Tuesday, February 9, 2016

18 Year old Scotch

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Alexis and Julian got a giant sculpture from Ava for their wedding. LOL She shows them the 'model".  It's 12' high and she thinks it should go in the garden. Alexis was like: Ummmm. Thanks? 

Sam tells Liz Jake didn't push her, she fell. She's sad he got hit by a car. Liz is so happy Jake didn't push her but realizes that Jason/Sam are getting back to each other. She goes and sobs in the other room. Becky was exsquiste in that scene! 

Alexis rushes in. Really good scene there. Sam tells her about the ordeal. 

THEN!! OMG--Liz goes and tells Jason that she sees the connection he and Sam have built over the years!! She's basically like, yep.. you belong together. OMG the Liason train gonna implode!! 

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Nathan wants to move in. Lulu is there with Rocco. Why isn't she living in Wyndemere? I mean, Laura is there for babysitting purposes. Oh, Maxie says she doesn't live there because she has to take the launch all the time. Hey, that's plausible. 

OMG.. What if AVA worked with Anna to get Paul!!? That would be great!! She'd be off the hook and we'd get Anna and Jordan and Ava.
Anna talks to Paul, she's bamboozling him. He strokes her hair. ewwwww. He tells her about Susan, his daughter. 

The end was weird. Liz wanders around her wreckage of a house and over-audioed were Sam and Jason whispering to each other about their love/past. Weird. Weird. 


  1. Your idea of Ava working with Anna is brilliant. Why aren't you and Dave writing this show? Even separately the two of you have more innovative ideas in a week than all the actual writers do in a year. The mind boggles at what you could do if you sat down together.
    Before Jason went away, I was pleased that he was with Sam. Since he has returned, I was pulling for Liz, partly as a symbol of Jason being a truly different Jason than the mobbed up guy who left. So today was kind of a downer for me. I did not want to see Sam and Jason together again.

  2. The only thing I hate about Ava working with Anna and Jordan and getting a reprieve is the fact she killed Connie.... and I absolutely hate her with Avery and Sonny battle. Not that Sonny is any better and he did kill AJ but I guess AJ led a life where if Sonny didn't kill him someone else would have. Connie really was not a bad or evil person, she just tried to tell the truth about Ava and Julian. Sometimes I want to reach into the TV and bitchslap Ava, especially when she gets all holier than thou.... :)

  3. Julexis home: That gift that Ava gave them, Alexis gives the same face as she did with Olivia's portrait gift!!! Hahahahaha. Gee nobody is going to call Alexis about her daughter in the hospital?!!?! Oh there ya go. A phone call. Now Alexis can leave Julian and Ava alone together with their inappropriate chemistry. :)

    The hospital:

    Sam's room: So basically,

    Sam: Mumble mumble whisper whisper.

    Jason: Mumble mumble whisper whisper.

    Liz: They are getting back together! They still have their own code!!

    Oh look one minute Sam is in her black sports bra, and the next minute she has on the hospital gown!

    Sam: Oh Jason! Your love always saves me!!!

    I think I threw up a little. So basically,

    Sam: Oh Jason! You are the most wonderful man on earth! Your love is magical! It saves me! You are saint Jason!

    Alexis comes in and says the line of the day!

    Alexis: Why would I overreact to that?


    Private room: Awww Liz is crying all alone in the room! Liz! Go find BobTodd! You can cry on his shoulder!

    Monica, Jason, and Liz: Woah! Why is Leslie Charleson's face so puffy and swollen?!

    Maxie's home: So basically,

    Nathan: I want to live together.

    Maxie: So do I!

    *Lulu walks in*

    Maxie: Nathan and I are gonna live together!

    *Lulu pees her pants*

    Lulu: Me me me me me me! Whine whine whine. Me me me. Sorry I am having a pity party.

    Maxie: No you are not.

    Me: Yes she is!!!!!

    Paul's office: Anna and Paul bonding! :) He is touching her haha. I will call them Panna. :) Talking about Susan!!! Yes Anna good question! How IS she?!!?!

