Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Something Blue


Just when I am ready to give the hell up on GH, they have a show like Friday and I'm all fangirling again. 
WHAT THE HELL!!? Of course, I will crab about the mobular bits that were inserted to ruin my joy but other wise, I shall be happy. 

The first part of the week is a boring blur so this Surgery will be interesting! 

Breakfast? Naw, brunch. Help yourself to your fave brunch item? What's yours? I like champagne (forget the OJ in there) and Eggs Benedict. :) yum. 

Mon and Tuesday gave me the hives. By Wednesday I was ready to bail and I did Thursday and Friday. When I watched Friday's show I loved it--and yep, it was written by my fave Scott Sickles.  Great show all around. The mob stuff didn't even make me too angry.

So, I'm going to go through the first four days rather quickly. 

20160216 0425(21)

Maxie and Nathan trap Lulu and Dante who take a magazine therapy-quiz and talk about their relationship. While the dialog was good, I feel like I've heard this all 600 times before!! Good God, since Dante did the first deed with Valerie and Lulu found out, it's been a circular motion with these two. Same stuff, again and again. Whatever.

20160218 0649(50)

Kiki found Morgan trying to get it on with Darby. He explains he's basically taking "one for the team" to see if he CAN have sex. Editing was bizarre here and they jumped from one day into the next after ending all the other stories.  TJ and Molly weren't even shown. BUT! We have to hear endless stuff about Morgan's peen. UGH.

20160217 0419(17)

Tracy's still having her episodes and finally grabs her head and goes "What's happening to me"?? My hope is that we find out in a somewhat timely fashion and that it's a glorious story line for Jane. 

20160217 0444(44)

Dr. Griff doesn't fall for Sonny's song and dance and dimples. Nope..he wants to quit his case because he's a lying lair that lies. He can't tell Carly because of confidentiality. 

20160218 1132(46)

So, do we believe Paul? Is he all "undercover" and is the Sloane stuff about Susan true? If it is, they have a hell of a nerve asking us to forget seeing Paul shoot Sonny, making Ava basically have sex with him and a million other little things that we've seen over the course of his being on the show. I wondered when Paul was all "I'm not a bad guy" to Tracy if it was going this way. If it is true, GH is yet again back peddling on past events in order to switch a character up. It works if it's done well and you look back and go "OMG, yes, that could be". When you look back and say "Hey, that's in no way the way that happened", you have a problem! 
The ONE way it would work is if Sonny was also in on it the entire time.  And the doctors. Fake shooting, fake out everything and he and Paul were working together ala Redford and Newman. That could be glorious. But, you know GH. so...
I think he is telling the truth because of the Dept of Justice stuff he told Anna. God help us with this. LOL. Could be totally messy.

20160216 0545(2)

Last February it was Spencer at Shirner's Hospital and this year Jake is going! Jake will be in Philly where they have the orthopedic care.  Liz and Franco got closer  in a friend kinda way. Roger and Becky are selling it too. The way Franco looked at Liz when she was with her kids? Magic. 


Davis Girl FUN!!  They are so awesome. And I'm so glad Lexi is back. Molly and Krissy look so much like sisters, no? The getting ready for the wedding was fabulous.  Loved the gifts. Loved the "sex" discussion. "I'm not-- not proud..." .  She thought Kristina was pregnant. She'll tell her "after the wedding" what's going on. Yeah. Sure. 

Diane was so fun. She lights up the show. "How dare you beat me to the altar, you bitch"!! LOVED.  Thank you for having CH back on the show for this day. We needed it, and it could have easily been over looked. Glad she could make it. 

Lucas is such a uniting character. He's with Kiki and I don't hate her. I love him with Brad (who was actually going to the wedding). His talk with Julian. So good. 

20160218 1129(10)

"I fired you for doing a girl on the job". Yes, I did like the Morgan Sonny conflict. Very parental/kid. BC is great at being a piss-ant too. Morgan is losing everything because he refuses to take his medicine because of the side effects. Double-edged sword no? I'm going to enjoy watching his implosion.  Morgan is a mini-Sonny from the old days. I so wish they'd have Morgan run a strip club like Sonny used to. OMG can you imagine!!!? Carly with that? SONNY with that?? ahahhaa. Darby can be his first dancer. 

Really liked the scene where Sonny was like "GO, leave...figure it out on your own"!! BYE. This will also set up Sonny guilt about Morgan going off half-cocked and the mobular stuff. 

UGH.... WHY. WHY?  I know why. So Dante can save her and they can figure out they really wub each other deep down, right?  They should have had Dante held captive and Lulu save him. Now that may have been interesting.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: "You finally did had Sex"!! AHHH! Right in the middle of the present opening!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  "Something Blue"..."you used to tie my hair with these when I was little!! aww. the FEELS ON THIS! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  When Lucas gave Jules the letter for after the wedding. The one he wrote when he was a teen and trying to figure things out. AHH!!!

Like I said, thank you for Friday's show because if not, it would have been a waste of a week, imo. 

Ok, the "STING" angle would have been interesting but- YOU HAVE TO plan it out and write it very detailed and perfectly so it all fits. you can't just make sheeze up as you go. I'm telling you, that story could have really been a good one. *sigh*. I like the angle that Paul is really with the Feds little SO LATE. He's done way too many things that don't fit into that scenario.  If it was planned, the whole story could have been woven and fit like a puzzle. I think that may be soaps biggest downfall lately. There are so many great stories we watch now that when they even try to pull off something that's half-conceived or worse, NOT mapped out at all it's a giant fail.  Can you imagine if the Sonny shooting was faked, and everyone from Patrick to Dante and then Ava were in on it? BOOM. Oh well.
In my dreams. 

