Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Going Overboard


I have to tell you all that I finished Surgery and thought I had saved it and when I opened up the editing shell.. IT WAS GONE! GONE I TELL YOU!  GEESH you have no idea. I'm trying to reconstruct the brilliant story-book I created for you and I so hope I can do it!! 

It was the end of sweeps month and GH threw everything at us but the kitchen sink. The beginning of the month it was fire, explosion, rescue. This time it was bullet wounds, gunfire and a damsel sinking into the watery depths. *sigh*  GH is either feast or famine.  This week we got stuffed full whether we wanted it or not.
A little bit...OVERBOARD if you get my drift. Just like Lulu! 

Because there is so much to get though, I am giving you more of a pictorial journey. A little fairy-tale, a little Seuss--a little song and dance. Hope you enjoy! 

Here, have a latte, you many need it! 


20160223 0503(30)

 There was a bride and a groom....

20160224 0435(15)

Many with smiles filling the room...

20160224 0435(23)

20160224 0435(21)


20160223 0524(27)

There arose SUCH a clatter....

20160224 0416(17)

Lulu jumped in to see what was the matter!! 

20160224 0459(7)

She came up!!!

20160224 0459(12)

Dante Came OUT!

20160224 0501(12)

And Lulu went Down!  

20160224 0455(22)

Kiki got shot and laid on the ground; 

Carly gave CPR while the cops stood around...

Meanwhile, Back at the Church

20160224 0456(11)

Mr. Baddie came in with a big gun

20160224 0503(49)

Hellbent on ruining all  the fun! 

20160224 0446(5)

Sonny's not happy--NOT HAPPY AT ALL! 

(But just wait because soon he'll get tall and save everyone, he's not so small!)

He even got Morgan up off that wall!

Morgan's Mania lands him in here 

When all he really wants is a big craft beer. 

Ava cried for Kiki all day

When Dr. Griffin said she might not be ok

Hey Mom! Please save me some...

Oh, sorry, Son--I am all done! 

Liz apologized to Monica and laid her heart bare
Jason just started and tried to look like he cared.

And that my friends are the highlights for you;
How this will end up, I haven't a clue. 


SCENE OF THE WEEK: Carly scrubs the blood off her hands while staring into the mirror. I just really liked it a lot. Felt real and Laura did a great job with the material. Looking at herself in the mirror, taking off the bloody wedding rings. And hey Dr. Griff came in shirtless. Meow. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: As much as I'd like to have had a URINAL to show you, Stupid Morgan thwarted that by escaping so I'm going with the giant Snickers that Laura wolfed down. Strange. Just. Plain. Strange. We all know Genie was first the spokesperson for Medifast and now for Nutrisystem so this cramming of the candy bar turned into hilarity. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Oh, hallucination Kiki, I have never loved you more than when you wanted Morgan to jump.
OK so.. because I just ran through the photos now I have to explain some of the things that  you need to know if you haven't watched: 

Jordan got mad at Anna and Paul for keeping things from her. She was going to arrest Ava but Paul got a document from the Feds saying that she was working with and for them. Anna begged Jordan to not do anything yet or she too would get in trouble. 

Morgan left with Dr. Maddox. Sonny saved him from the ledge and his demons. For now. 

Nathan muttered "Claudette' in his drugged stupor. She must be the owner of the glove in his pocket.  SO another mystery person/identity. Great. 

No movement in the "who's Hayden" story. Just a docks thing with Curtis about the shooting. 

Kiki might have "limited mobility" not sure yet.  Keep Sonny's wheelchair at the ready.

Lante are back together..sort of. Dante wanted Lulu to come home with him but she wants to stay in Wyndemere for a bit. 

Griffin is stalking Anna...looks her up on the internet in previews. What about Duke's son? Griffin is a Scottish name, right?  Some think he may be Anna's son. ANOTHER mystery! 

Two of my fave people were on together. And Dr. O sang for Nathan!! WOOT! 

By the way, I've been watching some other soaps for a minute here and there. I have to say, GH is so much better in production. I am even saying that the huge cast is something good. The other soaps seem so small! 

