Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Surgery: When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

20160202 0452(2)

I'm going with songs lately to describe Sam's falling into the void of the Webber Basement and staying there for days on end (real time, not soap time). 
I really liked the Nico scenes this week, they kept me going. If you're not a fan, sorry but at least Roger and Michelle seem to relish and have fun with every scene they are in. They do not PHONE it! We got a hot new doctor and a decent Friday show.
Of course, GH still suffers from heavy heavy cast and drawn out stories but, that's what we signed up for, right!? 

I really want some oatmeal today. Not sure why? Maybe the cold is returning to the area!

20160202 1403(43)

I have to address something before I get into the week's events. Yes, a new doctor is on. Yes, he's very very good-looking. He may have ties to Stone or someone else on canvas. That doesn't mean I'm off my "TOO DAMN MANY PEOPLE ON GH" tirade though! No sir! We've had 5 new people since November: Dr. Maddox, Curtis, Parker, recast Mayor and now Griffin. The stories are so spread out now it's hard to watch daily. SMDH. I do not understand. I think they may be casting Paul's daughter as well. A casting went out 2 weeks ago for a "well traveled 20 something"... so there's going  to be that. :eyeroll: 

Ok, on to the show. 

20160202 1434(26)

Jake laid there all week, bruised up trying to tell everyone about Sam but.. interruptions galore. We didn't see the accident, just him being in the hospital. It's really weird they don't talk about how he got hit or who hit him, isn't it? Did they and I missed it?? 

20160202 1414(9)

Monica was on. For a nano-second. Guess I should be happy. 

20160202 0442(17)

Day Two of the Sam laying on the floor starts. (remember she was there last Friday). 

20160205 0456(29)

Cam got out of his box to visit in the hospital! Alas, poor Aiden didn't make the cut. 

20160205 041320160204 0456(44)

So, This happened. Nikolas and Hayden got married in Vegas. I do love Becky but I see no point to Hayden. She is a shadow of her spicy self from before the shooting and it's just ..well, dull. Some guy recognized her in the lobby, said "Hi Rachel"...she gave him money. Nikolas called her that after they made love. Yada Yada. Whatever.  Usually I'm intrigued about who someone might be. Not this time.

20160205 0520(31)

Morgan couldn't perform ...and actually this story made sense. Many people end up not taking their medication because of sexual dysfunction side-effects and it's way more prevalent in the younger set. Who wants to lose the lust-bomb in their 20's?? I liked the way they played on this, and went there with Morgan. He threw his pills in the trash and went to start drinking.
The scrabble game I could have lived without-- and of course Kiki is involved-- so that's 2 strikes but, all in all, glad it was realistic.  And although I appreciated this whole idea, Kiki and Morgan were on SO much, weren't they? That Scrabble scene lasted forever. They were at the Metro, Cafe...Kiki's apartment, Sonny's house. Running all over hell all week. 

20160202 0447(25)

Parker and Kristina. I'm going to like this too--if they show it ON camera. So far, that's been all off camera. The Molly Krissy scene at the Pub was cute where she read the diary out loud. Molly of course thinks 'P' is a guy. Krissy isn't correcting her. Kristina is going to stay in Molly's dorm room for a bit. This could be cool-- IF they show it. You know, this is GH so?? 

20160202 0435(17)

So, Lante decided they were going to divorce and signed the papers. They both mope around..go to the Rib-- Dante sees Val with Curtis. Lulu leaves with Dillon. This story has dragged on so long; with both parties wanting to go back, or not go back-- Now I see Maxie and Nate want to play 'Matchmaker" with them. So-- here we go. 

20160205 0457(22)

Day Three, we found a hoodie! Crawled all over but didn't try to get up the stairs. 

20160204 0416(18)

SO, Scotty goes over to see Franco (yeah!!) brings food (double yeah!!) then leaves after 4 minutes because.....Nina wants sex!! Boo. No I love my Nico but couldn't Scotty have stayed around for a bit longer? Nope. He had to go talk to Laura about Helena's reading of the will. This was Wed. by the way. Then, nothin'. 

20160204 0422(26)

The never ending baby Avery tug of war keeps on giving! Kiki has Avery, decides to leave her with Sonny while she goes on a date with Morgan.  Which of course, she doesn't tell Ava about. Ava finds out though and marches over to claim her territory! Sonny makes threats, Carly realizes he knows something and might do something. Guns, Raj..territory... "my child"... Ava's gonna pay!

