  7. kd said...she was going to meet Flea and Mac but they didn't show up

    ***I laughed out loud at that line. They haven't been there for so long we're forgetting what they look like. I've given up looking for them myself.

    And it looks like Franco is off getting his fortune back. Now he won't need to pretend to do meaningless jobs. He can stalk Liz at work whever he wants now.

    And no one really expected Dr. O or Valentine to go to jail, did they? Poor innocent Shawn can rot there though.

    1. Maxie is supposed to be back the week of the 24th and she shot scenes with Mac and felicia in the park.

  8. Shawn wasn't innocent. He just was convicted of a crime he didn't commit (shooting Hayden) while trying to kill someone else and missing

  9. Shawn and Steven Lars. God I hate Dr O and this exit sl. 😡😠😈

  10. I am heartbroken that Dr. O is leaving, she is one of my all-time favorite characters, I LOVE her, I wish they would change their minds . . . Every time she is on she is so amazingly funny--her accent and that delivery, priceless!

  11. Wyndemere:

    Nina and V.C.: V.C. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Nina: Did you just say something romantic to me?

    V.C.: I said that you are my love.

    Oh man! My heart melted when he said that and I teared up!!! Damn you V.C.!!! Oh he isn't going to give up on her! YAY!

    Dr O. jail cell:

    Dr. O and Nathan: Awwwwww. :)

    Dr. O and Finchyman: Oh Finchyman has got a new haircut!!! Cool! Dr. O take the deal!!!!!! Finchyman wins the line of the day.

    Finchyman: Well truthfully that sounds excellent.

    ROFL! Then later.

    Dr. O: I have to take the most important thing in HIS life away from him.

    Oh oh!

    Police station:

    Nina and Nathan: Great scene!!! Nathan she can't stop thinking about V.C.!! She still loves him!!! Hmm Nina has got shiny lips.

    Nathan and Finchyman: Hmmmmmm. Did you all just see that?! Finchyman shows up and then Nina has to stay where she is, so Nathan can talk to him!!!! Did Nina ever meet Finchyman? Cus if she didn't she probably will say, hey you look like someone I know. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Charlie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) That look Lulu gives.. Oh Lulu knock if off!! You see how happy Charlie is? That is all that matters!!

    V.C. and Anna: Hmmm. Is something going to happen between them? Is he going to stay away from Anna?

    The floating rib:

    Maddox and Anna: Alex is that you? Seems like it is.. I was thinking oh they had sex glad we didn't get to see it. Oh wait they didn't! Whew! Yes you are better off as friends!!!! I agree.

    Liz and RayRay: Oh oh RayRay in pain!!!!

    The hospital:

    RayRay's room: Oh it's just heartburn!!! Or something close to that. Whew.

  12. If Charlotte says PAPA one more time I honestly don't think I can take it!!! Can she just TRY Daddy once?!?! I am so tired of it I've started counting how many times she says PAPA pet show!!!! Ugh!

  13. After watching today's show, I feel even moreso now that getting rid of RB was "storyline necessitated" is even MORE bulllshit than before"

  14. Of course we get really nice sisterly scenes with Liz and Hayden right before they get rid of Hayden. I hate to see Dr. O go. Too bad they couldn't redeem her somehow. Don't care about Franco and wish he was gone forever. Valentin is not redeemable in my opinion either but we should have had some closure on whether Nik was really dead and maybe a funeral. I don't think there was one or a body either. And he did shoot Kevin. I don't think Charlotte should be penalized for his actions - he is her dad and she loves him.

    1. I know he is her "Papa" and is too young to understand all the crap he's done, killing her uncle, shooting Kevin among other things....I wonder if she'll be a wild child teenager and give him a run for his money. Pay his ass back! LOL!!

  15. LSV422 said...

    Valentin is not redeemable in my opinion either but we should have had some closure on whether Nik was really dead and maybe a funeral. I don't think there was one or a body either. And he did shoot Kevin. I don't think Charlotte should be penalized for his actions - he is her dad and she loves him.

    ** Nope, no body, Nik was shot somewhere in his upper torso, then fell backwards out the balcony window, and that was the last of that. Well, except for his boots being shipped back to Spoon Island. (With the little pouch of diamonds he took off of Hayden before going on the run) And there was a funeral, offscreen of course. (The big takeway (for me at least) was either Laura or Lulu stating that it was a shame Lucky had to go so quickly)) So yeah, no body at the least. Hell. this is GH, even WITH a body doesn't necessarily mean someone is dead.) Though, if they can get Tyler back at some point or even Nick Stable (I was quite surprised at how well he fit), It can be VERY easily explained. Nick was already faking his own death and once things were settled had made plans to bring Spencer to him. Why couldn't he have been working with Valentin from the start? Why couldn't he have planned to meet up with him on Cassadine Island. But, when Sam and Jason decided to try and track Nik down, that screwed everything up. So, he has to fake his death once more, but this time by Valentin. Then afterwards when everyone made it back to PC, when Valentin went to get Spencer, he was doing so FOR Nik, but Sonny screwed everything up, due to his timing. Once Laura puts Spencer in school in France, Nik figures out a way then to get back in touch with Spencer. And as far as Valentin shooting Kevin, According to his WSB dossier Valentin was excellent with guns, so when he shot Kevin, he just made sure it wasn't a lethal shot.



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