The wedding prep was everything I wanted and more. Thank you! GH is so "big event"...boring .."Big Event" boring.... We've all lived through it before. We'll do it again!!  Until then, I'll be happy. 

I am looking forward to Helena's Will and Tracy's story. Please let these happen soon and with greatness. 

Photo caps this week thanks to Lisa on and FyeahGH. Thank god you guys do this! 


  1. GM, Karen, thanks for the great SS, guess I am first again :) The Paul H story is blowing my mind, he shot Sonny, he WAS a gangster, your sting idea is the only plausible explanation, but even that would be a stretch . . . Wonder where they are going with this?

    1. I wouldn't mind him actually being a "good guy" cause Paul is easy on the eyes....but yeh he did shoot Sonny, so.....

  2. You know, they often bring on characters who are totally evil and then make them more shaded when the fans love them (Brit, Dr. O, Lucy, Carly, Franco, Nina, etc., etc.), but these characters either change over time, or might be changed by circumstances. Some characters, like Nik, were good, and now are semi-evil (which always upsets me). And sometimes they obviously change the story's direction over time, causing the whole thing to make no sense (like Fluke). I'm not sure what's going on with the Paul story, but I hope they find a way to pull it all together and have it make sense. . .

  3. I now only watch GH when I have been informed that Scott has written the show. Even then, I continue to FF through the damned mob stuff. I have said this so many times, but I think it bears repeating. Story lines should dovetail. There should be a continuation, allowing a viewer, who may be confused throughout a number of shows, to end at the reveal with a "NOW I GET IT" thought. I haven't seen that type of writing on daytime since the last season of OLTL on Network TV. (Thank you again Scott Sickles).

    GH needs to look at the primetime ABC dramas, and send their writers to a "Writing 101" class, taught by Shonda Rhimes. At least roll the Shonda Ted Talks for the damned writers.:/

  4. After watching Monday I took GH off DVR. A friend shared the Davis Girl scenes and they were scrumptious.

    I guess I am not a real fan - or too much of Spencer fan. But I just can't watch this show with Emme's Lulu. Makes me stabby. I loved Julie and Dom and really want to like them again. But just can't. So many of "Lulu's" relationships have gone South since she has come on board. And has basically turned Lulu in a hybrid of Lizzy/Abby. Just so boring. And no chem with DZ. I wish they would take the time to recast her. I think now would be a good time. ;)

    1. I thought I was the only one to miss Julie Marie Berman as Lulu

    2. I thought I was the only one to miss Julie Marie Berman as Lulu

  5. I wasn't thrilled with Friday's show. Too much Morgan. I thought it unkind & out of character for Kris to out Molly right before her mother walked down the aisle. Too heavy handed on the Shriner promo. And Lulu is always getting kidnapped, happens all the time. A Dante rescue to get them back together is too forced, and I'd like to see Lulu fly solo for a while, bring out her Spenser side. I did love Diane. Always do.

  6. Great SS as always! I loved scene of the wk photo but it would've killed as face of the wk. Those scenes were so funny when Alexis found out her baby had sex. The handcuffs and Diane being there made it better. The actress who plays Diane used to be on Cougar Town and she was just as funny. As for Paul and this storyline I'm not sure, I wanna believe he's a good guy but he shot Sonny. Can't stand the Morgan stuff, I'm just bipolared out. Yes it's a real thing but I feel like they are shoving it down our throats. Loved Franco and Liz scenes. Hope Becky stays.

  7. Too some fans feel Dante and Lulu aren't allowed to be broken up. No matter what the show does to Dante and Lulu won't make me like this version. On Some soap boards you aren't allowed to miss Julie Marie Berman as Lulu Spencer. I wish we had other families see on the show. I wish we can get another Lulu also.

  8. Sonny is a bad guy who murdered AJ in cold blood, so I won't hold shooting Sonny against him. Sleeping with Ava while blackmailing her is very problematic, however.

  9. I would agree on Sonny but as a "fed" it would be a HUGE no-no.

  10. So on this Paul thing, there was a post on facebook that said that Hayden is "Rachel" Larry Ashtons daughter and he poisened Tracy on the island and Hayden knows this. They want to take over ELQ because Larry feels picked on from something in the past. Also Sam finds out this week that Hayden is Rachel Ashton. I certainly do not believe Paul's story at all. And I agree GH writers are not good enough or smart enough to have everyone in on this "Sting" . Loved the blog today alwlays do :)

    1. I read that too, about Larry poisoning Tracy and that Rachel is his daughter, we shall see.

  11. Could Paul be a bad guy turned good? Was actually "bad" when he shot Sonny but had a guilty conscious (perhaps triggered by his then strengthening relationship with Dillon) so approached the authorities and agreed to then go undercover in return for not being prosecuted himself?
    I would like to see Paul stay on screen. He is a great actor, has connections to a core family, and the show is seriously lacking men in his age category.
    Folks seem to have fallen gaga for the despicable Franco. If Franco can be redeemed, and viewer accept a stupid explanation (tumor), then certainly the far less despicable Paul can be saved.

    I like mysticcmegg's Rachel/Larry/Tracy storyline rumor. It, however, shows just how badly Ned Ashton is needed back in Port Charles.

    1. Now that would make sense. I didn't like Paul but now that he's back tracking or whatever and it seems he's on the up and up I could forgive, he's easy on the eyes. I wasn't a Franco fan til Roger made him his own. So it could happen. But they have to explain how we saw Paul shoot Sonny and have it make sense. As for Nedly, I would love if Wally came back to GH cause I feel like DAYS did him wrong, he's also easy on the eyes as well. ;)

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