Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Knights in White Satin

I know it was a big knife but she's a big sister...

I was pretty distracted this week with our 26" of snow and driving ban to really 'tune into' GH. Maybe that's why it was mostly forgettable ?? All of the weeks are running together right now--bridges, Carly yelling, guns--Morgan's death.  Two things did happen that I remember and both are going backasswards in the story. But I'll get to that later! 

We had some great moments though, so typical of this show because I'm all YES! YES! Then.. sad horn. The actors gave 100% for sure. Thank goodness 99% of them are brilliant. 

I have a green bagel left for today! We got a big bag for the week--yummy. 

The week started out not with a bang, but a fizzle. The whole bomb thing? Trying to figure out the point of it. The Bomb Squad came but Curtis and St. Jayson did it all by their lonesome. Everyone is outside, freaking out when all of a sudden, Jason just strolls out the front door. Umm, okayyy. Oh, did I miss Robin leaving for CA? Did I miss that? Or do you think she jsut left and we didn't see the goodbye? 

The Case No One Wants or Cares About:  Good Lord. Look, we hardly ever see Charlotte so she's not even important to us, Lulu is coming off as a selfish shrew who makes me think Valentin should get custody and..Dante sits there like a mute instead of engaging in the story.  We understand Lulu was kept from her since egg-fancy (get it? infant? eggfant? LOL I kill me)---but she didn't give birth to her and yes, although she carries DNA there was never a bond formed in our heads. Hard to get attached to something Helena carried around in a thermos for months. So, yes, Lulu is her "mother" but they have never tried to bond them other than Lulu doing clingy weird stuff. This  makes Val (who presumably killed Nikolas, although no one seems to remember that, least of all the court), look like the better parent in a way.  Then, they have Nina in as some kind of cherubic mother and character witness. What an absolute joke. The sheer fact that neither Dante nor Diane brought up the fact that Nina kidnapped Avery is just unacceptable. What? Is this going to be some big "revelation" that Nina has to deliver at some point to Valentin?  I just don't understand it. Anyway, if you are keeping score, Lulu got 6 months supervised visitation. Which for me means 6 months of torture watching her trying to get into Charlotte's good graces. ugh. 


Number One:  So.. NOW that the whole "who bombed Morgan's car" got dragged out insufferably, we get to go back to the OTHER story in which Ava switched his medication. Great. Ava panting to Scotty to get that pill bottle from Lucy is a total deja vu.  Holy sheeze--WE DID THIS ALREADY!! And while Ava should have paid for her stupid pill playing mess, Scotty switching out the pills kind of solved it. Now Ava's afraid Sonny's going to kill her again! I can't stress this enough: THE MOMENT HAS PASSED with this. I don't want to see this go around and around again. Will Sonny kill Ava? (ha) Will Ava go to jail? (maybe, she's only gone about 90 times already and gotten out). The character of Ava is so much better than the drivel she's been given. 

Number Two: Hey! I know... let's go way back to April of last year when Liz got the book from Helena about Jake on the Island! Didn't he have art therapy for awhile with Franco? Oh, let's see that AGAIN!! The time to have done all this was when Jake was acting like a creepy kid, almost taking out Cameron and Sam. OR when Charlotte first got to PC. They could have recognized each other.  But! Nope, that was dropped, Jake wasn't seen in forever. Good Grief. By the way, I loved Helena. You know that. But it's over. So much of this is over. And PS. Not showing Cam and Aiden is getting to be such a joke!


The Julian Dilemma:  After being shot by Olivia, Julian took a dive over the bridge. Unlike Sam and the Brit guy, he didn't land on the ground, or if he did, he ran away. Jordan assumed he got "taken by the current' and probably didn't survive. (AHAHHAA. We all laughed so hard at that one!!) Alexis feels bad and Sam is rightfully telling her to calm down and think about when he tried to kill her. Alexis wants to read the letter he left her in case of his death. She goes to a coffee shop to read it. Now, this part was interrupted for me by someone having a press conference, but I heard the letter said that Olivia was controlling Julian's every move. “Olivia hired me to kill you. If I failed or if I refused to comply, she would kill Sam, Lucas, and Leo.”
(was that loud enough??)  
A. Julian fantasized about drowning Alexis in the bathtub. A LOT.  Now unless you're going to change the narrative, Jules was supposedly contacted by Olivia by phone. I don't think she could have slipped him some green tea at that point. 
B. CARLOS came to Julian for days and told him to KILL Alexis.  So... ?? I'm baffled. You can't keep changing the story even within the same story time after time!!  I guess I'm just supposed to forget all this stuff.  It's absolutely maddening. 

