Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hey, You're Just not Yourself....


Taking a break from GH. I'll be back Monday! I just need a couple of days. I know the Julexis wedding is Friday but that day my brother is here. So... Hope it's a good one!! 

PS. Yes, I'll still do Sunday Surgery, I'll just watch the shows before I write it. 


  1. With Becky more than likely leaving I've got one foot out the door. I am only watching because Michael is coming back. I don't want GH canceled but viewers are dropping like flies and the writing....ugh.

  2. Carson home: Wow!!!! Morgan is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO manic!!!! And no longer impotent. Great scene! I thought maybe he would start throwing things and hit his mom!

    Little Morgan: Hey Morgan, let's go find Ava! :)

    Julexis's home: Haha Olivia. Great trick that you played on them. NOT! You are messing with their alone time! Go home! Oh oh NOW Olivia has a vision!!! Julian has blood on his hands! Now is that metaphorically speaking, or is it literal? We shall soon see tomorrow! The two baby outfits that Olivia wanted Alexis to pick, PICK THE BLACK AND WHITE ONE AWWWWWW! :)

    Pier: Oh oh. Raj from the big bang theory and Dixon scene! Manic Morgan is raring to go!!!!! :)

    Sam's home: Oh yeah sure Nik! Use Spencer to get Sam to help you! JERK! I wonder Nik, if someone kidnapped Spencer and made you think he died. How would that make you feel? Would you finally get you to feel how Sam felt?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    GreenHaydRachel and Diane: Yes Diane.. She is getting married. Like the rock? When are you and Max gonna get married?!!?! :)

    Chandler Mansion: Holy crap!!!!! So Mr. Yum Yum Sloan and Susan were a couple, and he beat the crap out of her and then raped her!?!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?! Is Paul telling the truth or is he lying?! I CAN'T TELL!!!! Well what a great scene! Paul made me cry! It must be true because he said Mac knows now and would tell Anna! I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!! It would make sense why Paul would kill Mr. Yum yum! But, um, Well, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  3. Sonya said:
    < Little Morgan: Hey Morgan, let's go find Ava! :) >

    HA! So funny :-)

    I don't know what to make of what Paul said, either. If it's true, I feel like it's definitely a rewrite.

    I'm not looking forward to more mob stuff. Zzzzzzz.

  4. "Paul773 said...HA! So funny :-)"

    Hahahaha. It's a habit of Morgan's. :)

    "I don't know what to make of what Paul said, either. If it's true, I feel like it's definitely a rewrite."

    Rewrite or not, it's intriguing. And the actor who plays Paul, Richard Burgi, drew me in. So thank you Richard!!! Bravo!! :)

    "I'm not looking forward to more mob stuff. Zzzzzzz."

    Yeah me neither! Altho we can have fun making fun of it. :)

  5. I hope that Christina and Dr.Griff or maybe Elizabeth and Dr Griff be a couple Please
    dont make him gay!


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