20160204 0445(24)

Laura was used this week to dispense advice to Nikolas and then Tracy. She never got called about Jake that I saw. She had to have been watching Rocco 24-7 because of the Lante stuff. We sure didn't see him anywhere!  She hates Hayden. Tracy is happy Hayden has married Nikolas. At least for now.

20160205 0457

Day Five!! We see ghost Jason "RUN to me Sam..RUN"

20160205 0519(38)

UGH. Curtis...anyone else but her, ok? 

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Dr. Griffin Monroe is here...Sonny and he bonded in the chapel. He had a medal that AIDS patients sometimes carry and said he lost someone to AIDS. Sonny talks about Stone, leading many people to think he's related to him somehow. 

20160206 0921(20)

Day Six!! Space Heater Danger!! 

20160204 0438(27)

NEW SET NOD: "Water Front" ... a little cafe that MoKi went to after ice skating. 

20160204 0444(1)20160204 0444(45)

SCENE OF THE WEEK and beyond:  Oh Roger, you tore my heart out!! He was just brilliant in this scene with Michelle. They were discussing babies and he was like "No way my DNA is going anywhere" poignant. So heart-wrenching. Roger sold this. His eyes, his voice. WOW. Like I said, those two are magic and they never phone it in. THIS is why I watch soaps. 

20160205 0456(50)

that hobby horse. Perfect for Liz' basement. 

20160205 0444(4)

RUNNER UP: Old school, non-app or Facebook Scrabble. 

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FACE OF THE WEEK: It changed people, it changed!! 

With so many people on the show, Dr. Maddox and the Jordan thing didn't move forward an inch. TJ wasn't on with Curtis.  On and On it goes.
I know I sound like the same old crab week after week, but I really did enjoy parts of the show more and did think Friday's show was good. Weird "Cliffhanger" though, no? Jason staring into space 'huh...smoke detector".. derp. 

Why do we get 2 fires in 2 months? Another basement explosion? There are things that are exciting and fun without the whole damsel in distress junk.
We also could have seen WAY more Flea, Mac, Robert and Anna. Why didn't Maddox go with Felicia and Mac to see them in Halifax? That's how you integrate people. Plus, they were on like a minute so that whole story isn't moving much either. We know Sabrina's not back until 

I didn't mention Olivia's boob adventure because it moved at a snail's pace. Mayor wasn't on at all, Nina offered Olivia the cover of Crimson but it's not like we saw any Crimson now is it? 
Another small item. Scotty moved all over the canvas on his day in PC. Why couldn't Tracy have stayed with Laura a bit longer and the 3 of them chat? Tracy would have been all over the Helena's Will thing! 

*sigh* and the spoilers are moving in the mob direction again. Varni said on some interview that Julian "may not be" out of the mob. I can see Ava getting into trouble and him needing to help and.....
Lord Help Us. 

20160206 0921(26)

To end this, I am leaving you with Sam still on the basement floor, Space Heater torched and smoke filling the room. 
Where I left you last Friday, without the smoke. 


  1. "Sam's falling into the void of the Webber Basement and staying there for days on end (real time, not soap time).

    Day Two of the Sam laying on the floor starts. (remember she was there last Friday).

    Day Three, we found a hoodie! Crawled all over but didn't try to get up the stairs.

    Day Five!! We see ghost Jason "RUN to me Sam..RUN"

    Day Six!! Space Heater Danger!!"

    ROFL! Hysterical Karen!!! The basement has turned into a cave!!! Sam is stuck! She fell and can't get up!!! She needs life alert!

  2. Great Sunday surgery! And I cannot believe I am saying this, but also among the missing is Dr. O. It is sad that a young folks story line like TJ and Molly is completely forgotten when a couple of clunkers like MoKi are featured. (And the actors portraying TJ and Molly actually ARE younger. The actor playing Morgan is a lot older than Morgan is supposed to be. Oh, yeah, TJ and Molly are better, actors, too.)
    If they put that new doctor front and center, and give him lots and lots of screen time, I can just mute the show and feast my good eye on this big ole piece of eye candy. (I like to have a plan. Hee hee hee.)