C. Since Julian was around OJ for forever--why didn't he just shoot the bitch? She's threatening his entire family and saying he has to kill Alexis. We saw him with her. She wasn't armed most of the time. He didn't even turn around and plug her in the knee caps on the bridge!! 

PS why couldn't Molly and Kristina visited Sam in the hospital? It's criminal enough these two don't have decent stories, but they are just...absent for so many moments. 

Olivia's story leads to this: Carly changing places with Sonny, holding a gun to her head. Carly "finally feels like Sonny has". Welp. Okay then. Not for nothing but her younger days, she sure did feel like Sonny most of the time! But that's neither here nor there. Sonny was out for his own revenge but when he found Carly, turned the tables and wanted to give Olivia up to the police. Thank goodness Dante marched through the gates just in time to take her away! Did the Olivia story do anything for me?  Um... nope. Total and utter disappointment. She was reduced to the shadows, kidnapping 1/2 the damn town and not spending enough time with any one person to make a difference. You all know how I wanted this story to go--and it didn't happen. 

Bringing us to this moment....Olivia has a secret about Anna she wants to share! Only of course, she didn't share it-- we'll have to wait. People are thinking it's that Anna didn't lose the elevator baby and Griffin is it. Although Olivia didn't even know Griffin existed --she was pretty shocked in the parking garage to meet him. Maybe she just knows "the baby lived" but not that it's Griffin? Wonder when this secret will come out. Next year? 

I just want to mention that the whole "Jason Carly Connection" is just not there for me. Maybe it was supposed to be this way after Jake/Jason. They hardly interact anymore and I don't get the chem-vibe I used to. Meh.


1. Sam and Elizabeth with baby Emily was nice. Liz even gave her a memory book for the baby. It was a device to show Sam is upset over Julian being her dad, but it was still a good moment. 

2, People lost their collective damn minds on Twitter when this scene aired. It's like we were starving dogs tossed some GH Kibble. First, Tracy and Monica let us know they were at the GH bombing--but OFF CAMERA. Then, they tell us that Tracy even calmed Monica down about Jason being in the elevator. OFF CAMERA! But, they got home, had a toast with drinks and gabbed a bit. Monica told us she had a new boyfriend she's been seeing (say it with me) OFF CAMERA!!  Tracy gets a letter from Larry Ashton (sigh) and reads it. He has to see her about a matter of "some importance'. She rips it up. We all know this will be her exit story. I was hoping a nice romantic fun letter from Luke would have done it. But! Maybe that will happen OFF CAMERA?! 

Literally, every conversation these two have ever had on this show: 

Maddox: Jordan's better off with me, not with you. 

Curtis: Whatever, man
Maddox: No, she is.. we're at a good (or bad, you insert) place right now but we are great together. 
Curtis: Huh, ok, whatever
Maddox: So step off
Curtis: Yeah, whatever. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Monica, Tracy, Scotch and a Cheese Plate. It's all you need. 

PROP OF THE WEEK; Wow, Jules has some fancy handwriting, no? 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Sonny...being Sonny 

BIGGEST BLATANT CHEM TEST OF THE WEEK:  Griffin and Liz. Geesh, it was pretty evident what was going on here 

EVEN MORE STORY THROWBACKS!  Jax will arrive again to delve into the whole Kidney story--again! Yeah us! While I like it when Jax is around, it absolutely stuns me that this much time has gone by and we're still at this point on the kidney mess.  I seriously think they should consider getting rid of at least 2-4 other characters and bring Ingo back.  I think the character of Jax is needed and he could come in and help Michael with the Q business after Tracy leaves. 

OK! That's it for now-- GH needs to tighten it's stories, pick a direction and stick to it--give us some new material and get that cast size down to a manageable limit. There! Fixed it! 


  1. They also need to fire the writers AND Frank and Varni....even then, I don't know if it'll be enough to fix GH. It's monumentally broken now and has been for far too long. Shameful.


  2. Julian's explanation may not add up but neither did him thinking about drowning her. Julian was head over heels in love with Alexis for three years and then overnight they wanted us to believe he turned on her to the point he could kill her. That was unbelievable! Of course the show won't ever admit this, so I'll accept the rewrite to the rewrite and move on.

  3. I agree with Matchbox Ginny.. I can't see GH getting any better with these writers.. as for Frank, he's turning GH onto OLTL 2.0. While I did love the characters on OLTL, this IS GH! they need more consistency and character interaction not isolation.. I'm beginning to think " GH OFF-SCREEN" is a better show to watch...

  4. Your General Hospital comments are right on. The Liv story was ruined by the poor, over the top writing. Why Julian couldn't have just killed Liv didn't make sense? Julian's being under her thumb didn't make sense. And all storylines run on way too long.

