Friday, March 10, 2017

Going Up?

Aw, such cute writers...acting like Liz and Hayden have some kind of relationship! When's the last time they talked??? Liz is all "don't be with him, he's an addict! I know my addicts"!! :eyeroll:  See down below what happened....

Sam and Alexis blabbin about Julian. OMG I just realized I don't care about him or OJ.

Speaking of Olivia, she has Ava under a gun. Which is not the scenes I wanted for these 2.  She makes Ava call Julian. 

Anna figures out Olivia put Robin in the elevator because she flashed back to the olden days when she and Liv were in there together. 
OMG OMG...LMAO ROBIN is attached to a BOMB in the elevator. I am NOT KIDDING YOU. Oh, and it wasn't Franco (Lulu, remember her?) 
Anyway, she's on some pressure tile and if she leaves, it will go off. SO, Jason takes her place. He's such a hero. I actually for the FIRST TIME liked Billy Miller in those scenes. You know I don't think he's all that but right then, talking to Anna and Robin he was cute, charming and under pressure. Hmmmm. Okay. 

The hospital is evacuating.   SO, if Jason could just stand on it, roll a heavy box on it or something!! DERP. 

Hayden and Finn managed to lock themselves into somewhere-- I don't know where they are, maybe the lab? 

Griffin is staying with patient that can't leave. 

Curtis goes  in the elevator with Jason and they go up to the roof  to meet the bomb squad. 

SO Olivia tied up Ava, made Ava call Julian and then left. THEN SHE WENT AND KIDNAPPED ALEXIS. At the hospital. When Alexis was getting the car.


  1. i also liked the jason,robin scene. robin will always be jason's true love. mr and mrs mumble are too much alike for any chemistry.

    1. I liked it too. I also loved Jason with baby Emily. ❤

  2. Haven't watch it yet but is it me or does anyone else bothered by the way they treat actresses that are pregnant? Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) losing Gabriel when pregnant with her first child. Now Kimberly (Robin) is pregnant and they put her in an elevator with OJ and that's how Anna had a miscarriage. It just seems creepy.

  3. At least Franco had Lulu sitting on a pressure plate, not standing like pregnant Robin. And now that we've had a replay of that scene we'll get a replay of the hospital fire. So much joy and happiness this year on GH.

  4. They did the same exact thing with Luke and Ethan. Remember when Luke stepped on the pressure plate to save Ethan from the bomb? No originality!!!!

  5. Actually, it was a good use of history for today's Liz scenes. She was married to an addict who cheated on her, had his mistress steal drugs for him, lied to her and broke her heart. Liz knows exactly what's going on. It's not like Liz called Hayden to have coffee, Hayden dropped in on Liz and Finn talking and Liz told Hayden what was going on. So I'm not rolling my eyes because for once, the show used history correctly.

  6. Michelle Latta said...

    I liked it too. I also loved Jason with baby Emily. ❤

    ** Yes! :) It's this sort of stuff why I like what like Billy Miller's Jason. He actually has a conscience again (well one that does not just apply to his relationships with Sonny/Carly etc), and now has zero desire to be caught up in most of Sonny's messes. Not to mention the looks he and Curtis exchanged inside the elevator at the end, were just priceless!


  7. Olivia is really good at tying people up.

  8. ZAK! TOTALLY forgot about Luke and Ethan!

  9. The hospital:

    Curtis and Jordan: Curtis found Jordan!!!! He is my hero! :)

    McFinster and Griffy: Awwww Griffy is worried about his one true love. :)

    RayFinn and Liz: Liz is right!!!! So glad RayRay is listening to her!!! McFinster get help!!!! :(

    Griffy's patient's room: Awww Griffy.. :'(

    The elevator: This is awesome!!!! :) But why can't Jason or Curtis cut the wire!!?! You don't need no stinkin bomb squad!!!! Anna even could have although she is weak. :(


    Curtis and Jason: Awww going up the elevator together. :) Love how Curtis wants to protect Jason his boo. :)

    True they could have put something heavy on it, but that's no fun. I wanted Jason or Curtis to cut the damn wire!!

    Sam's room: Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: All three Davis girls are leaving this building together. I said NOW!

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Alexis is in mama bear mode!!! Go Alexis! :)

    Private room:

    RayFinn: Great scene! Even when they were stuck great scene. :)

    Outside the hospital:

    RayRay and Curtis: Awww a nice scene with them even though it was too short. Love that she figured out that Jordan is the one Curtis has the hots for. :)

    Alexis: She gets kidnapped! ROFL!

    Ava's home: Awwww this is a nice sweet little reunion. A gun and all! ROFL! Oh yes go get Julian! Call Julian! Julian is there and oops Olivia J is gone! ROFL! And the attitude Ava gave Julian when she was all tied up when he first showed up! ROFL! Hmmm does Olivia want Julian and Alexis to be in the same room together? Hmmmmm. Maybe she wants to kill all three of them?!


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