    The floating rib: Anna is talking to Mac on the phone YAY! Oh oh someone is following her!!!! Is it Susan?! Is it Michael Easton's character Mcwhomever? :)

    Liz's home: Awww Liz!!!! :( Go find BobTodd!!!! :(

    1. Yeh Sonya I threw up in my mouth a little too. I'm glad you mentioned her black sports bra thingies whatever it is....when I saw it yesterday I was like wtf, it's NY, dead of winter and she's wearing THAT!! Wow hooker heels and sport bras. Girl needs to learn how to dress, no wonder she was cold in that basement!

    2. How does Anna know Paul has a daughter? I guess this was all off screen? I can't remember him and Jenny having a baby....

  4. As some of you likely know, I went to the GH fan event a few weeks back with my Goddaughter and the son and daughter of my friend and fellow GH fanatic who recently passed away. My friend's children went for the Mix and Mingle event, which took place before the show. They said that the 4 actresses sat down at each table for a while and spoke to the fans. My friend's daughter said that, when she told them about her Mother, Ava was the most kind and compassionate of them all. Ava and Carly, the 2 beatches on the show, were both amazingly warm and kind in person. When I went to take my picture with them (my Goddaughter insisted on being in the same picture with me also), I instinctively hunched down, as I am tall, I was taller than anyone else in the picture (I am 5'9"), and felt like a giant. Ava (I know, Maura W) actually noticed what I was doing (I was so surprised that she noticed, and that she cared), and said, "You don't have to do that, you are tall, that is beautiful." I never will forget her kindness, and neither will my friend's daughter, she was so touched by her kind words about her Mother and her family.

  5. P.S. I haven't seen today's show yet, but I just got to thinking about how horrible the Ava character is, which reminded me how much that contrasts with how Maura W actually is as a person. It looks like Ava might be dragging Julian back into the Mob, which is upsetting me.

  6. sonya said.... Why is Leslie Charleson's face so puffy and swollen?!

    I was wondering the same thing. I hope she didn't have more work done. She was just starting to look more normal again.

    sonya said...I think I threw up a little.

    I did too.

    Becky was amazing in that crying scene. I thought it wasn't just about Sam and Jason though. I think the relief of knowing that Jake didn't hurt Sam would have hit her hard too. Either way she pulled it off beautifully. She's such a good actress!

  7. Well, also, her entire house blew up, and likely she lost ALL of her possessions!! That is SOOO traumatic by itself, not to mention her poor son getting hit by a car AGAIN!! RH is a giant legacy character, we cannot let her go!! As such, Liz would have so much stuff from generations in her family likely in her home, not to mention everything else she owns and needs--this is beyond devastating!! However, I guess in Port Charles it is pretty commonplace for your house to blow up--how many such events can we all list? I always feel terrible when they blow up a house, as the sets are sorta like legacy characters also. Isn't Liz's house where Luke and Laura lived?

    1. No I don't believe so, as this was the house Jason bought for her yrs back.

  8. Replies
    1. Some are saying Hayden and some are saying Darby. Either way I don't care and hope she stays away and he goes away.

  9. "Di said...I was wondering the same thing. I hope she didn't have more work done. She was just starting to look more normal again."

    Yeah I agree 100% with you!

    "Becky was amazing in that crying scene. I thought it wasn't just about Sam and Jason though. I think the relief of knowing that Jake didn't hurt Sam would have hit her hard too. Either way she pulled it off beautifully. She's such a good actress!"

    Yeah she was awesome!!! I hope we don't lose her! :(

  10. I didn't want to be the first person to say it but I noticed the difference in Leslie C's face too. not good. I think Anna, Ava and Jordan working together would be amazing. I also thought the Jason/Sam voice over at the end was strange.

  11. One of the reasons I think Anna, Ava and Jordon should work together is that even tho they wrote Ava into a damn corner with the Connie murder, they ARE going to keep her so we have to accept that and try to make it lemonade. You know? LOL I so wish writers would take into consideration long term stuff on soaps and not have characters do such crappy stuff and then KEEP THEM ON THE SHOW. Case in point: Ric.. he kept Carly chained in the room while she was pregnant in order to steal her kid when it was born?!!! I mean..geeezzzzzzze.


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