Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Nanny Nell

Carly hates Nell....

Nelle wants to work with Nina to be Charlotte's nanny. Which is a way to get her to stay on camera.  After some back and forth, Nina says she has to get to know her better 
Nina and she go to the Metro for lunch--yeah, THAT Metro where Carly and Bobbie are talking all about her. And Sonny. Summary. 
Carly tells Nina not to hire Nell "it will be the worst mistake of your life" . Bobbie gets into it saying Nina can't pick a Nanny without Lulu's say so-- and that makes Nina hire Nell on the spot LOL 

Anna and Val... Val is using his deep voice to tell Anna to stay out of the past.  He starts stuttering. Won't tell her anything. They go into when she was a double agent.  Val says she either blocked it out because she feels so bad--or she is lying to him.  Anna ends up telling him she has cancer. He looks upset for a second. She begs him to tell her the secret. He won't (shocker)and she calls someone. No idea who-- oh, she called Dr. O for 'answers'. Hmmm, did Dr O work at the DVX? 

Dante and Michael being all sad sacks, drinking coffee. Michael is summarizing what Sonny and Nelle did.  Exposition. Zzzzzzzzzz

Tracy finds a syringe in Finn's room and thinks he's shooting up again. Finn says no it spilled on the carpet. He says he changed his mind to rehab. He starts laying into Tracy telling her she lives in her brother's wife's house, is lonely and has Daddy issues. Tracy throws a drink in his face. He apologizes and she says it's ok, most of it is true. She is alone. 

Liz goes into Hayden's office. She explains that she went through it with Lucky.  Later, when Tracy leaves Finn calls Hayden and says he needs her. 


  1. I think everyone is pretty sure that nothing good can come of Nelle working for Nina. They are both crazies with a thin veneer of civilization, so some one is going to explode. I hate Nell, and I am tire of her, and I think I will take a break from the show. Nothing going on that I care that much about. And if I read the blog daily, I can keep up.

  2. The hospital:

    Dr. O, Liz, and RayRay: DR. O!!!! YAY! Where have you been?! I love that Liz and RayRay are lying to Dr O. :) Everything McFinster does Dr. O hates! Hahahaha. I really want to see more Dr. O and McFinster scenes!!

    Liz and RayRay: Awwww great scene.. They were bonding. :)


    Nina and Nelle: Will Nelle be a nanny or won't she? I hope she does become Charlie's nanny!!!

    Chandler Home:

    V.C. and Anna: I don't care if they tell us the secret, cus it just might suck! I just love their scenes and will enjoy it! He stuttered!!!! AWESOME! Love it! So real! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Bobbie: Love scenes with them. :)

    Carly: Oh mama! Sonny and I kissed! What I did to you in the past, Nelle did to me!!! Is this karma? Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon You come and go, you come and go Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams Red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green.

    Bobbie: Oh honey don't be silly! Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon.
    You come and go, you come and go

    Nina, Carly, and Bobbie: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Nina! Don't listen to them! Hire Nelle!!! I mean you have a past Nina! And you got a second chance!!! YES! Nina brought up her past! :) Nina wins the lines of the day!

    NIna: The interview is done. I just want to tell you, YOU'RE HIRED!

    ROFL! Oh yeah Nina! Stick it to Carly and Bobbie! Hahahahaahha!

    ValeNina: And here is the other line that she won.

    Nina: And let me tell you something, if I catch her anywhere near your bed, I will strangle her with my own two hands.


    Metrocourt hotel/McFinster's room:

    Tracy and McFinster: Oh he is so mean to her!!! No don't listen to him Tracy! He just doesn't want you to call RayRay! So he turns it around on you!!!


    Michael and Dante: Oh Michael! Stop whining about Nelle. She ain't worth it! Aren't you still in mourning about Sabrina?

    Michael: Oh he sees Nelle and has this puppy dog look on his face! UGH!

  3. "Kat Tu said...Sonya where are you??????"

    Oh sorry! I'm here! It gets confusing when GH isn't on and it's a repeat, but then oh wait it's a new one! Oh wait it gets interrupted, and then you have to look everywhere to find it and it takes awhile. I guess I'm just discombobulated! ROFL!


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