Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Have and To Hostage

I can't even explain the mobular crap that happened today without cracking up into uncontrollable laughter. Morgan was going off..shot the gun, got the guys to dump their guns in the water. THEN the goons finally jumped him and Dixon was over him with his own gun.
Later, Idiot KIKI finds them all, runs out and Dixon shoots--hits her not Morgan. THEN the ATF and FBI finally come out of the shadows and everyone is down but Dixon ran. 
The ambulance is taking like an age.
Morgan is yelling Kiki like a ...well...manic. 

The guy on the HS has Lulu chained to the railing. This is so not needed. I mean, it's only to have Dante save her. Please soaps from 1971 did this.
He tosses Lulu over board and she hits her head I think and sinks to the bottom.. 

Oh, she comes up and is treading water. Dante is looking for her on the boat.  He's as slow as Jason was. Lulu has flashbacks. 

Wedding..very good but unfortunately, it was so interrupted by the other stuff happening, it was weird.
After all the shooting on the docks, Dixon BUSTS INTO THE CHURCH and fires his gun. Now why would he go to the church? To get Ava? I don't get this at all!!
Sonny of course, is all "Don't do that buddy if you want to get outta here alive!"!!
Dixon decides to take all of their cell phones.
Franco is pretty funny. That's about it. 

I still have no idea why this idiot would be in the church. Sonny's trying to talk him into taking him hostage. And he'll give him 2 million dollars cash. 

Nathan tries to play the hero. Gets shot.
Metro Hostage Crisis. 2.0 

SO many people are going to like today's show because the action and stuff. But to me it was one of the worst hodgepodges of EVER that I've EVER seen.  I need them to get a crime writer if they are going to write so much damn crime!! It's just laughable!!  


  1. Yes, but it will all be worth it if Kiki dies. Please, please let Kiki die.

  2. I didn't understand why Lulu didn't swim to the dock. He hands weren't tied. The boat isn't in mid ocean, it's tied up to the dock.

  3. I forgot to add...Please let Kiki die!!! Morgan will then go off to the hospital for a few months and maybe he'll come back with a change of perspective. Perhaps a need to do good. lol

    BUT LET HER DIE!!!!!!!

    1. I agree, I don't mean to sound hateful but I'm just not a Kiki fan and I wish Morgan would go away too...please far far away.

  4. Dumb and Dumber:Starring Kiwi and Moron

  5. I know people aren't a fan of Morgan, but can anyone explain the hashtag-hate for Bryan Craig? He was getting ripped on the #askgh timeline today.

  6. "CareyN said...
    I know people aren't a fan of Morgan, but can anyone explain the hashtag-hate for Bryan Craig? He was getting ripped on the #askgh timeline today."

    Bryan's made a few social media faux pas which has generated a lot of dislike from online fans.

  7. "Di said...
    What did he do?"

    On Twitter in the past his mother has come at fans for not liking Morgan - not Bryan but Morgan the fictional character. In one instance a fan got snarky back with her and then Bryan threatened to break their fingers. He has also DMed fans about buying skin cream and whatnot and posted pictures of him and his girlfriend flipping the bird. Lately he hasn't done anything like that but some fans are still upset. I really think GH needs full time PR and a social media person to prevent these types of situations.

  8. Thanks, SaveOurSuds. I did not know any of that!! I can see why people were so snarky to him.

  9. Wow I didn't know that either. I followed him on IG for awhile a long time ago but grew bored.

  10. Maybe GH can use this as an opportunity to trim the fat so we can get some of our veteran characters more screen time or bring on new relevant legacy characters like another Quartermaine or Serena Baldwin. :)

  11. Yeah it upset a lot of the twitter fans and then seeing GH promote Bryan so heavily and placing him in frontburner story after all that just agitated them more. It really is a situation that could have been prevented had GH gotten PR and social media experts and set some rules/expectations for the cast's behavior online.

  12. Police station:

    Jordan and Dante: I am getting sick and tired of people telling Jordan there personal lives!! She is the boss! Not your friend! UGH!

    Carson home: Hurry! The idiot Morgan doesn't know what he is doing!!!!

    The pier:

    Morgan: Do you know who I am?! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I'm Morgan Corinthos!

    Little Morgan: And I am Morgan Corinthos Jr!

