Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Burn Notice

The Short Goodbye 

I know some people are out there reading this by my blog stats but I'm also sure you just might be sick of the ol' Wubby. I'll try to keep it fresh and light (unlike a certain show we all know (*cough*).

Hey, Sam... Sam...Sammy...Sam... Sam...
WHAT!?? Geesh, haven't you done this enough? 
Yeah..I uh... listen....I'm gonna keep appearing to you if you don't stop me.
Well, you might be in my mind but I know you had garlic for lunch! 

OMG... We finally got a fun scene together!! You real sisters!
Yeah, and you're going to have a baby and I can help you through it and...
Oh, Elizabeth... I forgot to tell you...
What? Can I give you your baby shower? Can I? I hope it's a girl..I hope...
No, Um..Elizabeth.. um... I'm leaving, they let me go. 
You're kidding me. Sarah, Emily, you? I can't catch a break !!

I'm home my little sweet drop of love..Papa missed you so! 
Oh I missed you too Papa I did! I did!! 

Dante, give me your gun. 
Lulu...I .. 

Well, here we are. 
Yep.. here we are. 
What are we talking about?
Does it matter, Sonny? Does it even matter ?

I'm locked up like the animal!! I will take the deal but I'm not happy abouts it! 
I'm glad you did, mother. Good choice.
Don't worry son, I won't kidnaps that woman of Dr. Finns dat I hates! Nope, not me! 

So, you're giving me this crummy ring instead of that giant house on the island with all the cool passage-ways and servants and stuff? I don't think so! I'm going to sue you! Just wait until Aunt Alexis gets a hold of you! Oh, you will rue the day you crossed my path, Valentin. Yes, yes you will. 

Yeah, my mom still sucks...your's? 
Pretty much.
Well.. should we sit down? 
I guess so. 
Hey, nice shirt.
Yeah, basic white Tee. Don't want to be too flashy. 

So, what are we talking about 
I don't know. 
Me neither. 

Flashback! (the ONLY one this week-)

You're so pretty.
No, you're pretty. 
You're prettier...
Aw, No YOU Are! 

Thanks Bobbie!! If you didn't call me, I'd never get any airtime. Now, you want me to get something on Nelle? Just like I did months ago?  Just re-read the scripts. Ok. Yep. Got it. 

Oh Serena!  I haven't seen you in..
Forever, I know!
Glad you could come to talk about your Grandfather.
Me too. 
Can you stay? 
Are you kidding me? I have 20 minutes to get in and out before they tow my car! 

Look, it's MOMMY! She's all burned up but that's her under those bandages....yes.... Oh and guess what? Your Daddy now has all the custody of you forever! Isn't this fun? Oh, are you sad? I'm sorry.. Bye Mom. Sorry to make you feel ten times worse but this just isn't your summer....
When has it EVER been my summer? I've been in jail...had my baby ripped from my womb... fell off a bridge, Died, come back as my own twin... 
MOM!'re making Avery scared! Come on, Avery, let me take you back to your good, kind wonderful father. 

Oh Man Landers, you are the bestest!! LIKE THE MOST BESTEST EVER...

Thank you Spencer, you made me feel so much better.. 
It is my pleasure and my wish that you heal inside and out! 

PS: If you didn't see Friday's show, this is the scene to watch!!! It was brilliant and so good. I tell you what,  Nicolas Bechtel will be missed. He's been a bright light in this dreary summer. 

Things to know about this week:
**Yes, there was a very brief goodbye to Lee Baldwin. It didn't include Bobbie or Monica (or even mention of Audrey) but..Laura did show up and we got a minute of Serena so...I guess be grateful? 
**Sonny wants to open a distillery as his legit business when he gets out of the mob. He wants Jason to help. 
**Anna's acting weird as hell. 
**The Man Landers story was on. Now they want Nathan to do a POD cast or something stupid.
**Hayden had cramps. It was nothing.

So, another uneven week at GH with a few good scenes and the rest? Meh.  Not a heck of a lot happened. (again). 

I saw some spoilers and it looks like Liz is "held captive" -- Sonny's getting  some ominous texts and Stone comes back (to "help" Sonny through a rough patch so it's not like he's really alive).  Dr. O is threatening to do some harm to Hayden so I think this is both their exit stories. Great...two characters I actually like (and both work at GH) gone. 

I started watching The Handmaids Tale which is just ....morose.  It's done really well and interesting but I may need some filler of Shameless to get my mood back up! Oh! And Claws is a really fun show too. 


  1. Terrific SS today!! Laughed out loud for real when I read about Serena having "20 minutes to get in and out!!" And then got tears when thinking about Nicholas comforting Ava. That was a beautiful scene. I know some people (including my daughter) can't stand that kid because they say he is a "brat"... but I love him. He is so talented and so funny, but can be sweet too. Like in that scene with Ava. He was the only person who was able to touch her heart which even her own daughters couldn't do. Thanks for taking the time to write. I enjoy your Sunday blogs and look forward to them.

  2. Oh, the scene with Spencer and Ava was AMAZING!! See, that is why I (and likely many others) continue to watch, the acting is spectacular! I am sooo sad that Dr. O is leaving, WHY, WHY, WHY?

  3. lol Thanks so much. Your SS lifted my spirits this morning. That crack about Serena and her car actually made me laugh out loud.

    The Spencer/Ava scene was great as was our quick little reunion scene. I was so hoping for more flashbacks too. :(

  4. great hit all of my points. Ava and Spencer were brilliant. I can't believe the tribute for Lee was so short, one flashback, and the rest was Sonny and Jason, and Man Landers....insulting

  5. I know Nicolas B (Spencer) is on another show but boy-- I wish he could stay on. Not only does he add a light touch needed, he really gets characters together! Laura and Alexis for example!!

  6. Great SS! Could have used more flashbacks of Lee Baldwin and less Man Landers. Nicholas B was definitely the star of the week!

  7. AntJoan said...

    Oh, the scene with Spencer and Ava was AMAZING!! See, that is why I (and likely many others) continue to watch, the acting is spectacular!

    ** YES!! If NB doesn't earn an Emmy at some point. I will be VERY shocked.

    I am sooo sad that Dr. O is leaving, WHY, WHY, WHY?

    ** Has there been any actual announcement that she's leaving? Or is this just an assumption, due to it looking like she's going to kill Hayden?


  8. You were spot on this week. The Spencer/Ava scene was fantastic. There should have been more to the Lee tribute. He was a core character for so long. Scott is a legacy character. Loved that Serena came back. I am hoping she stays. So much better than Nelle.

    Can we kill the Man Landers storyline? It is not necessary.

    Keep blogging because I love logging on and seeing what you say. It is spot on almost all of the time.

  9. The Lee Baldwin tribute was just right, I think. Folks who tuned in after the 80s wouldn't even know who he is yet they still gave us long-term watchers the nod to him. Of course, us long-termers would love even more flashbacks with many of the vets!


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