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Sunday Surgery: Uno, Dos, Tres

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It's happened again !! I sit here, ready to go over the week in my head to write about all the happenings and I've got...???? What happened this week? I can't even remember, that's how dull it was. I know we had a wedding Friday-- so that's something to dish about but--but? Hmmm, see this is where I have to go back in the blog to find out what I watched. *sigh*  It was only 3 days--maybe that's the problem? 

Ok, wedding cake it is! Mine was red velvet (in honor of lobsters of course) but you may have whatever kind you want. I even went to a wedding that had little PIES! So good.! 

First things first: Max Holden showed up as Sam's "doctor"... no explanation of what KIND of doctor that I could find. His name is David Bencsh (Pronounced BENCH) and he wore big glasses. He asked a lot of psychologist type I am thinking that he HAS to be part of the Chimera story, right? I mean, he's not just on as some random doctor, right??  He was asking Sam weird things about her marriage--then did a blood test in 4.5 seconds to tell her she's iron deficient. :throws up hands: Let's hope this Sam crap gets a point other than hating Sonny.  

My one joy was thinking maybe Sam really DID stab Sonny...but nope. Fake out. You could kind of tell by the weird camera angles and such it wasn't real but still. There was a glimmer of hope.  Sonny told Jason he was getting OUT of DA Biz and picking someone to take it over. Sam thinks he wants Jason--Jason thinks he wants Jason. I want Ava Jerome. She's the only bad-ass that would be both great---and ironic! 

We got a nice wedding, with more than a few characters there. Laura and Monica were around to help. Of course, there was the shanannigan's of the drunken bachelorette  party (well, Olivia drinking martinis alone), a "Fire" started by the boys with cigars and the dress not showing up. Angst over whether or not to marry but in the end, Ned sang his vows and all was right with the world. 

Joss is still being a brat, but justified in some ways. I mean, you shouldn't talk to your mom like that but hey, it's Carly. LOL. Show Joss old clips of Sarah Brown's Carly!! ahaahaa. Anyway, she meets Oscar (recast since the party)-- and they go to the bridge to talk about parents and dead Morgan. This kid can't be more GH standard vanilla if you tried. Geesh. Sorry, but at least the other guy was a bit interesting looking. This boy looks like Aaron Jr.  Krissy's one time "Friend" --remember him?? Oh and PLEASE For godsakes, FIX their dialog!! NO kids sound like that! It was like they were 70 years old or something!! Why can't soaps write kids/teens correctly? WHY?? I guess it's Disney so... 

Auntie Stella took a header after suffering a stroke. I liked she and Alexis talking. Then Jordan and Curt had to come in, rile her all up and BOOM! Seems she has a history of these. Jordan thinks it's better if she and Curtis don't see each other to spare her feelings. So-- Jordan and Curtis have gotten together, broken up...gotten together and now off again? Cripes. Whatever. 

Couldn't go 3 days without these two sucking the oxygen out of the air. The only reason I'm showing them is because they want to renew their vows AGAIN!!  For Pete's SAKE! That's like 99x! So I am saving you from having to hear that with your own ears...(because mine bled) 

Man Landers...blah blah... yada yada...Maxie..blah blah... ugh ugh ..why? WHY? Yada yada. 

Cute behind the scenes photo...

The summer is still choppy as hell and the stories flat and not detailed.  We still don't know what's really wrong with Sam. Old Face Jason will be back making the scenes with NuFace kinda moot. I see Spencer is in danger next week. They'll have to send him "away for his safety" I'm sure. Nelle, Michael, Dillon and Kiki all need some kind of personality injection. I'm also wondering when Olivia and Ned will be shown again after this wedding! 

Hope you had a good week. I finished House of Cards and am going to finish Bloodline next. Orange is the New Black is also on the list!

OH! I saw a great movie this weekend-- Baby Driver. Wow.. it was LaLa Land meets Quentin Tarantino meets Tokyo Drift! Loved it. 


  1. I'm in Orlando on vacay, but it appears I haven't missed much. Haha!! I wish Sam really would stab Sonny, stab him dead!! Any Finn and Hayden scenes?

