Monday, July 17, 2017

Grave Digger

Ava doesn't look 1/2 bad I don't think! Maddox says he can treat her on an out patient basis but she says no, because Morgan was his patient. She leaves the  hospital but wants to stop by Morgan's grave. 
UT OH..guess where CarSon want to stop too? 

Spencer ragging on Charlotte lol. I don't even care.  "Your Dad Killed My Dad"!  Laura and Valentin argue. Then, at the end of the show, Spencer is kidnapped. 

Jordan is talking to Anna about Aunt Stella.  Nice friendship scene. 

Felix gave her some nice flowers!! (Aunt Stella that is). Curtis finds out she was engaged once to a guy named Marcus but she had to break it off because of 'him'.  She left college and Marcus because her sister was sick. Aww, Curtis is all melty. 

SAM AND SONNY LOOKING all MEAN AND BUG-EYED to each other. AGAIN. ANOTHER DAY. AGAIN. UGHHHHHHHHh. Griffin takes her to do some tests.  They took about 2 minutes.  

GRAVEYARD: CarSon narrating to Morgan about life--yada yada. Ava walks in or at least peeks in.  Tomorrow? Sonny will YELL AT HER..really LOUDLY because, you know-- WE HAVEN'T HEARD IT ENOUGH! 


  1. The latest ive heard is that Sam has meningitus so hopefully the neurological tests will show whats wrong so this storyline can finish.

  2. I think Michael should date Amy. Why, because she refused to leave and he had the money to help her brother. Then Nell could go away. Spencer is such a bright spot on the show. At leady the storyline is more original considering he is just a child.

  3. I really do have to wonder if they are actually setting the stage for Nik to return. (If so, I just can't see it being Tyler). More and more Valentin is being much more careful when the subject of Nik's "death" comes up. As if he knows there's something more going on. Though, it's probably just my wishful thinking, unfortunately.


  4. We all saw Valentin shoot Nik as he was protecting Ava. And, he was HORRIBLE to everyone as he held them hostage. Only Spencer and Lulu, IMO, treat him as he should be treated. The way that Spencer glares at him defiantly brings joy to my heart.

  5. The hospital:

    Paint and Wall:

    Paint: La la la everything is perfect. La la la la..

    Paint, Wall, and Liz:

    Liz: Sam! Benchy has a free opening. So you can make an appointment now!

    Sam: GRRR GRRR GRRR! How dare you! GRRR GRRR GRRRR!


    Sam: HIPPA LAWS!!!!!!

    Liz: I'm sorry.

    Sam: This is all your fault that my husband and I are about to argue!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! GET OUT!

    Wall: Why did you lie to me?



    Paint, Wall, and Griffy:

    Griffy: Dr. Benchy is in surgery. I can help you and Liz can get your blood.


    Ava's room: Oh boy! They did not bandage her right side of her face very well. I can see very red yikes!!!!

    Aunt Stella's room:

    Aunt Stella and Felix: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I wonder how well Stella and Piffy are going to get along. :)

    Aunt Stella and Curtis: Awwwwww great scene. :) Marcus? Are they going to show him? Is he going to be coming to Port Chuckles? Oh oh Stella is manipulating Curtis about Jordan! ROFL!

    Jordan and Curtis: On the phone and you can see by his face and the tone of his voice he is gonna break up with her..

    The police station:

    Maddox and Anna: Alex is that you?

    Anna and Jordan: GREAT SCENE!!!!!

    Anna: Love you.

    Jordan: Love you too.

    Awwwwww. :)

    The park:

    Spencer and Charlie:

    Spencer: Your father killed my father!!!!

    Charlie: No he did not!!!!

    Spencer: I speak the truth!!!!


    Spencer and V.C.: Looks like V.C. is about to punch him in the face! ROFL!

    Laura and V.C.: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: He is a spoiled little bastard.


    Spencer: Spencer gets kidnapped! ROFL! Well this will be fun! I bet Spencer will have a ton of one liners. :) I bet he will annoy his kidnapper! ROFL!

    Carson home: Awwww His mother's rosary, and Stone's medal, and Morgan's watch! :(

    Carly: Let's exchange rings! And let's make promises to each other which we will never keep, but let's make promises anyway!

    Sonny: Okay!!!

    Sonny Jr: Now let's celebrate.

    Sonny: No not yet. I have to tell Carly about Ava.

    Sonny Jr: NO! Then she won't be in the mood to celebrate!!!!

    Sonny: Carly, Ava won't go to jail, but forget her and let's celebrate.


    Sonny Jr: Told you she won't be in the mood anymore you idiot.

    Morgan's grave:

    Carson: Awwww sad. :( What the?!?!!! The first place that Ava goes to when she gets out of jail, is Morgan's grave?!!?!?! WHY?!?!!?! She should go home and rest!!!

  6. "Carson: What the?!?!!! The first place that Ava goes to when she gets out of jail,"

    Oops I mean hospital!!! ROFL!

  7. Marcus?

    Marcus Taggert??

    That would be great!

  8. Having Marcus come back would be good. Be nice to have a cop who doesn't lick Sonny's shoes. I only hope this doesn't mean that Nathan will never be shown as a cop again and will be permanently attached to Amy. ( He should ask to meet her brother. I think she's playing him.)

    I also hope that Marcus coming back won't mean he's stuck with playing musical chairs with Curtis and jordan.

  9. "Wanda Woman said...


    Marcus Taggert??

    That would be great!"

    Isn't he a little young for her? Didn't she say they met in college? Or she met him in college?

  10. Réal Andrews who played marcus is 54. The actress who plays Stella is 67.

  11. Di said...Réal Andrews who played marcus is 54. The actress who plays Stella is 67.

    Well okay.. :) But they still wouldn't be in college together! ROFL! Unless Marcus Taggert is gonna be 67 hahahaha.

  12. Di said...

    Réal Andrews who played marcus is 54. The actress who plays Stella is 67

    ** He did a pretty minor/short stint on Days over the last couple of years. I don't think he was onscreen for much more than about an hour or so, if you added them all up. But yeah, I'd definitely be on board were TPTB to bring him back. Even though it's nothing more than wishful thinking now.


    1. Yeh he played....errr Jades father? I only recently started to watch DAYS again so I could be way off.

  13. Who's got Spencer promo.

  14. The twins who play Avery and Laura Wright video.. It's so adorable!!!

  15. Michelle Latta said...

    Yeh he played....errr Jades father? I only recently started to watch DAYS again so I could be way off

    ** Yeah, the character was pretty much an asshole. Though, having Jade as a daughter, it's kind of understandable. I really wouldn't worry TOO much about having not watched DAYS for sometime, and are just now coming back. For the past 2 or 3 years about 90% of it has just been an absolute mess. With the worst of it having been during the last year. At least with the first 3 days of RC's material no starting to air, it's starting to definitely feel like what DAYS SHOULD be like. Sure, I've still got a few issues here and there, but there will ALWAYS be some things that not everyone won't like, that's a given. It's nice though to actually be able to look forward to watching the show every day again. Which I haven't been able to say for quite awhile.




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