Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wub Fiction: Summer Stories

Since I am yelling so much about the show, I thought I'd write down some things I would have LOVED to have seen this summer... I'm gone to a workshop all day so I won't see the show. Enjoy these instead! 

Brad and Lucas meet HouseHunters:  Our happy couple (strained a bit by Brad's bad choices) are looking all over Port Charles for something they can afford. All that comes up are expensive hipster lofts or run down townhouses by the railroad tracks and docks.  Then, Felix is talking one day on the phone and Brad over hears him mentioning the old Brownstone that was "fixed up but never sold" because of some legal issues. It's up for auction and he laments to his partner (forgot his name) how great it would have been to own the property (which is also reported to be haunted!) but it's too expensive. Enter Brad and Lucas.  They all buy into the Brownstone together and start renting out rooms as a way to pay the mortgage. Who moves in? Oh, anyone you want!! Maybe Kiki and Dillon-- TJ and Molly and then some GH doctor interns. Why? They could be around and test for roles on the show. We know good actors when we see them. Put in small storylines about not being able to get enough sleep, or having to grieve the loss of a patient. Think Night Shift only better. 

Dr. Maddox Summer Sessions: Think outside of the box here. We could have had a series of small therapy sessions with many of the GH characters. The writing was great when he met with Jake, and hell, you know about 90% of the people in Port Charles needs it!  The stories could vary and be surprising; Epiphany still grieving the loss of her son all these years later, Monica feeling that she's alone and aging out of her job.  If you have seen HBO's In Treatment, then you know where I'm going! 

Aunt Stella: Plastic Surgeon:  That's right, Aunt Stella dropped by Port Charles but not only to complain about Curtis' choice of women but because she's also a top plastic surgeon. Julian is using the families millions to have her consult on his sister's burned body and face.  We'd gain a great doctor who's attached to the canvas with family.  Maybe later, she could branch out and have some "botched" clients! 

Kelly's Diner--Time to Sell: Bobbie is ready to sell the place but can't find a buyer. Seems like Aunt Stella came into money recently and is a damn good cook. She managed a place in Baltimore for 25 years and is ready to have her own digs.  We need an older woman, full of advice on GH (think Ruby, Mertyl...etc) to guide everyone and keep up with the town's gossip. Of course TJ would continue to work there part time. The upstairs rooms could be rented out again as well. 

Joss Goes Goth: Ok, not exactly GOTH or EMO--but whatever the kids are doing now a days to get their angst out. I long wanted either Molly or Kristina to have an eating disorder storyline and this could apply to Joss as well.  I'm not talking DISNEY-FIED "teen" I'm talking raw, deep-web stories.  She could also have some grueling sessions with Dr. Maddox (see above).

Dr. Griffin:  anything Please. ANY story will do. The way they've wasted this potential is embarrassing.  

I could go on and on-. Point is, the summer is for exploring all things possible. Not rehashing months and months of recycled stories. I want to see the Quartermaine house become relevant again with Olivia and Ned.  I want Lulu to stop crying about Charlotte and pay attention to Rocco who has some difficulties with his development.  Get the characters interacting more and make the stories interesting. 


  1. I would love ANY of those stories!

    My addition:
    Helena and her goons pulled Steve Burton's Jason out of the PC harbor, kept him hidden, and mined him for information about his life. She programmed him to completely forget about his time as Jason Morgan and his life with Sam. He returns to Port Charles as Jason Quartermaine and eventually joins the staff at GH as a doctor.

    Billy Miller's Jason was an amnesia patient Helena got hold of and she dumped all of the Jason Morgan memories she mined from Steve Burton's Jason and programmed them into Jake Doe.

    Sam must now decide if she wants to be with the man who looks like and is her Jason, but has no memory of her or their life together, or to be with a man who has memories of their life together, but didn't actually live those memories.

