Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Real Women

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Olivia had her photo shoot at The Rib..No idea why. Maxie and Dillon were there. Dillon is SO boring as a photog/film guy. geesh.  She goes with Julian to the office to review the photos. He says they are all too much for Crimson. She says they are fine. They are arguing about her boobs when Alexis walks in.  Alexis sticks up for Olivia.

Dillon takes cheesy pics of Maxie. But, she IS adorable. 

Nate and Nina talking about their respective partners. 

Laura toasts the happy couple but... doesn't mean it.  When Hayden leaves she gives Nikolas her Mama advice *sigh*

Epiphany introduces Sonny to the new doctor.  Griffin talks to Sonny about his history and progress. Sonny hedges because he doesn't want anyone to know he's better.  Then Griffin asks Epiphany how he's doing in PT!! She told on him and when Carly leaves, Griff says "Why are you lying to her"?? 

Stuff about ELQ and the lawsuit for the shares. I guess Jason is suing Nikolas. Alexis is talking to Michael and Tracy. I don't get it, I guess I missed most of that but it was also on so long ago and not mentioned that I forgot.  Tracy tells Michael to leave when Hayden comes in. Hayden shows her her ring. Tracy smiles.  BUT! Then Hayden tells her she signed a pre-nup.  Tracy's mad. Hayden says she's got something on Nikolas-- BIG something.

SPENCER's absence is so glaring. Yes, NB is taping a new show but geesh. Like with Joss, just put them in boarding school already. 

Tracy had some kind of an maybe?? Rumor is she has a medical problem..soooo.... 

OH@@ Epiphany will be in Crimson too! 


  1. Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) was on Castle Monday, did anyone else see it?

  2. Yes, I saw it AntJoan. I think I yelled Pfiffy at the screen. lol She's such a good actress. I hope she gets some poor parts too.

  3. that should be more. lol not poor. And I checked imdb and she's in a few more series this year.

  4. NB is in the hospital. Had procedure on his nose. He had constant bloody noses so they did this procedure.


  6. Wyndemere: Laura needs her own storyline so badly!!!!! Is the actor who plays Spencer coming back soon? :( I miss him!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Tracy and Michael: Awww they are havin breakfast together! Tracy's hair is growing. Well, her bangs are. :)

    Tracy and GreenHaydRachel:

    Tracy: Just make sure Nicholas,

    Tracy?!!?! What's going on? What's wrong?!!?!! WHAT'S WRONG?!!!?!?! :(

    "Karen says Rumor is she has a medical problem..soooo...."

    Oh no! I wonder what's wrong with our Tracy! :(

    Sonny and Max: Set for the 19th! Gotcha. Mental note.

    Maxie and Nathan's home: Oh oh Nina is late for the photo shoot! She missed the whole thing!!! Oh more baby baby baby. Come on writers! Enough of her talking about babies! Give her one already. Can you imagine her having a baby? If the kid does something wrong, she would yell out REPENT! REPENT! REPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT! :)

    The floating rib: Geez was Olivia completely naked for the breastfeeding shoot? When Maxie's hair is up, it looks darker. Does the actress want to go with dark hair now? Oh and impromptu photo shoot for Maxie! :) Just get rid of that sweater! Or is the sweater connected to the whole outfit? If so, yikes! Olivia wins the line of the day

    Olivia: Yeah I want to make sure you don't destroy the photos on the way.

    ROFL! Nobody trusts you Julian! :)

    Crimson: Relax Olivia and Alexis! Julian just does not want Crimson to flourish! He wants it to go bye bye!!!! :) It has nothing to do with Leo or jealously! So... Wedding, 19th.. Sonny's plan, 19th.. RA RO.

    The hospital: Yes I know there are too many people on the show right now, but we do need more doctors at GH. Hi Munro!!!! Soooo nice to see you! When are you going to take your shirt off? When are you going to have a love scene? :) HI PIFFY!!!!! :)

    Sonny and Dr. Munro:

    Dr. Munro: Why are you lying to her?

    BAHAHAHA! Good question Munro!!!!

  7. "AntJoan said... Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) was on Castle Monday, did anyone else see it?"

    Oh I was going to ask that question! :) Yeah I saw her! I was so surprised. I did not know she was going to be on it! :)

  8. Karen!! I saw your tweet from Finola about Shaun in costumes on GH. His name is Shaun Reeves and he is the nicest guy! I wanted to know about a dress Elizabeth had worn, so I wrote Wardrobe a letter years ago. Shaun called me back! Called me!!! We spoke for about 30 minutes. I couldn't get the same dress because it was "last season" but we poked around the web together looking at other dresses. I even turned him onto a clothing site I liked. He had to cut the call short because Maura West walked into the room for a fitting. I was blown away. He was so nice! GH people are the nicest people.

  9. Oh wow.. SHAUN!! I should try to get an interview with him!! I love him already!! :) Those are the people I"d like to visit if I went to the studio. Wardrobe, Props... forget all the actors. LOL (well not really but still)

    NB is the boy that plays Spencer.

    I didn't know about the surgery but he is on another show now on Disney Channel

  10. "kdmask said... I didn't know about the surgery but he is on another show now on Disney Channel"

    Does that mean Spencer will be recasted? :(

  11. New GH promo.

  12. Olivia and Maxie both looked stunning yesterday. I saw Epiphany on Castle, too, but only watched her. Glad she has some other work besides GH. She used to be on Joan of Arc.

  13. Having Epiphany walk into Crimson for the issue was such a great moment. I wish they would start giving Genie a real story, she can only stand in the shadows waiting to give advice for so long


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