Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon, we're going to have to take the stairs. 

By the reactions I saw on twitter, you either loved this week's shows or you hated them. Guess which category I fall into?? Ok, "hate" isn't the word, but just plain "irked" is...I've seen this all before. Bring on a villain or a character that has awesome potential and put them in a dumb hostage-kidnapping-gun-blow up scenario and hope people don't notice it's like 50 others before it. 
Like I said before, swap out Olivia Jerome for Heather Webber and well-- deja vu. 

I'm going to have granola because I love the crunchy goodness. 

Let's take stock, shall we? In the past 2 weeks, OJ has kidnapped:  Julian, Sam, Robin...Griffin...Ava and now Alexis. The hell? Way to lock her in a room with one or two other players and that's it. (yes, I think in terms of keeping the budget low; how can we get the least number of people working together?)  

The entire Olivia 'motive' reveal?  I just have to say I was cringing. Which was worse? The "I want you to clone Duke from his hair or I know how to get Duke's soul into your hot body"? 
I still can't think of all these scenes without laughing. Maybe if the whole thing was written well it could have been saved. Maybe. We'll never know. We waited months for Olivia to be out there and do whatever she's going to do. Jordan and Maddox find out that OJ was in the psyche ward after her coma and treated by Tom Hardy. 
Wait, hold up. Was she treated under her real name'd think people (Julian) would have found out about that? 
Ah, never mind..that's relatively trivial in this mess. 

Olivia was going to buy GH to get to the lab beneath it. Huh...didn't she try to just get in there like she did this week? Sure was easy enough. Hey! Look, the lab still has all the vials and things in it when it was operational in 2001.  Wow, imagine that. :headshake:  Anyway, she gets Robin down there to spout off some nonsense about regenerating Duke. How would Olivia even KNOW Robin was going to be around? Ok, never mind. (again).  Robin tells her Duke was cremated. Oh..geesh, but wait! Olivia has been carrying around Duke's hair in a vial! That's it! She'll clone him!!  No one ever told her clones start out as babies, I guess. When that fails, she gets Griffin down into the lair and straps him to an operation table. Shirtless. Because you know, this is a soap and might as well look as cheesy as we can. She forces him to drink some tea (in one of the most awkward and weird funnel scene ever) and he's all woosy.  OJ then cuts into him and says Duke's soul will enter his body.  Bizarre isn't the word here because I like bizarre. This was just sloppy and messy and "let's get this over with in 2 days". 

Anna charges in and pulls a gun. They tussle-- and tussle. Yada yada. Griffin morphs into Duke. Olivia thinks he's come back for her! I'm happy Ian B got some work! "DuGriff" talks her out of holding the gun. Then, because he's NOT Duke, he lets Olivia escape. 

What has she done in the meantime? Oh, well...gotten Robin into the elevator, tied her up, attached her to a pressure plate and a bomb.   BUSY LADY!!  Yep, so Robin's in the elevator and someone has to save her.  Enter St. Jaysus who offers to switch places with her. You'd think if they could figure out the weight didn't matter they'd realize  they could replace it with any heavy weight.  BUT! this is the PCPD and you know, the writers.
Billy Miller was great in those scenes, I admit that. First time I've seen charm and ease in his acting. Seriously. Finola and Kim were fantastic as well. I just wish I didn't have to see that in conjunction with a bomb..duct tape and elevator disaster. (Didn't Robin already blow up once in the lab???) 

Anna's cancer is a strangely placed story right now. You'd think that would be enough of a story on it's own. Having Robin talk Anna into fighting for her life was a great touch. BUT! Nope..gotta get Anna out there with a gun and fighting the 'evil' because...?? I guess because it's easier than writing deep drama? 

The hospital is evacuated-- Hayden and Finn are locked in some hallway because of fire doors. Griffin is with some patient he can't leave (you'd think he would have needed to have a nap after his ordeal but I guess not), and Jason and Curtis are in the elevator together, going up to the roof to meet the bomb squad.  Lordy, my heart just can't take the suspense!! Everyone is standing outside RIGHT IN FRONT of the hospital, even though it's about to blow up. I mean, come on...I get that this is a soap but can we at least TRY to make something realistic? 