  2. I LOVE the idea of Ava taking over Sonny's "territory." That would be PERFECT!! Of course, she is wrapped up like a mummy, with "years and years of surgery and skin grafts" ahead of her, so I don't know how that will work out . . .

    So, I SAW SONNY!! We went to GH event in LI yesterday (I went with my late girlfriend Karen's kids, as I had posted before). We had a FABULOUS time!! Maurice, was GREAT, he was REALLY funny and warm, unlike the last time I saw him, when he seemed very shy. That was around 2001, so it looks like he's come out of his "shell." He said he has overcome his fear of flying. He had his wife, Paula, and all his kids there, he brought them up at the end. The kids were sitting in the next table to ours, but we didn't realize that until later.

    Someone asked if he and Carly would renew their vows, as he proposed in the show. He said something like, "Sonny says a lot of things, I don't think they want to do this for like the millionth time." He said "someone" on the show asked him who he wants to sleep with next and he said, "I think I've already slept with everyone on the canvass. I don't want any more kids." He said someone proposed Nina, and the audience all booed this idea.

    He also said that Carly's divorce lawyer might come back.

    He looked amazing, and sang a few bars of some songs, he has really good voice, didn't know that, I don't think he ever sang/would sing at the Nurses Ball.

    My sister was having a combination birthday/retirement party for her husband that same day, they live just a few blocks from the comedy club, so I had a lot of food and a really fun day!!

  3. If Olivia had screamed, "That's it. The wedding is off,"one more time, I would have smashed something. I was underwhelmed by the lack of guests. I eloped and had more folks at my wedding than the scions of the town had at that wedding. (There were folks at my wedding we did not know. Friends of friends.)
    Ant Joan, thanks for the info on Maurice. I think I don't hate Sonny because I like the things I have heard about Maurice, and also by the reaction of babies on the show to him.
    Michelle Latta, if I had known you were in Orlando, you could have dropped by and watched the show with me. LOL Seriously, there are much better things to see here than that. Hope you had a great time.

    1. Haha! I went with my bff to a St Pete resort. I go home tomomow and back to reality.

  4. Ishould: Maurice spoke about his love for children, he spoke about how he loves to work with Avery, and about a scene he had with Spencer.

  5. Re comment by ishouldreadmore ... yes! I noticed the lack of guests at Nedly & Liv's wedding! All that effort that went into the pink wall coverings and there were what ... 8 chairs? I can see why Alexis wouldn't be there because of her strained relationship with Olivia (the whole Julian/Leo visitation issue), but Alexis and Ned have a long-standing friendship. What about Kristina? Molly & TJ? And Nina who saved the day with her designer sample wedding gown? It was embarrassing for the happy couple.

    Speaking of missing people, where has Alice been? I love her! And I don't think she's made an appearance since Tony left the show. With the new people moving into the Q mansion and Monica taking care of Sam & Jason's kids so often, you'd think they could treat us with some Alice! Has she been written off or is she in hiatus-ville with Mac & Felicia?

  6. Serena Baldwin returns to GH this week!

    Props to GH (I have been hard on them lately, so this comes as a pleasant surprise) for bringing back Carly Schroeder for a Lee Hanson (Lee Baldwin) tribute. Outside of her and Kimberly McCullough's Robin , I can't think of another younger performer on the show that could consistently nail their scenes and who had a real chemistry with the adults the shared the screen with. She was great with my hero Scotty and Lucy and this appearance has been long overdue. Yes, I will be watching!


  7. GH is honoring the passing of Peter Hansen on July 14th. Posted on Facebook by Michael Fairman

  8. I couldn't agree more Joss' little friend Oscar. I didn't even catch that we was a recast, until reading/seeing online. Even then, he is just such a generically "shy preteen boy" that he still just pretty much fades into the background for me, IMO. Just like I've seen so many countless times on soaps in the last 40 years.


  9. AntJoan, so glad you enjoyed seeing your idol! He sounds like a good guy. Josslyn really needed a boyfriend who wasn't quite as bland as her. Paint and Wall, jr. edition.

  10. LSV422 said...

    Josslyn really needed a boyfriend who wasn't quite as bland as her. Paint and Wall, jr. edition.

    ** LOL! Except you can understand what they're saying when they talk. (Though, I'm not sure if that really is a GOOD thing, or not.)




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