Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Day for Wubsy!!

Julexis wedding. THIS IS WHY we can't have nice things on GH.. I am thisclose--as usual to telling this show to GO TO you know WHERE! Yes, Sonny will walk. No he won't die. 
I'm just. 
Within the last few weeks we've gotten 2 fires, and explosion now this. GROAN

We are having a HUGE snow here. 16" fell from 4am on --and it's HEAVY HEAVY. 


Paul and Tracy. Paul wants help with Dillon.

Anna and Paul...Paul asks Anna to photo shoot. Someone didn't show, so..can you fill in? She talks to him about Susan. She now lives off the coast of Maine running a gift shop called "Suki's" 

Kiki and Franco. Franco basically suggest Viagara for Morgan! LOL

Jake going to be transferred to Shriner's in Philly. (Spencer went to Boston) That's a preview shot up there. 

Alexis and Sam... Sam is all awwww. She wants Jake to come to the wedding.  Later, Jason comes by to tell Sam about Jake going to the hospital.

Krissy talks to Morgan who is obviously 'manic'.. she leaves. Darby pops out from behind the coffee bags. They start to make out and have sex..KIKI walks in!!! AHAHA

Sonny basically begs Dr Griffin to stay with him. Griffin says he's a liar. Sonny tries his dimples on him

AND.. my news cut in again!! geesh 


  1. Oh, we have a giant rainstorm here in NYC, no snow, it's really warm, in the 50s, after a record -1 over the weekend! Didn't know you were having snow upstate :( What was the news flash that cut into the show? I hope it doesn't happen here . . .

    Karen, hang in there, don't leave GH/us, I know this is frustrating for all of us, that is why we continue to need you so much . . .

  2. I agree with AntJoan. Please, don't leave us. If we all stick together, we can get thru this. (Although after a day like today, I can hear you loud and clear. But that is where multitasking comes in.)

  3. AntJoan,
    Buffalo and Rocchester are NOT in upstate NY. They are in Western NY.

    If Rochester tv is like tv here in Buffalo, they cut in to tell Karen it snowed. Buffalo got 6' of snow - not enough really to justify cutting into programming every half hour all afternoon to tell us it is snowing

  4. I know I know, you say it is NOT upstate. But to those of us in NYC, Buffalo IS upstate--at least, we always call it that. I know it also is Western NY, but it is upstate to me. I know it bothers you when I say that, sorry . . .

  5. Karen,
    Rochester made the local news in Buffalo. They claim Irondequoit got 22" of snow today! Yikes! That is a lot of snow. They also said there were some power outages. I hope you're safe and warm with no power interruptions.

  6. This weather YIKES!!! A foot of snow here in Rochester!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: I can't believe Kiwi is talking to BobTodd about Morgan's impotent problem!! And she still can't say the word!! Kiwi get some friends and talk about it with them! Don't talk about it with BobTodd he is your surrogate father! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Look he's young he's dumb and full of zeal.


    The hospital:

    Sonny and Dr. Griffin: Wow! Sonny begging him not to dump him! So basically,

    Sonny: No! Please don't dump me! I really care about you!

    Dr. Griffin: I'm sorry Mr. Godfather. I am not interested anymore.

    Sonny: You can't do this to me!

    Dr. Griffin: I'm sorry.

    You know, if Becky (Liz) is leaving the show, then Griffin should really be with an older woman. :) Dr. O? Madison? Olivia? Tracy? Anna? :) I really want to see him with someone older. :) If Becky isn't leaving? Then I want to see him with Liz.

    Liz, Jason, Monica, and Carly:

    Monica: There are Shriners for children all over North America. The orthopedic department in Philly is second to none. You're making the right decision sending Jake to Shriners hospitals for children.

    Jason: Elizabeth and I are taking Jake to Philadelphia Shriners hospital for children.

    Carly: It's a great organization. There are 22 shriners hospital for children in United states,Canada, and Mexico. They treat children all over the world regardless of the families ability to pay.

    Monica: The orthopedic department in Philadelphia is excellent.

    Oh no!!!! Not again!!! They are advertising again! Why can't they just have a PSA about it, instead of making the characters repeat themselves over and over again? It just feels so forced.

    Liz and BobTodd: Oh whew. I thought Liz was going to tell BobTodd about Shriners hospital for children and that Philadelphia has an excellent orthopedic department. Hmm the way they were talking, it seemed like today is Becky's last day. Although Karen you showed us a picture of them at Shriners, so today isn't her last day whew. :) BobTodd wants to text Liz awwwww! :)

    Carly and Sonny: Carly don't want to go to Alexis's wedding! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Sonny's warehouse: Oh man what is the point with Dar Dar Binx? All she does is pop up to have sex with Morgan! Get rid of her writers! Oh oh busted by Kiwi!

    Sam's home: So basically,

    Sam: Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason. Saint Jason Saint Jason. Fantastic cook!

    Uh Sam, you didn't even eat all the pasta!!!!! You didn't even eat much of it! What a waste.

    Police station waiting area: Be careful Anna! Don't make Dillon suspicious of you! Why couldn't Dillon shoot her at the Chandler Mansion?

    Q home: I was getting worried about Tracy while her and Paul were arguing. Oh no! Tracy! What's wrong?!?!! Go to the doctors! Who is your doctor?! I can call him!!!! Tracy looks up blackouts? Tracy is having blackouts!!!!!! :(

  7. "dar said...They claim Irondequoit got 22" of snow today!"

    Yeah. That is what I heard that we got too! WOW!

  8. Haha Sonya I'm so glad he said zeal! I loved the scene netween Liz and BobTodd, I too got the feeling it was her last day, glad it's not. I hate what they've done to her! I wouldn't mind seeing her with Griffin but now I can picture her and BobTodd or Michael Eastons new character.

  9. I thought February was ratings month? Basically another snooze fest. Tracy's confusion and Franco & Elizabeth were really the only interesting scenes.

  10. Liz's last day? Is it official? I figured she'd be here till May or close to. Aren't they like 6 weeks out in taping? I'm going to be so bummed if she leaves. But people are trashing her still. I don't get it.

  11. I thought they taped 3 wks out, but I'm more than likely wrong. Not sure when her last day is.

  12. "Michelle Latta said...Haha Sonya I'm so glad he said zeal!"

    Hahaha me too! :)

    "I loved the scene netween Liz and BobTodd,"

    I always love their scenes. :)

    "I too got the feeling it was her last day,"

    It was a horrible feeling. :(

    "I hate what they've done to her! I wouldn't mind seeing her with Griffin but now I can picture her and BobTodd or Michael Eastons new character."

    I hate what they done to her too. :( Oh Liz and Michael Easton's character! Yeah! Not sure who the character is. Her and BobTodd they have chemistry!

  13. We are just picky about Western NY because to us "DOWNSTATE "is what you call "UPSTATE" and you are all CITY. LOL Our state is huge, no>>??

    We ended up with 18" here but feels like 2 feet because of the walls of snow piled up. We never got our street plowed until about 7pm. Our heating guy never made it here. Closed all the roads. OY
    BUT! Today the streets are all clear and people are all over. It's normal for us, but that that MUCH that fast (less than 24 hrs) and so heavy.

    I may just have to skip the Sonny part of the wedding. How's that? If GH had to go a month without a gun, fire or explosion they'd fail!!


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