  2. Great ideas, but come on now, they make too much sense.

  3. How about Franco is really Todd Manning. Helena used same mind altering technique on him. Ends up buying Crimson and PC Newspaper. The money he has poses to be a threat to the Quartermaine family in PC.

  4. sorry, I never cared for bobbie or felicia 30 yrs ago. still don't. when they are in a scene together all i think of is jessica rabbit (bobbie) and minnie mouse (felicia). those voices nails on a chalkboard.

  5. I still say, wait for fall sweeps, recast Tracy with Susan Lucci.

  6. Hi Karen & wubnation. I haven't watched GH since March. But I still read this blog. So Steve Burton is coming back. Serena Baldwin will be on tomorrow? I might actually watch tomorrow's episode. I wonder if she'll be a positive force for Franco. Is sher hee for a show or two or is she really back? Now I just read 'Stone' will be on. True? I'm sure he'll just be a ghost. My real question is GH being cancelled? We've been complaining about so many aspects of this show since Maxie was pregnant with Georgie. Are tptb finally listening? Or is this the last hoorah?

  7. Karen hahaha this is perfect. :) Good job. :)

    The hospital:

    Amy and Bobbie: Wow Amy! It's none of your damn business about Bobbie's sex life!


    The REAL park:

    Oscar, Sonny, and Joss: Oscar wins the line of the day!

    Oscar: Now we're recording. So get the hell away from us, or I'll upload this for everyone to see you making a pass at us you perv!

    WHAT?!?!?! HAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHA! That is perfect. :) The actor just won me over. :) Oh Oscar! I love you! You are protecting Joss!!! You are awesome!!! :)

    Sonny and Joss: What?!?! Jax can come back to the united states?!?! About time you fixed it Sonny! YAY JAX CAN COME BACK!!! WOOT WOOT! When is he coming? Oh oh does this mean Joss is going to go soft on Sonny?

    Oscar and Joss: Awww Joss! That boy is a gentleman. :) He wants to protect you. :)

    The floating rib:

    Nathan and Felicia: Oh Felicia is one smart cookie! :)

    Bobbie and Felicia: Great scene!!!!!! Oh come on Felicia take the case!

    Melle: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Bobbie and Michael: Great scene!!


    Metrocourt hotel:

    Melle: So basically,

    Michael: Hey you are hot and I am turned on. Let's have sex on the wall right here!

    Nelle: I don't think that is a good idea. We can make out a little.

    Michael: Okay! Oh hi mom. Want to go out with us to eat?

    Carly: No thank you. I have an appointment.

    Carly's thoughts: You two together is disgusting. You should not be dating your aunt!

    Carson: So now that Sonny told Carly that Jax can come back, Is Carly turned on?

    Scotty's room:

    Lottie: So sad!!! :( The scene made me cry. :( Loved the flashback. :( Glad Lucy is there for him. :( I forgive you Lucy for throwing him under the bus few days ago.. SERENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    1. Yeh I was like, "TMI much?" to Any when she asked Bobbie that!
      Loved today, cried, but damn this episode should've been a dedication show to Peter Hansen' s character, but of course we have Sonny shoved down out throat.

  8. I liked your ideas, esp the Stella in the Diner one. That would really work. Unfortunately, I hate to tell you that none of your ideas would ever make it on GH. See, all stories and all characters have to revolve around Sonny and you failed to mention him in your scenarios.

    Oh well. Nice try.


  9. I love all your ideals. There needs to be stories on the show all we are getting is filler stuff. Ava is going to be looking brand new soon with no expiation as to how and why she healed so fast.

  10. Ruthie said...

    I still say, wait for fall sweeps, recast Tracy with Susan Lucci.

    ** I'd be VERY shocked to see Susan Lucci come back to soaps in a contract role on any show, in the future. She's said in the past she'd be open to doing a short stint or such, if everything was worked out. Not to mention, Tracy is just one the few soap roles that you just CAN'T recast. It just wouldn't work.


