Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Surgery: The Great Escape

20160210 0426(35)
I may be sad, but I'm FREE! 

Hello from the tundra of frozen everything--yesterday was MINUS 33 windchill (and it was windy) and -4 in the 'non-wind". BLAH. I kept warm writing this and I'm sorry to say: it's REALLY long. Like marathon long. 
There is so much to talk about with the show. I enjoyed most everything this week (a couple of missteps here and there) and a lot of things happened. Wed and Friday's show were some of my faves in awhile. I swear GH can make me love it and hate it in a blink of an eye!

The title of the blog has to do with Jason and Sam escaping "death" but also of Liz escaping the story line she's been in for ages. One was rather dull to watch and the other glorious. 

So, if you watched the week, you can sort of skim through. If not, settle in with some not beverage or if you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm, have a rum punch for me. 

20160210 0431(22)

Reasons I enjoyed this week:
1. Very little mobular crap
2. More than 2-3 people in a room talking (Especially the end of the week)
3. More use of multiple sets
4. Brad and Lucas were on
5. Liz is FREE of her obsessive, guilt ridden over the top relationship with Jason. 
6. Soapy goodness of people being caught and found out
7. NO Morgan or Kiki. I really think that helped me.

So, let me break it down for you story by story. I think going by day would be way too complicated. First up:


20160209 0441(36)

Because it's sweeps week and because it's GH, we had to have a fire, explosion, and a rescue montage. I have to say that sadly, this was one of the weakest points of the show for me. Monday was painful. Jason's "rescue" had all the excitement of watching paint dry. He literally strolled around the house saying "Sam..Sam" for the entire episode. When he found her he kind of stood there, then slowly 'sprung' into action. SNOOZE. The show also had a bunch of other non-exciting stuff going on (Paul/Dillon, Anna/Maddox) that made watching tedious.
Anyway, the house blew up, Sam and Jason ended up in the snow and then he carried her to GH. 

20160209 0453(7)

Which I guess, was supposed to be romantic. After Sam got oxygen, she mumbled about him knowing she was there, and him saving her and yada yada. Good Gravy. I don't know, but it just seemed so-- flat. Not only that Liz and Sam reversed roles somewhat. Sam really should have been more "I was surviving for Danny" NOT "I was surviving for you".  No doubt JaSam lovers liked this and have been waiting for it.

20160210 0443(16)

 I personally liked the Alexis Sam scenes way more. That's where MY Head is at with this whole thing.  Happy that Molly and Kristina brought balloons and we got a great Davis women scene. The whole "We love Jason" Fest was a bit much though. I thought Molly was going to pull out her official "Stone Cold Fan Club" ring at one point!

20160209 0424(44)

Liz had her own reckonings this week and they were glorious. With Becky Herbst at the helm, every scene was just perfection. To the horror of what Jake was capable of to the realization that she had to let Jason go hit in synchronized waves.  First there were the Franco scenes. She and Roger played off each other so well. Thank you for not phoning it in. When he said "Hey" to her..and then "Hey" again when she turned around, it was so realistic. I loved that scene. 

20160212 1026(32)

Liz fought with the insurance agency, got to know New Doc a bit and stayed by Jake's side. She and Laura had a great conversation and she seemed to pick herself up by the bootstraps and decided to get on with life. Thank GOODNESS. I'm so tired of soaps making women seemingly depressed and non-functional if they don't have a man in their lives. All the scheming, lying and twisting of one's self to keep a man is old news. I'm so looking forward to this independent Liz. She's living at Wyndemere with Laura and Hayden. The latter whom she caught breaking into the safe. Now that she's free of that Albatross around her neck, I can enjoy Liz again.  The news of Becky possibly leaving GH is disconcerting for sure, and I can't imagine they'd want to lose another vet when JT just walked away. BUT! This is GH and it's the soap biz so? Who knows. Maybe she wants to control her own destiny and is tired of the show. I just hope if she goes of her own volition they don't recast. I don't like that idea at all. 

PS. Since Alexis' house just blew up in the not so distant past, Liz should ask her advice about insurance and replacing her things. (only in Port Charles can 2 houses blow up so close to one another--and another what? 3 burn to the ground over the years).


20160209 0414(6)

So, Anna's taking Robert's advice (over the phone) to bamboozle Paul with her wily ways and try to get info out of him. In a little side-story she's also 'running into" Maddox here and there. He says "he loves to hear her talk" ..look at her beaming face. Jordan comes in dressed to the 9s and I am hoping against HOPE they don't try to pit those two women against each other with this guy. No. Anna is just fine without a man right now (more on that later) and she and Jordan are an awesome team. So, as much as I love her bright smile, leave this be. 
From Paul, Anna did find out he has a daughter Susan. Now, in real history Susan was the reason he came to PC in the first place. The cartel was with holding an antidote in order for his cooperation (or something like that). He had Susan with an un-named woman. She was around Lucky's age at the time. People are speculating that's it's Hayden. She fits the age and they also had a giant anvil of a scene with her talking to Tracy about her dad and then Dillon walks in. Hmmm.. Could it be?

