Friday, February 12, 2016

"I thought I Smelled MANURE"

If I said Jenny Eckert was Susan's mama, I was wrong. She was Paul's daughter from an unknown first wife (or not shown) when he first came to Port Charles. He had Dillon with Tracy and with Jenny, PJ (Paul Junior). 

Laura uttered those words up there to Hayden after Hayden said she took a horse ride!! LOL!! ahahaha. Nik gave her one of Helena's bracelets and Laura is like NOT SO FAST,  here's an invite to the reading of her will. Nikolas tells Hayden later that the money always goes to the eldest Cassadine male. He's the only one. 
HMmmmmmmmmmm. Could it be that ME is coming back to play an ELDER Cassadine.?? 

Laura goes to The Haunted Star, where there is a big party going on. (No one we know) Lulu also got an invite to the will reading.
Later, she leaves an Maxie comes in and tells Lulu to go to the Metro. Nate tells DANTE to go to the same room. Derp. 

Sam and Jason leave--go to the PH. Danny is there. They were the boring ones today.

EVERYONE is at THE RIB.  Curtis, Val...Jordan, Maddox, TJ- Dante the moper. Jordan tells Maddox that Curtis is her BIL. 

Molly and Krissy. Kristina says she's NOT gay. The other professor is named Peter (get it, Peter and Parker? LOL). Molly goes :YES YOU ARE. Krissy goes "What's more believable, that I'm gay or have 2 professors who's names start with a P"?
Molly goes: I don't know, let's ask HIM...

YES!! Let's ASK THE GAY GUY IF YOU ARE GAY???????!!!!! OMG. Brad is on for a nanosecond. That was hysterical. 
This really happened.
Ok, so Kristina denied being gay, Molly told her to "Talk to someone about it" THEN Kristina says: I think YOU might be gay...and TJ too!! (Because they are virgins) 
I kid you not.  Molly leaves.
Lucas and Brad kiss, then they go to talk to Kristina who is on the phone, texting. They ask her if she wants to go out with them. She says no. Then she asks them what it was like 'finding out you might not be straight"... I'm asking for a FRIEND she says LOL 

Laura leaves the HS and runs into Liz who is arguing with the insurance people on the phone. Pretty real, that! Since Liz decided to "leave" Jason to Sam she's become GREAT. I have loved her the past 2 days. She's great. Loved her with Laura and nuDoc and on the phone. YEP!! I DO!! 

Ok, End of the show: Jordan tells Val to stay away from Curtis. "Girl, he's good looking, but trouble"..
Dante and Lulu are locked in a room at the Metro (Maxie and Nate did it)
Hayden gets caught by Liz getting into the safe. 
JaSam kiss. FRENCH Kiss. 


  1. I've been loving Liz lately too. The new writers have really done the character jusice. I hope that producer/network/whoever Becky re-signed with a respectable contract. She's really the reason to watch GH right now. It's amazing how getting her away from St. Jasus and ending the fan war of doom helps!

    I'm not really excited about ME returning at all but making him Valentin Cassadine is what they should have done to begin with. It's going to be weird though.

  2. FYI TJ is not a virgin, he had a one-time in the limo with Felix's sister during the whole Rafe story line.

    I kinda want to see Lante co-parent, NOT date anyone else, and not even date each other, but just hook up for hot sex while still trying to "not have a relationship". I think that happens a lot to divorced couples with shared custody. (At least in my circle of friends.)

  3. Why can't Kristina be attracted to both men and women? WHY? It would be much better for future long term story telling if she wasn't defined as definitely gay or straight.

    1. They can tell plenty of stories with Kristina, even as a gay character. She's a young woman, the granddaughter of Mikkos Cassadine, she's faced a myriad of issues due to her mob boss father (kidnapping, car bomb, spinal injury) and she has ties to different families on the canvas.

  4. The hospital:

    Sam's room: Yes let's sneak out I want to go home. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Sam, Jason, and Lucas:

    Lucas: Make sure she gets plenty of fluids and rest.

    Gee I didn't know Sam had a cold.

    Krissy and Molly:

    Krissy: Well maybe TJ is gay because you are not having sex! Maybe you are gay Molly!

    Wow!!!! Krissy is SO bi or gay!!!! :) Krissy don't be turning it around on your sister and TJ!!!! Get out of denial!!!

    Krissy, Lucas, and Brad: For a friend? ROFL! Yeah right. Like Lucas and Brad would believe that. :) But great scene between all three of them! :)

    Liz and the insurance person: Wow!!! Where is your husband?!!?! Who is this rude insurance person?! Liz stood her ground!!!!! Great scene!


    Laura and Lulu on the phone: She really wants to get out of Wyndemere so bad! I bet seeing her son and GreenHaydenRachel together is going to make her sick. I bet if she had a barf bag she would use it!!! ROFL!

    Laura, Nik, and GreenHaydRachel: Laura wins the line of the day!

    Laura: I thought I smelled manure.


    The floating rib:

    Jordan and Curtis: Damn Jordan! Be careful! There is a fine line between love and hate. :)

    Jordan and Maddox: Damn! Another date, another distraction!!! Snap out of it Jordan!!!

    Val and Curtis: Wow Val is lookin hot! I like how they are getting to know each other. :)

    Jordan and Val: Wow Jordan really?!!?!!? Are you jealous? Do you want Curtis all to yourself?! :)


    TJ and Molly:

    Molly: Let's have sex!