Caps thanks to @DaytimeSpoiler. @SourceJenn and @ghfan1982 on Twitter, Lisa on Fotki and various fan screenshots I am too technologically challenged to save


  1. Hahahahahha oh Karen! This was great! :) Hey maybe Laura was eating a Nutrisystem bar! :) Someone on another board thinks so. :) Too bad your other Sunday Surgery was gone!!!!! :0

    1. Looked like a Snickers. The one that have feelings on them or whatever. If you go in the store and look you'll understand what I'm talking about.

  2. I thought it all fell flat because they used an unfamiliar villain. I'd also rather have seen Lulu save herself. It seemed a phony way to reunite Lulu and Dante.

    1. I liked that he saved her. Just wish she'd gone home with him. That's just me though.

    2. I liked that he saved her. Just wish she'd gone home with him. That's just me though.

  3. This was one of the best Sunday Surgery blogs ever!!! You are quite talented... lol

  4. Great SS! I finally got caught up! Way too much annoying Morgan, Sonny is a hero twice of course. Wished that he and Morgan had jumped. Dr O. looked great and sang, too! Franco had greasy hair and so does the new doc. Maura West was just phenomenal. Kiki is a moron. Lulu needs to learn to swim. Hayden needs to lose that big ugly coat. Loved the wedding! Speechless about the Snickers bar-had to be product placement or they wouldn't have shown the wrapper.

  5. Wouldn't it have been cool if Lulu somehow saved Dante??
    I LOVE Hayden's GIANT COAT!! I had one in the 80's I used to shop at thrift stores and buy men's jackets to be all oversized and cool. I'd wear them with pencil skirts, long pearls, lace and rock buttons up the lapels!

  6. Great surgery. Thanks a lot. I need my Sunday morning fix.

    I wonder if the writer who wrote the Snickers scene is the same one who wrote those scenes where Franco was always scoffing down food, most likely for comic effect. I didn't like it then either. I prefer my comic interludes to be less slapstick and more intelligent and witty script. ( And it was definitely insulting to a great actress like Genie who is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.)

    I hope we'll now get less of Morgan. And at least if Kiki is unconscious she'll be I just hope it doesn't become a parade of people, one by one, talking to her in that room.

  7. The thing is with Franco, if you know Roger's history Todd ate ALL the time on OLTL. He'd go into Vicky's kitchen and wolf down food. Take it from other people's plates and such LOL

    She's a spokesperson for Nutrisystem

  8. Great SS Karen. I'm hoping Morgan gets sent to some hospital for a long time, my first choice was the jump

  9. kdmask said...
    The thing is with Franco, if you know Roger's history Todd ate ALL the time on OLTL. He'd go into Vicky's kitchen and wolf down food. Take it from other people's plates and such LOL

    She's a spokesperson for Nutrisystem

    Sorry...My bad...Nutrisystem.

    And I've heard many times that TODD did those things but Roger's not supposed to be Todd on GH. The fact that he's keeps playing all the characters as if he is doesn't up his cred as an actor in my book.

  10. Karen, great homage to Dr. Seuss!! Loved the Sunday Surgery!!

  11. Gosh, "Tranco" was so great with both Liz and Ava in the past couple of weeks. He really listened to them, and his face showed his sympathy and compassion for them both.
    And Maura West is just fantastic! She has such a range. Wow, I love the actress, although I don't like the character. But MW plays her to perfection.
    The new doc is still such eye candy. He could have kept his shirt on, though. At least for me; him shirtless distracted me from looking at that gorgeous face. Hee hee hee.
    Thanks for a fun Sunday surgery, Karen. : )

  12. I think both Maura and Roger (neither of whom I saw on their other shows) are so fabulous that I am willing to overlook the characters they're stuck with. She is just amazing. I wish they would dump the people who cannot act (we all know who they are) and the major player who supposedly can act but for some reason has chosen not to do so ( Hi there Billy ). Please just make them go away. If Billy just can't be bothered to inject some effort into his performance just have him be a fake Jason planted by Helena and send him on his way

  13. great SS. Loved it and captured it all-even Maxie's black roots. What is up with her hair anyway? And she's giving everyone makeovers. I liked the week. The stories seem real- even the mob baddie and the shrieking girls. Happy to see Anna has a stalker- more of Finola is always great.

  14. This would be a fun way to watch the show every day, like a picture book :-).

    There is no mystery story that would make Nathan a compelling character for me. We definitely don't need another random character with no ties to anyone.


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