Monday, February 29, 2016


End of the month and I'm feeling TIRED...had to do all my paperwork and it was a long long day. Plus, I watched the entire Oscar show so OY!! 


How was it? Will I be mesmerized? 


  1. kd, there's a great scene in today's show between Dr. Maddox and Anna that you definitely don't want to miss. I've liked the guy ever since he came on but I loved him today.

  2. Finola & Jane were mesmerizing today!

  3. The hospital:

    Griff and Anna:

    Anna: Have we met before?

    They look like they can be related! :) Geez! The look on his face when he is with Anna! She MUST be his mother! :)

    Chapel: Oh man! Come on writers can't you get Anna to stop whining?!!?! She even says herself that she needs to stop whining. Just make her snap out of it for crying out loud!!!

    Anna: At this point in my life, I don't know any reason I have to be free.

    Foreshadowing? :) There is a reason Anna! There is Griff!!! Your son! Or cousin? Or nephew? :) Maddox stop touching Anna and holding her hands! You two have no chemistry!!! I want Anna with either Robert or Paul!

    Nathan's room: What the?!!?!?!! Did you hear what Nathan said?! He said Claudette is his daugh, and then when Maxie said your what? Nathan said my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was he going to say daughter?!!?!?!!? Does Nathan have a daughter named Claudette?!!?!?! :0

    Anna and Felicia: Awwww! A scene with them!!!!! Love love love!


    Liz, Jason, and Doctor: Jake is going to have rods in his arms and legs? Ouch! The doctor said it wasn't going to hurt, but still! Wow and the doctor said Shriners hospitals!!! She didn't say for Children! YAY! :)

    Liz and Jason: Oh no. More commercial for Shriners. So basically,

    Liz: Shriners hospitals for Children is awesomesauce!!!!

    Jason: Yes! It's the bestest!

    Liz: Did you know there are 22 Shriners hospital for children in the US, Cananda, and Mexico?!

    Jason: Yes Carly told me!! It's the bestest most wonderfulest hospital, EVER!

    Liz: And they treat kids and it doesn't matter if the parents can't pay or not! Awesomesauce!

    Jason: I love it!!!!!! Port Chuckles hospital sucks!! Shriners hospital for children is the best in the world!

    Nik, Cameron, and Aidan: Oh how adorable!!!! Cameron and Aidan are wearing bow ties! Hahahahaha! And so does Nik. Oh oh Tyler Christopher sounds like he has another cold!

    Nik and Jason: You heard Liz!!! This is the wrong time to start a fight!!! Cus you are at Shriners hospital FOR CHILDREN! And this is the best hospital you will ever be in! So stop arguing at once!

    Jake's room: Ohhhhh! The boys are talking about chupacabra!!! Dr O could tell you about the chupacabra boys! :) Oh boy the boys want to stay at Wyndemere!!! When is Liz and the boys going to have their own place to live? Or just stay at the brownstone!!

    Nik and Liz: Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: I just kinda hate your wife.


    Jason and Sam on the phone:

    Sam: As a matter of fact he is with his brothers right now.

    Sam: Cam and Aidan?

    Uh does Jake have two other brothers, besides Danny? Really that was such a stupid and idiotic line that the writers gave her.

    Sam and Jason: So Sam is there, but where is Danny!!?! She was supposed to bring him!!!! What the hell?

    The floating rib:

    Julian, Alexis, and Sam: Awwwww Sam is with her parents. :) Sweet scene. The wedding gift, is awesome I love it! :)

    Griff: Looking at Anna online.

    Griff's thought bubble: Mommy? Do you know who I am? Do you know that I exist?

    Tracy and GreenHaydRachael: Oh brother! Can we please get going with GreenHaydRachel's father already?! OH NO! Tracy is having seizures!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'( Yes my hubby Griff! Help her! :(

    1. New drinking game: everything someone say Shriners Children Hospital DRINK!!

    2. Awesomesauce?!! Best post ever!!

  4. sonya said....Anna: Have we met before?

    They look like they can be related!

    I REALLY want them to be related.

    I loved seeing Felicia today. And did anyone else notice that she's talking faster. One thing that always bugged me about Felicia is that she dragged out her speech so much. She wasn't hard to listen to today at all. And she looks great!

    sonya said...: Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: I just kinda hate your wife.

    That was my favourite line too. She said it so casually. I laughed out loud.

    The boys were adorable. Aiden is talking more now too.

    That was a stupid line from Sam about the boys. And how did she get there so fast from Port Charles? Is there a black hole or did Scotty beam her over?

    And Griff is not your hubby. *comforts weeping Carrrloos.*

  5. "Di said...I REALLY want them to be related."

    ME TOO! :)

    "That was my favourite line too. She said it so casually. I laughed out loud."

    Hahahaha it was awesome! :)

    "That was a stupid line from Sam about the boys."

    She said Cam and Aidan? That's wonderful. She should have just said that's wonderful! And leave it at that.

    "And Griff is not your hubby. *comforts weeping Carrrloos.*"

    ROFL! Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos is missing! Where is he? He is probably mourning the loss of his baby somewhere! :(

  6. I love the idea of Griffin being Anna son! I know the mystery son or daughter is such a soap trope but I don't care! I really enjoy Griffin by the way.

  7. But then who is Griffin's father? Please be Duke

  8. "Gary Johnson said...But then who is Griffin's father? Please be Duke"

    If Griffin is the baby Anna had a "miscarriage" with back in the 80's, then the father would be Duke. :)

    "Michelle Latta said... New drinking game: everything someone say Shriners Children Hospital DRINK!!"

    Oh I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. "emily said...Awesomesauce?!! Best post ever!!"

    Hahaha! Thanks! :)

  10. so, will Anna conveniently "forget" that she gave bith to a son, the same way that Monica forgot that she gave birth to a daughter (Dawn)

    when will the Shriner's infomercial be over?

  11. i think i figured something out.

    Genie was eating a SNickers bar the other day because they are going to fatten her up and have her keeop eating junk food. Then she will have to do something about it and get healthy....

    cute the 60 minute infomercial for Nutrisystem.

    they can have Genie talking to everyone about the values of eating a nutrisystem balanced meal.

    they are going to need a product placement after SHriners is done. this is it. they are laying th groundwork.

  12. Griffin totally looks like he could be Anna and Duke's kid!!! She needs family. She and Liz both do!
    Ugh Sam flew all the way to Philly for sex, we all know it.


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