20160212 1024

 Meanwhile, when Nikolas looks up the guy that stopped them in Vegas and called Hayden "Rachel" he finds out the name is Baxter CORBIN. Corbin happens to be Sonny's father's surname.
Lawdy, what's going on?!! 


20160211 0715(64)

Nina is featuring "real women" in Port Charles for Crimson's upcoming edition. Isn't it funny how Crimson is a national magazine and they use PC citizens like they are famous? LOL.  They do a session with Olivia breastfeeding that turns into a Julian, Olivia and Alexis boob discussion at the office. Dillon does a cheesy shoot with Maxie that was straight out of all the montages of  'girl set to pop music" that's ever been done. Yes, KS was adorable. But it was manly to make Nathan angry/jelly which is so boring. He and Dillon are just a bore. Oh, Nathan moved into the apartment with Lulu and Maxie by the way.
A nice surprise is that Epiphany is in the magazine too, although we didn't see her photo being taken. Anna is scheduled for a session as well next week. 


20160211 0729(15)

This "Rachel" Hayden thing going on. Hayden is Rachel.. we get that. The best part of this story was Tracy...and her 'medical' problem she seems to be having.  Jane Elliot did the scene so well here. I personally think it's a TIA or mini-stroke leading to more but it also could be heart problems or a tumor. (We do have a new neurosurgeon after all!). I would like to see this be a real medical battle and not just "Alexis has lung cancer cured" in 3 months. 
Oh, Hayden tried to break into Nikolas' safe and she was totally busted by Liz who walked in on her! That confrontation will have to wait until Monday. 


Kristina starts to question her sexuality..or at least I think that's what she's doing. My brother is gay and I know many gay people who all tell me they knew when they were very young. (Like Brad said "out of the womb"). Ergo, with Kristina's past boy crazy history, I assumed she's bisexual. But I don't know. And I guess that's not the point. The point was is that Molly found out Parker is a woman and Krissy denied it. (Said her name was "Peter"). Molly was all "YOU are GAY"! Kristina was like "NO I'm not! YOU are gay because you haven't had sex with TJ yet". It was such a sister exchange I loved it. Seems Krissy is most afraid to tell her Dad she may be gay.
There was a good discussion with Brad and Lucas about coming out. Lucas seemed to know she was talking about herself and not "a friend". This was also an example of characters who should be interacting more actually doing it. AND for the love of all things soapy, get Brad on more. 


Oh yeah, TJ's gonna get it! Molly is mad Kristina thinks she may not be straight because she hasn't had sex yet. Which thrilled TJ. 


Lulu was having a swinging party at the Haunted Star for Vtines Day when Maxie decided it would be fun to plot with Nathan to get them into the Metro together. So, now, we have these two in the Metro all locked and loaded. I just wish if they were going to get back together, it wouldn't take an age. Get them in Scrubs old house and be done with it. 


20160210 0422(24)

Was at a minimum this week thank the lord. She gave Julian and Alexis a wedding gift and then talked to her bro about the mess she's in. Of course, they were interrupted and she never actually got to the whole story. I think this is going to drag Julian back into the stupid organization in order to save his sister. You know my idea: Ava goes to Anna and Jordan (or they figure out Paul is using her) and they strike a deal to bring him down. Maybe in an old fashioned "Sting" style operation! I'd love that. Unfortunately I think we are going to get Hero-Sonny all over the damn place. blech. I am so upset that the Julexis wedding is going to be stricken by the stupid mob. 


20160211 0732(39)

Because we can't have a week without SONNY now, can we?? At least he was in on the NuDoc intro. I am totally hating the "I can walk but am faking it" sheeze though. IT's SO old and tired. Not only that, we really didn't see him struggle that much with the wheelchair thing. A few PT lessons here and there but no real issues.  Now it's going to be about revenge and the mob. *sigh* Julexis wedding will be 'explosive' says the mags. 

20160211 0729(25)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yep, Tracy took it. Not only was her 'episode' perfect but Hayden's reaction was spot on as well. Loved Becky's shock and concern that came out. 

20160210 0424(32)20160210 0424(29)

FACE/PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK: So many Becky faces to choose from. Her story of realizing that Jake was as bad off as he is, and that Sam and Jason were going to be together was done really well.
When Liz went and had her cry in a nearby room, it was so real and raw. Kudos to Becky for a great week. And kudos to the writers for her pulling out of it to yell at the insurance people and get a spine again! 

20160210 0526(46)

PROP OF THE WEEK: A photo of "Susan" Paul's daughter. Meaning, you know she's coming!