Speaking of not realistic, Olivia managed to escape, go tie up Ava (thanks for nothing with those scenes, btw) and make her call Julian. BUT! Somehow she knows where Alexis will be and snatches her.  Really? Seriously? I have no words. And yes, I could have written the entire Olivia Returns story way better. Sorry, but it's true.  So tragic that Maura and Tonja were wasted. 

Meanwhile, we did have another thing going on: The Never Ending Nelle Story. *sigh* We go on an on about Frank letters to Carly, which Nelle kept.  We still didn't get very much info on the whole kidney thing though. More of the same weirdness.  Nelle is packing up but then decides to stay. She and Michael talk about things--Sonny talks to Michael about things...Carly talks to Michael about things.  Michael thinks "there's more to the story"... and then JOSS walks in.

Oh! Guess what? It seems like Joss and Nellel have been forming a friendship off camera! Yep..oh and they are due to go to a concert together. Carly even got them a car. Seems like with all the hoo-hah going on they forgot! So, Nelle pushes Joss out and tells her to go and see Carly. Carly ends up telling her Sonny slept with Nelle--to which Joss replies "GROSS"
Yes, said it for all of us. 

GH likes it's kidnappings and bombs and made to order "stressful" events.  I blame the whole Luke and Laura era for GH falling into this treadmill. After many many years, bombs and kidnappings are just tiring.  I keep hoping with each new regime we'll see something different. Welp, not yet. 

Insert the custody case. Nora's in town and I do love me some Hillary B Smith! She's a natural and I wish Alexis was around too. She, Alexis and Diane should open up a law firm together.  Hey, could this custody case BE any stranger? First off, Dante doesn't even speak. Secondly, Nina gets up and testifies like she's some spotless citizen of Port Charles. Hello? Didn't she basically rip Ava's baby out of her arms, flee the country and end up in the psyche facility? AND DANTE KNOWS THIS--because he worked the case!! No one said anything????? Um, like Diane would miss that fact?  This is exactly why GH pisses me off. Do your homework, think out your plots. Nina is obviously panicked now because Nora said "Hope you don't have any skeletons in your closet".  So, the writers are going to use this to stall out the story, make it all "when will Valentin find out about Nina's past"..when that should have come out right in court.  Can't wait for this case to drag on. Really, just can't.
Oh, and what ever happened to the "big bad Valentin" 
character that Helena was terrified of? Yeah, that didn't happen, did it? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Monica learns baby Scout's first name: Emily 

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Curtis and Jason, riding up to the top of GH together..awww

MY IDEA OF THE WEEK: Buchanan, Davis and Miller Law Offices Or Davis, Miller Buchanan.

PROP OF THE WEEK: The funnel that got smashed into Griffin's mouth

SCREEN TIME FOR THE MONTH:  Valerie and yes, that's Lucas. Oh, Brad also tried to blackmail Finn for money/cure thing but Finn thwarted him.  

Ok...that's about all I can talk about this week.  We heard that Ingo is coming back as Jax so I suppose they'll try to write the kidney story into something that resembles sense. (not holding my breath).  I'm wondering if Julian makes it out alive because some spoilers are saying Alexis grieves and Ava feels guilty.  Hmmmm. Perhaps they just think he died?  Also, Jane Elliot announced her retirement so we'll see how that exit story goes. Maybe Tracy will just travel to find Luke, or go upstairs and never come down? I'm surprised they didn't give her some kind of cancer. 

Ok, have a good week. We are due for more crummy snow!  The clocks went ahead which means my life will be hell with preschoolers Monday. :) I'll be a bit crabby too! 


  1. Oh, I am first again, didn't think I would be. . . . Thanks for the VERY FULL SS, I KNEW all of the stories are bad, really bad, thanks for noticing ALL OF THE STUFF that makes no sense and is driving me crazy . ..