    Oh Molly!!! What are you doing?! Just because of what your Krissy said to you now you want to have sex? Your first time shouldn't be for the wrong reason.

    Molly: I've been thinking about this a lot.

    When? You mean after your talk with Kristina?

    Dante and Lulu: They are stuck. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Wyndemere part 2:

    GreenHaydRachel: Nik? Nik? Are you asleep, so I can snoop?

    Nik: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    GreenHaydRachel: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS he is asleep!!!

    *runs downstairs to the safe*

    GreenHaydRachel: Hmmmm Spencer's birthday.

    Liz: What the hell are you doing?!

    *GreenHaydRachel pees on herself*

    Sam's home: Chat chat chat. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh no! Tonsil hockey!!!

    Jason's tongue: Hey want to have tongue sex?

    Sam's tongue: Yes I do!!!

  5. OK, so Sam wants to leave the hospital? Doesn't she know that if you "sneak out" without the doctor's signing you out that insurance won't pay for the visit? Oh, but this is GH-land, who cares about bills and insurance, everyone just has endless streams of money. Lucas can just wave her off, no discharge paperwork or other real-world distractions. . .

    And HOW can anyone get married without first meeting the other person's family? So Nik NEVER met ANY of Hayden's family, doesn't even know who her parents are, didn't check into her background?? In this day and age, this makes no sense, I am officially becoming obsessed with this, I've got to stop . . .

  6. "AntJoan said...Oh, but this is GH-land, who cares about bills and insurance,"

    Hahahaha. Well, Liz cares! The way she was yelling at that rude insurance agent! :)

  7. I am so enjoying Liz these past few days and I hope she is here to stay.!I'm sorry but this Kristina being gay storyline is really poorly written. And at what hospital can you just walk out without paperwork and a wheelchair? I just love the way Becky interacts with kids. Not too bad today, At least no Sonny and Carly.

  8. Anyone catch who Krispy called? I rewound and still couldn't get a name.

  9. For me, Rebecca "Liz" is and has been the strongest, most believable actress on the show all year. I continue to fast forward through any scene with "Sam and Jason". It feels incredibly forced. Instead of being lost in the past with Carly, Sonny, Sam, Jason, I wish the show would move forward and build on a character like Liz.

  10. Thanks for clarifying that Karen. I don't remember Paul being married prior to Tracy. Hayden seemed too old to be Paul's daughter with Jenny. Actually just read that Michael Easton could be Hayden's ex and a Cassadine. Hayden was more fun before she was shot. LOL.

    Yes, they've been writing Liz stronger but she's always been strong. They just kept giving her lousy storylines. Hope she stays.

    Could care less about Valerie. Curtis is interesting and easy to look at but put him with Jordan already and Dr Maddox with Anna. Actually think Curtis would work nicely with Sam, undercover work and all.

    The reading of the will is starting to sound interesting. I hope she's alive!!!

  11. Why can't Kristina be bi? People who are attracted to both sexes are not represented on TV anywhere and it's about time they are.

    Also, Jason & Sam make me throw up a little every time they're on TV.

  12. Does anyone know the name/artist of the song that was playing during the Hayden and Nikolas love-making scene?

    1. Luluuu, have you ever been able to find out any info on this song? (It was also played on 2/16/17 when Kiki & Dillon made love). I've been searching so hard for this song. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I find out anything, I will let you know, also.

  13. Why is it GH ends up with the same story and situations no matter who is head writer? I swear we could all easily write much better and original stories for GH, I know because I read this blog daily (thank you kd)!
    Rebecca Herbst is underused and underrated. I agree 100% that she has been the reason to watch these last couple of days. If TPTB let her go, they are plain and simply stupid!
    I dearly love Jane Elliot, the woman is genuinely talented. Finally, we might get to see her shine!
    Genie Francis has had absolutely nothing written for her, this is criminal.
    Finola Hughes, another genuine talent is imho not being given a storyline worthy of her talent.
    And the biggest failure, is the return of Jason Morgan! Why oh why can't we see this character actually regain ALL of his memory?! Memories of Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan? Instead we are seeing shades of Guza AGAIN.
    The definition of insanity...I will continue to watch no matter how frustrated and angry this show makes me! Ugh!
    Sorry, rant done...for now.

    1. Totally agree with you I love Tracy, Laura and Anna. They truly are under used, especially Laura.

      And your right the storylines are always the same.

      And why is it when Sam is with Jason she mumbles. I thought she was a stronger character when she was with Silas and Patrick. I don't remember her mumbling with them I know she probably did mumble with them too but she just seems 'needy' when she's with Jason.

  14. TJ isn't a virgin. He cheated on Molly (in a limo) and they broke up for awhile...

  15. does anyone know the name of the song/artist from the song playing during the nkiolas and hayden love scene on february 12, 2016????
    the words were " you stand in front of me, right here in front of me, I'm falling, I'm already falling, I'm falling into you"

    thank you for your help!!!!

    1. I wish I knew!! I've been searching like crazy! If I find anything, I will let you know. And if you find anything, would you let me know, also? Thank you!

  16. I'm trying to find that song info too! I'm going to email SOD and see if they know and will post it in the magazine in the question/answers part.

    1. Thanks, Julie. Really appreciate that! I'm still searching diligently!!

    2. Also... just an FYI... I sent tweets to ABC Music Lounge and to GHmusicPG, but no reply as yet. I am going to send one to SoapsInDepth ABC, also.


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