Ok, so that was a long week and a lot to digest. Yes, I did enjoy most of it. I did like the " Floating Rib action" on Valentine's Day too. I didn't get any photos but Val went a bit crazy over Curtis and Valerie being out. Protesting too much because your BIL is so hot and you know you have chem with him? YEPPER!!  

I shall leave you with: (thanks to Imasoapfan on Twiter)

Can't wait to get to the reading of the will!! I'm hoping Michael Easton is the "eldest" Cassadine and rips Nikolas to SHREDS with the whole "I'm a rich prince thing"!! LOL 

Have a nice Valentine's Day.  


  1. Another great SS. Thanks Karen I absolutely love your blog. Agree with you seven reasons why you like this week. JE has such beautiful check bones. I swear makeup played them up so she almost looked gaunt in the scene with Hayden.

    Was sad to read the post you put up last night about Becky. Very unprofessional for him to post that. I hope RH stays.

    Stay warm!!!

    1. I noticed her cheekbones too! Figured makeup did something. I'm curious what they'll come up with.

  2. Well, I think it hit 2 degrees here in Brooklyn overnight, windchill minus 20-30!

    Thanks for the great SS! Re Becky H, just want to say, look, they recruited the HOTTEST HUNK in the whole entire world to be your next boyfriend, every woman in the world would want to be in your shoes (except for me, of course, he is too young for me, and I love only Sonny). So, Becky, PLEASE don't leave us!!

  3. Thanks Karen. 2 weeks ago Lante signed divorce papers and now they will "talk" things out... blah blah blah. DZ looks bored to tears and ER is as vapid and empty has ever. I miss Julie's "LULU" .. this version of Lante continues to bore me to tears.

  4. OMG YES! On the Gaunt Tracy look!! I wondered if she lost weight for this role -- and the make up you are right!

  5. Nailed it as usual. Haven't been a Liz fan in a REALY long time, but now I'm way on board with Liz. Can not stand Sam and Jason. It's just all too "let's bring Jason back into the mob above all." I think RH and BH have incredible chemistry...not sure they should have a relationship, but I have to FF he and SC scenes. Just can't like Nina. Too crazy and can't really get her out of that mode. Need more Laura. I realty hope ME is A Cassadine as well. Perfect for Laura.

    1. I could get on board with ME as a Cassadine! I love Billy and Becky's chemistry and have not ever been a Sam fan and throwing her together with his Jason ticks me off! I watched Thurs and Fri show today and did a lot of ff thru her scenes. I did love the scenes Kristina had with Brad and Lucas. Not a Brad fan but he won me over.

  6. I watch GH for escapism and would hate to see a cancer story for Tracy.

    There are just too many new characters on, eating up air time.

    I like the Jason-Sam story, and I think Lulu could do better with someone more exciting than Dante.

  7. I think Lante are fine, I like a stable couple who have actual jobs. I know this Lulu is different from the other, and that many don't like her, but she is a REALLY good actress. At the GH event, Laura W was definitely the "leader of the pack" Kirsten Storms was really "sparkly," but Lulu and Ava seemed almost shy. They all were soooo sweet together, I wish that some of you had met me there and seen the event! My late girlfriend's children are now speaking of the next event in LI, in Levittown in April, I think, not sure if I want to go, but it looks AMAZING, tons of GH actors will be there!!

  8. I loved Elizabeth when she first came on, loved her with Lucky and even Jason in the beginning when she used to paint. Then she became a jealous woman. She couldn't take his life but didn't want anyone else to have him either, especially Sam!! I never liked what the writers turned her into!! But Becky Herbst is a great actress. If she leaves I wish her well. If she stays I hope a better storyline is written for her instead of one chasing Jason!! I love Sam and Jason. Billy Miller is finally growing on me. I loved him as billy Abbott and it's taken me a while to accept him as Jason.
    I wish they would write a better story for Laura instead of being a meddling mother-in-law!!!I would love to see ,ore of all the characters instead of a few at a time. I am looking forward to the Helena will reading!!! but I still think she isn't dead!!!

  9. Ah, Capemcmoose, LOL. I love reading your comments about Lante. I use them as a barometer. The more snarky, the more unhappy, the more vocal you become about still missing Julie after 3 years, the more it tells me Dante and Lulu are doing a really great job. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for another great blog. I second all your reasons for liking the show this week.

  11. If Becky leaves and I hope she doesn't. How about Sarah Joy Brown as a recast. Love to see her again on Gh.

  12. Long or short, Karen you always do a fantastic Sunday Surgery. :) I keep wanting to call it Sunday Sugary for some reason. :)

    "Hello from the tundra of frozen everything--yesterday was MINUS 33 windchill (and it was windy) and -4 in the 'non-wind"

    YES! It's so cold!!!!!

    "FACE/PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK: So many Becky faces to choose from."

    Awwww Molly's face didn't win. Too bad. :( :)


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