    The idiot is waving that gun and doesn't know what the hell he is doing! And idiot Kiwi has to get in the middle of everything and gets shot! She is making strange noises. At first I read that Morgan was going to accidentally shoot Lulu, but then I read that he was going to accidentally shoot Kiwi! But wow Dixon shoots Kiwi?! Thank you Dixon! :) Kiwi's lips are changing color! Bye bye Kiwi? :)

    The wedding: I was so nervous! I thought Julexis wasn't going to get married because Dixon was going to disrupt, that I didn't enjoy the wedding! But they did get married phew. :) Awwww Dixon wants to get to know people how sweet. :) Diane is at the wedding, she is just wearing her cloak of invisibility. Dixon can't see her!! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Ordinarily I would nominate Sonny because, well, he is a horrible human being and deserves to die. Why don't you instead take Julian.

    ROFLMAOPMP! Great line! :) OH NO NATHAN! Damn he has no gun! Damn you Maxie!!! A cop should always take their gun with them!!!! Why couldn't all the men or some of the men take Dixon!? They could have given each other signals and then take Dixon down!?!?! I mean he had his back towards them and was talking to Sonny! Even Diane could have taken Dixon down. She was invisible!!!! :) Wow Nathan was quiet when he got shot. Why couldn't Kiwi have been quiet when she was shot?

    The haunted Star: LULU THROWN IN THE WATER!!!!

    Lulu: Glug glug glug glug.

    Come on Lulu! You are NOT tied down!!!! Get out of the water!!!! You don't need anybody to save you! You are a Spencer!!! I knew she was going to be in the water cus I saw a picture of her in the water. Dante look down!!!! LOOK DOWN IN THE WATER!!!!!! Come on Lulu! Can't you swim?!!?! Why isn't the water frozen?! It's winter!!!!

  13. I thought this was a pale imitation of the Metro Court hostage story, complete with asking everyone their name. GH used to do action so well, but something seems to be off...the directing, writing and acting seem so forced and unnatural from otherwise talented people. Maybe no time to rehearse so everything seems disjointed? It reminds me of the shootout when Jason took Sam hostage, even the great Finola Hughes couldn't save how bad it was. And sorry but I did not think Bryan Craig was very good at all.

    1. Yeh I agree, while I hate all the violence I absolutely loved the MC hostage story. Refresh my memory when did Jason take Sam hostage cause I'm drawing a blank.

    2. Jake Doe took Sam from the PCPD.

  14. sonya said... I thought Julexis wasn't going to get married because Dixon was going to disrupt, that I didn't enjoy the wedding!

    You're right. What should have been a beautiful wedding was marred by all the overlapping crap and the fact that we were all expecting something to happen.

  15. SOMEONE could have called for help before Brad Cooper (that was funny) took everyone's phone.

  16. Help me out here as I am Jewish. Do all ministers/priests holler the ceremony?

  17. Another Big Build Up that flopped in so many ways. Best part wedding vows.

  18. "Di said...You're right. What should have been a beautiful wedding was marred by all the overlapping crap and the fact that we were all expecting something to happen."

    Yeah during a wedding you are supposed to enjoy it! Not worry that something is going to happen! :(

    "Paul773 said... SOMEONE could have called for help before Brad Cooper (that was funny)"

    ROFL! If anybody has a better name than Brad Cooper! ROFL!

  19. do you not send E-mail any more, Scoops, Blogs ? I stopped getting your e-mails ?

  20. please send to yahoo e-mail please


  21. **Helena's Will Reading is scheduled for March 10th-11th 

  22. "Michelle Latta said... **Helena's Will Reading is scheduled for March 10th-11th

    Yeah finally! But we have to wait THAT long? :(

  23. This all sounds monumentally stupid! ugh


  24. Michelle, yes "Jake" grabbed Sam at the PCPD and there was a shootout and I think he took an armored truck. I remember it being very disjointed and sort of "off." I don't think they get a lot of rehearsal time. I'm sure the actors do their best with what they get.

  25. that whole pier 54 was so stupid, like the keystone cops and I'm probably insulting them. And Dante looking out into the horizon for Lulu looked like someone playing Hide and go seek with a child and u don't want them to think u know where they are. The wedding was ruined and Sonny was beyond ridiculous.

  26. Dante had me LITERALLY yelling at the screen LOOK DOWN DUMMY!!!


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