  11. Michelle Latta said...

    Yeh I was like, "TMI much?" to Any when she asked Bobbie that!
    Loved today, cried, but damn this episode should've been a dedication show to Peter Hansen' s character, but of course we have Sonny shoved down out throat

    ** Yeah, had Bobbie not been in the scene, I would've FFWed, since that's become my instant reaction whenever I see Amy onscreen, unless there is someone else I do. And I agree totally that it should've been fully dedicated to Peter Hansen. Hopefully, there'll be much more tomorrow. I'm actually a bit surprised that they even did anything at all, considering Jelly's tendency to take "liberties" when it comes to dealing with past events and characters. I'm also wondering how they're going to address the lack of Franco, since RH was still in contract negotiations when this stuff was shot, IIRC.


    1. Wouldn't this be the best time to transition him to Todd with a well written story. Mind altering storyline had been introduced to the show?

  12. I LOVED the scenes with Lucy and Scottie. Lynn Herring is one of the most amazing actresses EVER, she should be the star of GH! I started hoping for flashbacks as the scene went on, realizing that all the roles still are played by the original actors. And then, there was Scotty and Lee!! Oh, it was wonderful, as others have said, hope there are more flashbacks tomorrow!

    IF ONLY tptb would fully mine the rich legacy that is GH, there can be so many wonderful stories to tell that are not about Sonny and Carly breaking up and getting back together for the millionth time.

    1. I was crying and when Lucy op-ed the door to Serena.....that little face I remember was standing in front of her, I cried even more.

  13. "Michelle Latta said...Loved today, cried, but damn this episode should've been a dedication show to Peter Hansen' s character,"

    Yes I agree!!! That is what I thought they were going to do!!!!

  14. OMG, I loved the Lucy/Scottie scenes, too! And that flashback! I really like seeing Bobbie on more often. The kid who plays Oscar is really cute and can act, but he makes the Josslyn actress seems even more flat. Amy makes me cringe. Looking forward to the tribute today. CDL says Stone Cates is coming back (from the dead).

  15. Yes, the Port Charles magic will be strong with Scotty, Serena, and Lucy all reunited. If Kevin drops by too and we get a scene with ALL of them, that would be even sweeter.

  16. "LindaV says CDL says Stone Cates is coming back (from the dead)."

    Don't listen to CDL. He is not coming back from the dead.

    1. According to Michael Fairman he is

    2. I read its stones ghost Sam is supposed to attack sonny on the 26th or 27th and I'm guessing he sees stones ghost like robin did a few years ago.

  17. "Michelle Latta said...According to Michael Fairman he is"

    Huh? How is that possible? He died of aids. I wonder what the explanation of how Stone is alive is gonna be.

    1. As Anne said in previous post he probably is appearibg as a ghost.

  18. Omg! Can i just say as a maryland girl aunt stella shaking kelly's up with maryland crabs and baltimore gossip would be awesome!

  19. Michelle Latta said...

    I was crying and when Lucy op-ed the door to Serena.....that little face I remember was standing in front of her, I cried even more.

    ** Same here. After yesterday, I knew today's show was definitely going to hit me, I just didn't expect it to do as much as it did. And right near the end when they were toasting Lee, I had a kind of "Twilight Zone" moment, when it suddenly registered with me that Serena (CS) really IS old enough to drink now, and has been for awhile. I REALLY wish she was sticking around for a bit, but it doesn't sound/look like that is the case,


  20. LSV422 said...

    CDL says Stone Cates is coming back (from the dead).

    ** I read that elsewhere yesterday, myself. I have no idea how/what
    they're going to do. He did come back when Robin was stuck down in the well. But, that was just a brief hallucination on her part. Apparently this time, he'll be around for awhile
    though. Unfortunately, no matter WHAT they've done, somehow Jelly seems to always make a mess of things.


  21. These story ideas are fantastic and should really be submitted to GH. PLEASE!



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