Sunday, July 9, 2017

Serena? Can it Be!?

Yes, it can! According to Soap Opera Digest, Carly Scheoeder is returning next week to play Serena (Lucy and Scotty's daughter). The show is doing a tribute to "Lee Baldwin" (Scotty's father) who was played by Pete Hansen. Hansen died earlier this year.  While I'm happy this is happening I guess I'm a bit puzzled because it's coming out of nowhere-- Lee's not been on in years and years. Scott hardly mentions Serena. This is what happens when a show leaves it's past behind then tries to 'honor' it in a quick way.  
I know, be grateful for the brief moment.'s so puzzling. I wonder if Audrey will be on? Gail? 


  1. C'mon Karen. Have a little faith. These are award-winning writers on what the TV Arts and Sciences refer to as the best show on daytime television.

    That being said, They are going to re-write history and make up this storyline as they go along. And they will probably screw it up

    How much you wanna bet they are going to herald Lee as one of the "finest doctors GH has ever seen"

    I bet Gail won't be there. AND if she IS there.... I bet they won't have her in a scene with Monica because they used up all of Monica's time for the "big big big big wedding" last week. You can only have an actor/actress who isn't a Corinthos on screen only 2-3 times per year. And Monica used up her time.

    I saw this online today as well. And my first thought was "OMG, How bad are they going to screw this one up..."

    ps. I will tune in. Lee and Gail was part of the heritage and I remember watching them in the 80s. I am curious to see how this plays out, if they show clips, etc. I think it is called "morbid curiosity"

    are you going to do a quick blog before then for the fans who weren't around since the stone age like us as to who Lee and Gail are, who slept with who, who did what, etc?

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  3. Yeah, they'll probably screw it up, BUT having Schroeder, Shiner, and Herring reunited on-screen is great. And some props for Baldwin family history too? I'll take it, unless it is horribly, horribly retconned.
    Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin) will not show up for this. She's in her mid-80's now and I am not sure about her health. Here's a tweet from Kin two years ago when he was visiting her and she fairly frail


  4. Supposedly, the writers DID look at the history to get it right. I do think it's a good thing and I will enjoy seeing everyone, but damn, GH just does random things. It's not like they've even MENTIONED Lee in years.
    Oh well--
    I did see that about Susan Brown-I should have remembered.

  5. I'm excited but don't hold out much hope. Figure they'll screw it up. Thrilled for Carly S. though, she was a favorite.

  6. Michelle Latta said...

    I'm excited but don't hold out much hope. Figure they'll screw it up. Thrilled for Carly S. though, she was a favorite.

    ** They probably will, but the fact that they're even going to do something at all, is a VERY good thing. I've been wondering for awhile now if they were going to address his death or just go on ignoring it. (Which is pretty much what I as expecting to occur). IIRC, a few months back before he died, there was a mention by Monica that she had been to lunch with Audrey and Gail. That's pretty much the closest I can think of any mention of Lee or Gail onair.

    Shortly after Peter died, Kin was asked what scene/story he really wishes he could have done with hum, but was unable to. His immediate replu: Introducing Lee to his "new" grandson! (It really is a shame that never happened!)


  7. I am looking forward to this. I barely remember Carly S. but I do remember Lee H. Love that pic!

  8. Forgot to mention...

    Somehow they will tie this in to Sonny and it will all be about him.

  9. Lee was a lawyer like Scotty.

  10. re: lindie

    I know. I know very well. I was merely painting an example of how the writers do not value history or care enough of the fans to research and present a decent accurate story. Not only that the current regime loves to rewrite history out of spite to throw it in the face of the fans like some kind of power trip.

  11. Such rude children,Josselin and Spenser. If I had ever spoken to my parents like these two speak to theirs or others,I probably wouldn't be writing this now.

  12. LSV422 said...

    I am looking forward to this. I barely remember Carly S. but I do remember Lee H. Love that pic!

    ** I am too! At the absolute least, I'm cautiously optimistic about it. I remember her, a big reason is that CS really did a great job with the role. Like I've mentioned in the past, I've never been much of a fan of kids/teens on soaps, unless they're very good actors, and are able to actually contribute to the show in some way beyond either generic good/bad boy/girl, which is how the vast majority of kids/teens on soaps have always came across to me. So now, fingers crossed and wait.



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