Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I'm so confused. Didn't Darby and Morgan start making out yesterday, when Dante and Lulu were trapped in the Metro? How is it morning and they are just doing the same thing? Did editing forget that? UGH
I want Darby to kill them both and then eat them. Zombie GH 

Anna and Paul. More talk.

Raj calls about the GUN shipment. It's coming on the day of JULEXIS wedding! Surprise!! 

Dante and Sonny--talking about GUNS. BUT! Avery was on!! 

Lulu is going to stay on the Haunted Star. 

Would be nice to have SOME follow up on Molly and TJ. 

Couldn't finish today. Sorry. 


  1. Sonny's coffee warehouse:

    Dar Dar and Morgan: Oh boy! Little Morgan is so happy!!!

    Little Morgan: YAY! I'm healthy again!!!!

    Morgan and Kiwi:

    Morgan: No! It's not what you think! This is FOR us! If I can prove I am a man, then you and I can make love! I don't care about Darby!

    Uh Moron, why couldn't you just make out with Dar Dar a little instead of heading to sexville with Dar Dar? Idiot.


    Lulu, Nathan and Maxie: Wow Lulu turned into a valley girl.

    Lulu: Like oh my God. Rocco and I are totally in your way.

    Lulu and Maxie: More whining with Maxie about marriage. UGH! Go to therapy Maxie!!!

    Kiwi and Maxie: Hmmmm. I like this conversation. I agree with Maxie about men cheating for so many different reasons! Can Kiwi and Maxie become friends? Kiwi needs friends! Instead of talking with BobTodd her surrogate father.

    Kiwi: Do you think you can do that for me?

    I was thinking sure Kiwi. You should get a makeover! How about getting a haircut? Color your hair, Get a brain transplant.

    Maxie: Although have you ever thought about cutting your hair?

    Hey! Maxie and I had the same thought. :)Hmmmm is this hair cutting line a foreshadow? Will Kiwi get a haircut?! :) She did mention that she liked Maxie's hair.

    Carson's home:

    Little AJ and Sonny: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Adorable! Little girl is just so content and sucking her thumb. :)

    Sonny, little AJ, Michael, and Morgan: Gee Sonny is fake whining about how he can't do anything anymore! ROFL! Wow!! Morgan is so manic!!!! Instead of manic Monday it's manic Wednesday hahaha.

    Morgan: Are you happy to be with your brother and your dad?

    Little AJ: Yeahhhh.

    Hahaha awwwww! :)

    Sonny and Morgan:

    Morgan: Oh I didn't know having sex at the warehouse was a big deal. Now that I know, it won't happen again.

    Morgan shut up! You are so dumb! Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: You're fired!


    Police station: Anna on the phone with Mac! YAY! Oh Anna invites Paul for a little lunchy lunch. Where oh where can they have lunch? Oh Paul has a good idea! At her house! Yes!!! Go to the Chandler Mansion to have lunch! Paul on the phone with RAJ from the big bang theory. More Dixon talk! WHO IS DIXON?! Will it be Michael Easton? Or will he be Antone Cassadine?! :) Or whatever the name is supposed to be. :) Anthone?

    Chandler Mansion: LUNCH TIME! Tea and what, crumpets? :) When he grabbed her hand I thought he was going to kiss her. Man they have got chemistry!!! The whole time they were close I really wanted them to kiss! :) Careful Paul if you even try to hurt Anna, she will knock you out!! :)

    Haunted Star: Now why do Lulu and Rocco have to stay there?! Why can't they live at the brownstone for awhile?

    Lulu and Dante:

    Dante: No you can't stay here! It's dangerous! I won't allow it.

    Lulu: You can't tell me what to do! You have no right! You lost all rights!


    RAJ from the big bang theory and Lulu: RA RO! Come on Lulu! Where is your Spencer spidey senses!!! Can't you see right through this guy?!!?! He wants to have a party at the haunted Star?!!?!!!! Give me a break!!!

  2. I guess Dante will now be led around by his nose By Lulu. Lulu now wears the pant sin the family now.


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