Saturday, February 13, 2016

On the Becky Front.

I got this in my DMs on Facebook last night. I didn't even see it until after I saw it on Twitter. It was going around about 9pm last night.
I posted this because I feel it is so unprofessional to speak to a fan (an obvious RH Supporter) about any negotiations. This is just not right-- especially for the actress involved. It puts pressure on HER-- and inflames the fanbase.
Why not say NO COMMENT?

He had a few Becky threads on his FB page that he deleted btw. Fans have been crawling all over it about her staying/going.

This isn't the first time Mr. Varni has commented inappropriately, imo. He's forever saying things you'd never see an exec say in public. 

I also wanted you to see this because it doesn't bode well at all for her staying. It seems like they have reached an stalling point. So, there's that to digest. 

I'm busy writing tomorrow's Surgery Blog and I was so happy to see Liz free of Jason! 


  1. I do not like this guy! Mind you, I don't have to like this guy because at the end of the day I don't have to deal with him! That being said, if staple cast members like Jason Thompson and now Rebecca Herbst are leaving we need not wonder why!
    It's the behind the scenes people that are ruining the show. And to talk to fans about supporting the show and continue to watch even if we lose favourite actors...maybe these people need to reflect upon themselves and their decisions. To reflect upon what I basically wrote yesterday, they hire new writers to write the exact same stories! Nothing new or original about what we are watching. People are tuning out because they are sick of the same sh!!, different pile! News flash Mr. Varni, you want ratings? Change the way you think as opposed to blaming others for your failures!!
    And I agree! Liz is better without Jason! Unfortunately, we may lose her!

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