Thursday, March 2, 2017

I'm Only Here For...

The Carly and Nell stuff. If that proves boring or if they chop it up as per usual, I will be OUT--doing some report writing and then napping. I have no patience for GH right now. 
Carly blabs at Nell, Sonny tells Michael he slept with her on Thanksgiving.  He said "She left a trail of Flowers and a Bra"
YES. HE SAID "SHE LEFT A TRAIL OF FLOWERS AND A BRA".. that was actual dialog. 
Anyway, they fight..go back and forth..yada yada
Carly says: "You are either deeply damaged or psychotic"... Carly said something about her parents and Nell yells: I'm damaged because of YOU"!!! Which I guess we'll find out about tomorrow. 

Tracy takes out Hammy and Finn out for a celebration dinner to say thanks! Hayden is still mad at Ham for being an addict.  He leaves to make a phone call. Hayden tells Tracy about Ham being an addict. 

Laura wakes up in her SUV...she's at JFK lol--Kevin is the one that surprises her at the door.  I have NO idea how he knows she's there. None.  Oh! Laura texted him... and he found her with a "find my phone" app. 

Sam is in the operating room..she's hemorrhaging.  "she's critical" says Liz. YOU THINK SHE'LL DIE?????????/ DO YOU?????? Anyway, she goes into ICU. She's in a coma. Tomorrow Jason talks to her, Alexis finds out. 

Franco tells Jake stuff went wrong with the baby.  Tells him Sam is sick. Jake says "Sam has a very, very bad curse on her". 


  1. If they're going to do a "she might die" scenario they should tell the actress to stay off twitter. Telling people she's not leaving GH definitely takes the air out of that storyline.

  2. Today's show spoilers were Franco and Jason go toe to toe and Liz gets devastating news. Both spoilers were total exaggeration or just really incorrect. Did I miss something?

  3. Franco and Jason did scuffle a bit in the hallway--Franco tried to stop Jason from going to see Liz so they could work on her. It was really all that I didn't think.
    The "news" Liz got was from the OR team that Sam was in ICU and in critical condition.

  4. Kudos to GH for salvaging a ridiculous birth with a real newborn! So cute! Could Franco look any worse? He is a famous artist for goodness sake. Can't he make a living painting anymore? Love having Robin around but we haven't seen Anna all week.

  5. It'd be great if the story about Jake's years on CI was about Jake and not about propping Sam. HC could care less about Sam.

  6. No he can't make a living painting anymore. He explained why yesterday.

  7. Di said...

    If they're going to do a "she might die" scenario they should tell the actress to stay off twitter. Telling people she's not leaving GH definitely takes the air out of that storyline.

    ** ROFL! That might help. :) Personally, I just avoid social media (twitter/faceboosk, etc...) I've found it does wonders for my sanity! Though, anyone who thinks Sam COULD possibly die/KM actually leave the show, either hasn't been watching soaps for very long, or if they have been, they must not have just been watching GH for very long. Since unless KM either gets fired, or ABC cancels GH, I don't see her going anywhere, anytime soon. (unfortunately)

  8. AbsoluteLunatic, I always fast forward Franco so I missed it. What did he say about not painting anymore? He did just paint Liz. Thanks!

  9. I still do not understand why Tracy cares about or even gives time of day to Hayden or Finn. This is totally out of character - Tracy would not bother with a scam artist and junkie. The real Tracy would be going after Dr. O for voting to sell the hospital, after Lucy for acting as real estate agent, meddling in Ned and Olivia's relationship, trying to take over Crimson for Dillon, helping step daughter Lulu get custody of her daughter, managing ELQ...anything but becoming best friends with these two low lifes. What's next? Tracy invites Nell to move into the Q mansion?

    Ive been watching this show since 1979. It is apparent current writers do not know their characters. Crying Anna, hospital betraying Lucy, weak Alexis. The only legacy character being written true to character is the spunky Bobbie.

  10. friscogh, I would love to see Tracy going after Dr. O. I'll be very disappointed if she doesn't make her life a living hell. Maybe she should offer her a janitor position next to creepy, slovenly Franco who will now be stalking Liz all day at the hospital. Ewwwww

  11. friscogh, I've been watching since then, too. As far as Tracy's relationship with Finn and Hayden, part of it as far as Finn goes, I chalk up to him saving her life, when every other doctor said it was something else and refused to admit it wasn't. I think her getting older, and having lost so many people she's cared about to death, or like in the case of Luke, just leaving her, or like Paul who nearly killed her. As she's grown older, she just doesn't want to be "alone" anymore, so to speak. With Hayden, I see it more as over time she's slowly started to begrudgingly care for her. I really think the scene where Hayden was so delirious and was talking to Tracy, thinking she was her mother, and Tracy responding as if she was, was the point where she started to actually care for her some. Up until that point, Hayden had been nothing more than a means to an end for Tracy, to get ELQ back. Not to mention Sabrina's death definitely was a big hit to her too. Really, Sabrina had been the first REAL friend Tracy had had in a very very very long time. She's even been slowly starting to build a friendship with Laura.

    In summary, Tracy has grown old and is tired of being "alone" Except for Ned, Dillon, Monica (and to an extent Jason).

  12. Metrocourt hotel/restaurant:

    RayFinn and Tracy: Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Wow. You two are as much fun as a spoonful of botulism.

    ROFL! I'm glad RayRay told Tracy what has been going on with Finny! Yes Tracy you tell him! No ELQ jet for you! And Finny, you go get help NOW!!!! ASAP! And you don't do it for RayRay!!!! You do it for you!!!!!

    JFK airport:

    Levin: Wait this does not make any sense. What did Laura do? Wake up from being knocked out, text Kevin, and then pass out again?! HUH?! I thought that bad guy texted Kevin so that he knows where Laura is.

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Jason: Wow Jason!!! Damn! He is just trying to help!

    Jason and Robin:

    Jason: It's not his fault.

    Oh wow!!! Really? You are not blaming him? That's a first! Besides that, great Jason and Robin scene. :)

    Friz: Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Nelle's home:

    Karen says: He said "She left a trail of Flowers and a Bra"
    YES. HE SAID "SHE LEFT A TRAIL OF FLOWERS AND A BRA".. that was actual dialog.

    ROFL! But that's the truth!!! That is what Nelle did! :) Come on Nelle!!!! Stop with the crocodile tears and rage faces!!! Tell Carly you and Sonny never slept together! And also about that nanny never stole! That you set her up! And who you really are!!!! Come on!!!!

    Liz's home:

    BobTodd and Jakey: Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

  13. "AntJoan said...Sonya, where are you?"

    I'm here!!!! Just been busy.


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