  3. You are right. There are just too many characters. Writers must get paid extra for each new character they create.

    Disagree about. Kristina. She's always been into men. The story doesn't ring true and adds another new character.

    Hate the whole Sam story. Jason will probably leave without finding her.

    Too much Morgan and Kiki. I'm not interested in either one of them.

  4. I think Avery, besides being the CUTEST, also looks JUST LIKE a mix of Ava and Sonny, the casting is PERFECT! When Ava holds her and you see them both in profile, Avery looks like a little Ava clone!!

    Re Lante, they both admitted they still love each other. AND they have a child together. So there is NO real reason for them to divorce. Just because Lulu couldn't get it up one time? Just because they both hurt each other? I do marital counseling for a living, and have seen couples with MUCH WORSE problems keep it together, for the sake of the kids, for themselves, whatever. In fact, people usually cling to each other well past the point of where it makes any sense, it is REALLY HARD for people to decide to divorce each other, even when one of them has fallen in love with someone else. I think that their quickie signing of the divorce papers was totally unrealistic.

    Karen, thanks for the wonderful SS!!

  5. So, Nik and Hayden's quickie marriage, and Lante's quickie divorce, are both bothering me a lot, I guess you all can tell :)

  6. Bryan Craig (Morgan) is 24 and Tequan Richmond (TJ) is 23. Not going to disagree about acting ability though!

  7. I could actually believe Kristina with a woman given her history with the quickie marriage and the boyfriend who beat her. I agree about the cast on overload. We just seem to get tidbits of good stuff and too much of the junk (Kiki/Moron). And now the Britch is coming back and the new ME character? I can't stand seeing Sonny so much. Curtis and Val-ugh. She should be gone. Nik is so broke that he had to steal ELQ but he can give Hayden 5 million if they divorce? And no Spencer at the wedding? Great SS Karen!

  8. Yes, I also was upset about Spencer, they married without even telling him? Trauma much? And then the Britch is coming back, is this really true? Does anyone know if Spencer is really gone, I guess that Emma is. At the GH event I went to, Laura W was speaking about the very talented child actors on GH. She said that Brooklyn was going to "be a movie star." Someone also commented how lots of GH alum end up on the Disney Channel. I miss Emma and Spencer SOOOOO much!! :(

  9. Thanks for another entertaining Surgery.

    Pat said....Disagree about. Kristina. She's always been into men. The story doesn't ring true and adds another new character.

    I'm also not happy that they're 'turning" Christina gay. It seems you can turn any hetero character gay these days by simply saying they must be bi. Have you ever seen a gay character "turn" straight? NO. People have spent years trying to convince extremists that you can't turn a gay youth straight no matter how much conditioning etc. that you do. One is either wired straight, or gay. But now they've suddenly started turning many straight characters gay in tv shows. It would have made more sense for Molly to be gay as she's been avoiding having sex with her bf.

    I could better believe that Christina wanted her grades changed and she knew the professor was gay and seemed to like her so she propositioned her. She's always been a manipulative kid who would do anything to get her own way.

    I also can't believe they're advertising for yet another new character when we're stacked with characters we don't use now. They can say all they want that they don't get paid for new ones; I don't believe it.(That being said, I like the new hottie too. :D )

    I also agree about Roger's scene with Nina this week. He nailed it. ( Yes, this is really me lol )

  10. I also love every scene with Franco and Nina. Way too much Morgan and Kiki for me and him not being able to get it up still doesn't make them a story. I hope the new doctor is related to anyone but Sonny. What could Paul's daughter add to any story?? As for Kristina maybe she's bi???

  11. While I love GH and will continue to watch, I do agree there are too many characters on the canvas!! The stories are choppy and take so long, a viewer gives up caring!!!
    Plus I don't like the Liz,Jason, Sam thing all over again. Liz uses her kids all the time to reel in Jason. And Sam on the basement floor all week is just too much!!!

  12. Tptb must be aware of how bloated the cast is. It's probably the number one complaint I see when I go online. That and too much mob. So how do they solve the adding more people or course. I even saw a petition online to bring on Kassie DePaiva. Has everyone lost their minds?

    I LOVED the Nico scenes as well. Roger sells the pairing for me. That man is just too sexy for words. All in all I enjoyed GH this week. I hope we get more Franco and Liz and less Sonny and Carly.


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