  5. Karen you need to be the producer/head writer of the show I grew up with. It's so sad what's become of this show.

  6. Why is it that the fans know the writing for Ava is garbage and unworthy of Maura West’s talents but the writers seem so clueless about it? And I really don’t care about Morgan or that Ava switched his pills. It’s a story that could be dropped like yesterday and I doubt the audience would GAF. I actually like that the Jake story was picked up again because it was a story I wanted instead all the hospital serial killer, Nelle, dead Morgan and Charlotte story that we got instead. I do agree though that the pacing is off and I understand the WTF response that some viewers have about it.

  7. Excellent SS! There isn't one interesting storyline going on now, and too many non-interesting ones. Maybe if we had seen Rudge helping OJ it would have been more believable how she could tie up everyone and plant the bomb. So sick of hearing about Morgan, a character and actor no one misses. And of course you know OJ will escape from that pathetic police station.

    1. OMG I agree! Normally when a character dies he's gone, and not talked about soon after, but Jesusu...this character is the gift that keeps giving. Ugh...please stop.

  8. Seems like everyone agrees that Tanya Alexander was wasted in the OJ story. So stupid!! She threatens to kill all of Julian's family unless he gets the hospital sold to her. Supposedly because she wants what's "UNDER" the hospital. But then she finds a way to enter that lab anyway. If she COULD enter it without going to all the trouble of killing people and/or buying the hospital, why not just DO it?!! Crazy. Do the writers even read the scripts they've written earlier? There was absolutely NO reason for Liv to do all the stuff she did to try to acquire that building.

  9. My complaint: the Anna cancer story has promise and will let FH shine. But, because they introduced it at the same time as this OJ stuff, she is relegated to damsel in distress who is too weak to defend herself and needs a man to help. For fucks sake, she was a bomb defusing expert in the WSB. But did she diffuse the bomb her daughter was on? Nooooo. Had to wait for the boys to do it.

  10. Everyone here is right, the stories are terrible, and the writers are NOT LISTENING to the fans, so I guess that unless they get new ones, we should not get our hopes up for any good stories. I just sit back and enjoy the beloved actors with their amazing talents. It would be sooo great it they got writers who are equally talented, remember the days of Claire Labine et al?

  11. Finally found this episode and watched it! :)

    Kelly's: When I first saw Paint, I was thinking wait this is a repeat! Then they said on the bottom of the screen it's a repeat. And then poof new episode! It's like make up your mind!!!! I was so confused.

    The gravesite:

    Anna and Felicia: I get why Felicia is there, but Anna visiting Morgan's grave, MEH I don't get it.

    The police station/interrogation room:

    Scotty and Olivia J: Boy! She looked so excited seeing Scotty! ROFL! She wins the line of the day.

    Olivia J: Scotty! Long time no see buddy! You haven't changed. You haven't changed your hair either.

    ROFL! No he hasn't! :) And then she giggles hahahahaha!

    Olivia J and Anna: Hmmm Olivia J doesn't seem very excited seeing her hahahaha.

    Olivia J: I know something you don't know! I know something you don't know! I know your secret!

    Anna: What is it?

    Olivia J: SYKE!

    Hmmm does she know something about Anna and V.C.?

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Ava: Blah blah blah. Ava just go see your daughter.

    Central Perk inside:

    Alexis and Julian: Great scene!!! Nice touch with his spirit being there. :) Very sad. :(

    Alexis and Olivia Olivia talking about Olivia hahaha. Hmmm baby Uncle Leo is a toddler now!!

    The hospital:

    Jason and baby Trim: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Jason and Carly:

    Carly: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Sonny told you about Nelle and you didn't tell me?!!?! You are supposed to be my bestest best friend in the whole wild world!!!!!

    Jason: I'm sorry. It wasn't my place.

    Carly: You are supposed to protect me!!!

    Jason: Forgive me?

    Carly: Oh I can't stay mad at you! I forgive you! You are my best friend! I love you!

    Behind the alley:

    Scotty and Ava: OH COME ON! Not this again! You already did this writers!!! Now Scotty has to again sleep with Lucy to get the bottle!!?! Give me a break!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    There is where I found this episode.

  12. Michelle Latta said...

    OMG I agree! Normally when a character dies he's gone, and not talked about soon after, but Jesusu...this character is the gift that keeps giving. Ugh...please stop

    ** From the moment Brian Craig first appeared on screen, I couldn't stand him. I tried to be open minded, unfortunately it did no good, though. So along with others around here I was thrilled when he said he was leaving. Now if we could just get Jelly to stop making everyone say how awful it is he's gone and how much he's missed 10+ times in EVERY single episode. It would DEFINITELY be appreciated.



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