Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mirror, Mirror....

Curtis is gonna break up with Jordan... because of Auntie's medical condition. 

Spencer is dumped in that basement they use all their captivities for lately.  He's trying to figure out how to get out. 

Joss called Laura to come and talk to Charlotte because she's still upset about what Spencer said to her. (It was a fake out, we were led to believe that it was a call about Spencer being missing).  Valentin and she argue -- and she slaps him hard.  He says Nikolas faked his death, he didn't kill him. 
LOTS of Nikolas mentions lately-- 

CarSon are going to bitch out Ava again --this time at Morgan's grave site. UGH... Carly has on this white slip dress (really skimpy) and Ava's dressed like it's October LOL...Sonny yells "TIME to RETHINK TO LET YOU LIVE"...just like that. Then he yelled more. 
Carly tells Ava her face is as ugly as her soul. *sigh*
They leave and then Ava talks to Morgan about how terrible she feels, how guilty..how sad, how sick, yada yada. 

Carly talks to Sonny at the Metro about letting Ava go so they can move forward "Together".  

Later, Julian and Ava talk. Nice sibling stuff. Felix comes to take off her bandages.  It's hard for Julian to look at her. Ava tells him to leave and he does. She takes a picture of herself off the shelf and holds it. Then takes the blanket down from the mirror. She has like red marks/cuts all over the side of her face. -- 

NOTE: They tried to be SO obvious that Valentin kidnapped Spencer, it can't be real can it? I mean..it would be so dumb


  1. curtis breaking up with jordan for the 10th time because his unknown auntie dropped from the sky is so ridiculous.can they please give felix a storyline. i love him.

  2. I know this is a soap and absolutely nothing makes sense, especially with the current writers, but for cripes sake, if they can drag every other storyline out forever, why can't they at least try to do a decent job on Ava?? It angers me because I know how unrealistic the burn story is and especially because I have worked in a burn unit and have seen how it really goes. I had been watching very casually (as in just being in the room when Ghubby watches) but this has put me so over it. No more.

    To see what a real person looks like with the burns Ava supposedly suffered, look no further than Israel Del Toro: http://heavy.com/news/2017/07/israel-del-toro-espy-awards-2017-injury-pat-tillman-award/

  3. it is SO obvious that Nicholas is still alive and kidnapped Spencer....wonder why the official word isn't out or maybe the summer break happened and the new Nick hasn't filmed yet.....but then Spencer said he was outta there so MAYBE we don't see new Nick - and Spencer yells "FATHER" and that is it...
    Is Hayden still married to Nicholas?

  4. Is today even worth watching? I was off and turned it on but of course Sonny started yelling... so I turned it off.

  5. The hospital:

    Julian and nurse: Man that nurse looks like Kiwi.

    The REAL park:

    Charlie and Laura: Great scene!!!!

    Charlie and V.C.: Hahahaha. She just got done finding out that her father "killed" Nik and she runs up to her papa all excited and happy to see him! ROFL! Strange scene. V.C. keeps telling people that Nik faked his death.. Maybe V.C. helped Nik fake his death. That is what people on another soap board says anyway.. Sounds interesting. Great theory.

    Morgan's grave:

    Carson and Ava: Sonny!!! Stop yelling. You will wake the dead!!

    Sonny: She has no courage. No class.

    Oh shut up Sonny! Like you have that! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Do you think you get a free pass because you set yourself on fire?


    Ava and Morgan's grave: :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jurtis: Oh Curtis! Your auntie won! She manipulated you and you fell for it. Meh Jurtis will be back together before you know it.. 3...2...1..

    Carson: Sure Carly. Like you and Sonny can just let things go and move on with your life.. Uh huh.

    Charlie and V.C.: Awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Kidnapped room: Hey! That is the same room Maxie was in when she was kidnapped.

    Spencer: You messed with the wrong kid!!!!!

    DAMN STRAIGHT! :) Oh Spencer! You are making too much noise!!! Maybe the person who will show up is Nik!!!! Someone on the other soap board say maybe Nik is going to be played by Steve Burton. Hahahahhahahahaha!

    Julian and Ava's home: Oh boy! She is going to take off her bandages.. I was cringing and nervous.. I was trying to be emotionally ready! Oh no! Here is goes!!! Julian can't even look at her!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Wait what?!?!!??! That doesn't look that bad!!!! It looks like she was in the sun for too long.. What a jip!!!! All that buildup for nothing?!?!! I mean why did Julian have a hard time looking at her? The makeup department failed miserably! I give them an F!!!!!

  6. "Michelle Latta said...Is today even worth watching? I was off and turned it on but of course Sonny started yelling... so I turned it off."

    Watch it only for Spencer. :) He stepped on his glasses and it broke. ROFL! Now he can't see! Oh no hahahaha.

  7. sonya said...Carly: Do you think you get a free pass because you set yourself on fire?

    ** Why not? After all Sonny got a free pass for shooting his son in cold blood because he didn't know it was his son.

    And that burn looked to be like a sunburn too. And not a real bad one which can be very scabby. This one looked like someone with a sunburn tried to put cream on with tissue and got a few gobs of paper on her face. Third degree burns and not even a burn wrinkle. For those of us who've seen second and third degree burns that was a laugh. Get another makeup artist GH.

    And if they bring Nicholas back I hope it's not the last guy who played him. He came across more like Larry Ashton than a Cassadine.

  8. As unrealistic as the storyline is I still find Maura West fascinating to watch. Great scene with Laura and Valentin-two powerhouse actors. Can anyone really stand to watch Carson anymore? Had to fast forward Curtis and Jordan-pretty people but such stupidity.

  9. sonya said...
    Watch it only for Spencer. :) He stepped on his glasses and it broke. ROFL! Now he can't see! Oh no hahahaha.

    ** Which didn't have any lenses in the at all, until he put his glasses back on, and then there was a broken lens added to the one side, but the other still had nothing at all in it.


  10. LSV422 said...

    As unrealistic as the storyline is I still find Maura West fascinating to watch.

    ** Maura really is a fantastic actress. Which I learned during her ATWT time.

    Great scene with Laura and Valentin-two powerhouse actors.us

    ** When it comes to this sort of stuff, it's definitely a big factor into why GH is just so damn frustrating most of the time, these days. They've got such a deep well of such amazingly talented performers, that are being wasted.


    1. It's not surprising that their ratings are low.

  11. Maura West is unbelievably talented. She's handed garbage and she makes it shine.

    Give Felix a storyline!!!! More wasted talent.

    Too, too, too much Sonny and Carly. They get garbage and it stays garbage.

    1. They just need stick figures and a recorder and can hang out in the green room or not even show up. Save time.

  12. Michelle Latta said...

    It's not surprising that their ratings are low.

    ** Sadly so, yeah.



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