Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Snoozah

So, I was all weird about Lulu and Dante being "Trapped" BUT!
1. Olivia cut off the house phone and the wifi
2. Nate has a cell phone jammer going
3. They cleared the floor so no one can hear them! LOL

OK, they covered the bases! They do a magazine quiz-thing. They agree to 'work on it'. 

Good Lord but Valerie needs to GO. Curtis is fine and he and Jordan SIZZLE. Boring bar talk today. I did note Dr. Maddox had on a CAMO Blazer. Camo? LOL. 

Liz bitches at Nik about Hayden. Hayden said she was going into the safe to put her bracelet in it. Liz yells and Nik for marrying her. 

Maxie and Nathan. He gave her a charm with Maxie's birthstone in it. They have sex later. 

JaSam: OMG THEY MUMBLE SO MUCH! I am sorry but.. they'd never make it in the theater.  He makes her pasta. They make out. Yada yada. 

Ok, so the DRAMA on Twitter today is that the Liason song "Ours to Keep" was used for Naxie today. People lost their damn minds. I'm not a huge shipper but that's just not right LOL. GH You so bad, especially when you JUST had Liason break it off for 'good'. Bloop! 

Jake and Liz go to the hospital to talk to the Dr. about treatment options. Tomorrow Monica says Jake will need "individualized treatment' cue St. Judes. 

Nik calls Sam to hire her to investigate Hayden.

BORING DAY holy heck. WHERE IS THE WILL reading?? Hurry it up!!


  1. Oh no, more mumbling. I'm at work so won't see until tonight. Someone tell me, did she mumble with Patrick? I don't think she did. I hate the mumbling. Maybe that's why I'm not a Jasam fan. Lol.

  2. I read this blog a lot but usually only comment on Twitter. But the "they'd never make it in the theater" line made me laugh out loud. I thought today was pretty boring too, but it could be bc I watched live and couldn't ff anyone I didn't care to see.

  3. I've noticed that they have been using the couple songs randomly lately. Jasam's song "Just You and Me" has been used for a variety of pairings during romantic moments. Lante's song "You Came Around" was playing at The Floating Rib last week. Maybe it's a budget thing? Like they own those songs out right so they don't have to pay anything for them. It does seem weird though.

  4. I just FF'd through Sam and Jason now. They mumble and they have no chemistry.

    And I liked the Doc's blazer. lol

  5. Well today was the day I decided to be done with GH. The Liason song did it. Let's be honest, you all know I've been half-way out the door the last three years but this was the final straw. I've had it with the rewrites, the "insta" anything they try to throw at the wall to see if it sticks, the incessant propping of newbies or couples that have zero chemistry, the endless shelving of characters and storylines, the decimation of legacy characters/families...done with it.

    I had high hopes for the new writers and I can see they are trying to tighten things up and find direction but I guess I just came to the realization that "my" GH is dead and I'm not a fan at all of this new GH.

    BUT of course, I'll still check in to read Karen's blog simply because she's so awesome!! Love this blog and all who comment! Great group of people sharing their feelings about a soap they love (or love to hate...or hate ;). LOL!

    1. I'm more or less waiting to see what happens with Michael Eastons character, because with Becky going I'm ticked but fought to get Michael back, so just one last try and then that's it.

  6. Theme: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt hotel

    Lante hotel room: Wow this is so high schoolish!!! Come on Nathan and Maxie!!! UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Naxie's hotel room: They are so cute together!!! But then she goes on and on about how she isn't ready for marriage. Zzzzzzzzzz. When ARE you going to be ready Maxie!?!?! When you are 50?!


    Liz: You married Hayden?!!?! Blah blah. Hayden. Blah blah Hayden.


    Sam's home: Jasam are having tongue sex. ICK! Geez I wish Lucas told her no physical activity cus she almost died in Liz's cave! And speaking of that!!! Helena's curse is kicking in! :) Sam fell down the stairs and almost died! What next will the curse lead Sam? Oh look they are eating spaghetti! It looks so dry! Where is the sauce!? Mumble mumble mumble. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    The floating rib:

    Jordan and Val: Wow Jordan! Doth protest too much!!! You are SO in love with Curtis!!! Val wins the line of the day.