  2. If Nora were staying, which I wish she were, I'd love if they opened up their own law firm.

    Loved everything Jason this wk! (Sam not included) LOL! He was so good with Robin, Curtis bromance and baby Emily. ❤

    I put GH back on DVD mode since some spots are getting good but mostly cause I'm going out of town on vacation and don't want to miss some "good" that might happen, so basically 3 days worth should take 30 minutes LOL!!

    Hope OJ and Nelle are going away now....

  3. LOL!! I am SO upset about the horrible Nelle and Cray Olivia stories, and SO sad that Kirsten is out for a while, and that JE is leaving. I hope that Jane reconsiders, and the our Maxie is back soon!

  4. Great SS-I am totally disgusted, too. The high points for me were Duke, flashbacks, baby Emily, Robin and Anna, and Jason and Curtis. Also loved Nora and Diane. Totally unbelievable that Liv could singlehanded abduct, tie up everyone, bring a bomb in and set it up, etc. And of course somehow get into Ava's apt. Must have taken Julian's key I guess. Such shoddy writing and scenarios. So sad that JE is retiring but can't blame her. Not too optimistic about this week either.

  5. You always hit it right on the head! Still, GH is fun to watch but I too wish the storylines weren't so repetitive. The writers have to know most of us have been watching for years & years. They do seem to waste a lot of great talent. A law office for Diane, Alexis & Nora would be ideal. With Curtis & Jason as their PI's. I look forward to your critique every week. Good luck tomorrow. Hate the darn time change.

  6. My giant nitpick, is that "Fire doors" do NOT lock during a fire. The doors will close, but not lock, because you know there's people in a building trying to escape.

    I agree with your comment about Valentin. If he made Helena shiver in fear, then he should be more terrifying.

    I'm surprised GH hasn't hit by criticism for writing in KM's pregnancy(there might be some that I haven't seen). 1st, How did she get pregnant? Unless, it was via fertilization, then shouldn't there been another HIV scare for Patrick. 2nd, NO ONE is upset or concerned that Robin is having another child, who COULD inherit Robin's HIV status. Emma, was an accident by Robin and Patrick, and I thought they acknowledged that Emma could get HIV(she doesn't have it though), but Robin is acting overtly happy, despite the risk.

    The Nurses on strike plot is likely to be swept under the rug, as the Q's will buy GH, as OJ's deal will fall out and the Q's will give them random pay raise, which I can tell you isn't all sunshine and happiness, as I live in $11+ minimum wage Washington, where hours have been cut in jobs to make up for shortcomings

    Joss's scenes........they should of kept her at 8....

    I was glad that they had Ava and Olivia J interact. And Nora and Diane were good interacting with each other.

    1. Patrick isn't even on the show anymore and Robin barely is, had Kimberly not been pregnant irl the storyline wouldn't have even happened. So I don't care the how's, I'm just happy for Robin.

  7. I am looking at the whole "tea in a funnel" scenario as the writer's homage to 1950's horror film. HA! Think Christopher Lee.

  8. Michelle Latta said...

    If Nora were staying, which I wish she were, I'd love if they opened up their own law firm.

    ** That would be great! Apparently she moved to Florida, and would love to come back for more visits. So HOPEFULLY we will get to see more of her in the future. Though, more than likely it will still be without Bo.

    Loved everything Jason this wk! (Sam not included) LOL! He was so good with Robin, Curtis bromance and baby Emily. ❤

    ** This sort of stuff is why I love Billy Miller as Jason. He has a personality and emotions again, and is able to care for people outside of the Corinthos Cult. Not to mention he was able to tell Sonny that he wasn't doing the mob crap anymore.

    Patrick isn't even on the show anymore and Robin barely is, had Kimberly not been pregnant irl the storyline wouldn't have even happened. So I don't care the how's, I'm just happy for Robin.

    ** I'm glad they did too. I'm just always happy to see Kim whenever she is able to have sometime to do GH, as busy as her schedule is anymore.


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