    Val: I'm sorry did you just tell me to ask Curtis if he has a cocaine problem?


    Val and Curtis: Ohhhh Curtis DID have a cocaine problem. I'm glad they have good communication. We got to know Curtis a bit more. :) When he talked about slipping up sometimes in the past, is this forshadowing? Is Curtis going to slip up again?!

    Jordan and Maddox: Jordan protesting more and more about Curtis!!! Damn Jordan you are on a date!!! Pay attention to Maddox! She ends the date with no goodbye kiss?! She wouldn't even let him walk her to the car!!! She abruptly ends the date! Man they need to end!!! ASAP!

    "Karen says WHERE IS THE WILL reading?? Hurry it up!!"

    I was thinking the same thing!!!! Where is it?!!?!!? Show it already!

    1. I know, I almost forgot about the will reading til Laura mentioned it on Fri.

  7. If Rebecca leaves so do I....she is the only one that Iam following because the rest are horrible...Mumbles Magirk (Sam) and that robot Jason are useless...the only one that might hold my interest could be Nicolas...I have been a viewer for over 30 years and I cannot get over the horrible storylines....either it's mob, mob, mob, or Sam, Sam, Sam. Where are the Steve and Audrey of this generation or the Costellos and their regular middle class lifestyle. Ever since the Sopranos ruled the airwaves it seems the networks think that mob rule (loveable or not) is everybodys cup of tea...we used to get lessons on health in storylines and bits of comedy thrown in on occasion...what we get now NOTHING...I get more excited watching paint dry....

  8. I had to walk to get my car in the middle of GH so yeh for ff, boo I need a new car. :( So boring. I honestly do hope Lantern work it out. I divorced my ex hub so fast after he cheated that later I wondered if I gave up too fast. Loved Naxie, but one realistic gripe. Her hair was in pristine condition after sex, really???

  9. It was so boring today I watched the show in 15 minutes. Thank God for FF.

  10. I liked today (I am still watching it, as I just finished working), but almost done and I did NOT find it boring, I liked seeing the various couples together, I really hope that Lante work it out, I am glad that Naxie feel the same way.

    Sonya, YOU ARE SLIPPING, LOL, you didn't mention that Bangs McGee has returned!!

  11. "AntJoan said...Sonya, YOU ARE SLIPPING, LOL, you didn't mention that Bangs McGee has returned!!"

    It did?!!?! I didn't notice! DOH!

  12. Well, I won't complain, as we had no Ava, Nina or Sonny. I thought Maxie and Nathan locking Lante in the room was ridiculous, but I did like their scenes. I agree that Sam and Jason are boring. Nik is having Hayden investigated NOW? ::: eye roll :::

  13. I need the CC on in order to figure out the Jason Sam dialogue!

  14. And what a kick in the pants for anyone who shipped the Liz Jason pairing to play their music for another couple. Money must be tight to not give Nathan and Maxie their own theme!

  15. The Liason song: I am NOT one that listens to 'songs' for couples, I think it's partly because I've watched soaps so long I just don't care what song is who's (especially now that they are 'generic' and not "real" radio type songs). HOWEVER I totally sympathize with Liason fans and think it was wrong wrong wrong. Probably people at GH didn't even think--which is so part of the problem!! ESPECIALLY when you create shipper wars!!

    YES, the "Sam investigates Hayden" part: UM she already DID THAT and found nothing, remember? Lord they are so going to use old stories and they don't even care. Sam should have hung the hell up on Nik, btw.

  16. Good comments here from KD and all. I was grateful for no Sonny/Carly/Moron but the continuity person must be sleeping on the job. Need Val gone-even less pizzazz than before. What a waste pairing her with Curtis. Jordan was such a bitch to the Doc. Lante were in a ridiculous situation but I liked the communication. Sam is the best PI in town? Duh, how about Anna or Robert? Sam's eye bags are even more distracting than her mumbling.

  17. Nik is going to call Sam to investigates Hayden. REALLY!! Hope she hangs up on him.

  18. Karen: "BORING DAY holy heck. WHERE IS THE WILL reading?? Hurry it up!!"
    Is this Feb sweeps. If it is - so BORING! tues. was no different. Is Laura the only one to reading of Helena's will? So chopped up.


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