Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quickie Wedding

Hayden and Nik are getting married in a cheesy Vegas Chapel "Camelot" with golden crowns. Oh boy. He gives her a prenup. If the marriage ends for any reason, she 'only' gets 5 million. LMAO. Nikolas reads her an Irish Poem. A king guy marries them.  At the end, Nik goes to pay and some guy says: "Rachel"?? To Hayden.
End scene.

Ava finds out idiot Kiki left Avery with Sonny. She stomps in. Sonny tells her not to "touch his daughter". UGH. He says she has the flu. Sonny says she'll be safer with him than with Ava. They say "Mine" "Mine" and then she leaves. 
Later, She meets up with Scotty who tells her she probably SHOULD give Avery to Sonny if she's involved with something bad (she eluded to the Paul situation).
Because you know, everyone loves Sonny. :eyeroll: 

The Turnips are out on a date. We got a new waterfront set..looks like a cafe. They have coffee outside.

OMG the Scotty Franco scene lasted 2.3 minutes. That's it. Nina had a quickie with Franco and told him she wants a baby. He's like: um..well, um erp. Then the BEST SCENE I've seen in a LONG TIME was on! WOW..Roger just blew me away!! WOW... He was talking about not wanting his DNA replicated and Jake getting hit and ... he was breathing really shallow, teary eyed.
Perfection. So good.
Franco still doesn't want a baby...yet. Or maybe at all. 

Tracy and Laura were together in a tiny room in Wyndemere. Talking about Nikolas and Hayden. Boring for these two actually. ugh Tracy says she's tired and leaves.  Scotty comes in and gives Laura an invite to reading of Hell's will. 


  1. While watching yesterday's episode last night, my partner said that GH is just paying her (Sam) to crawl around the floor. I said, "Pretty Much". lol...

  2. Can't wait to watch today's episode. I like how Franco is more concerned/upset about Jake than Jason is. LOL

  3. I agree with you about Roger today, kd. I'm not usually a fan but he was actually really engaged in that scene. His eyes never left Nina's face. It was a moving scene.

  4. Nico's home: BobTodd and Scotty scene YAY! A great bonding moment. Too bad it didn't last longer!

    Nina: I have 57 minutes to have sex.

    ROFL! And then Scotty wins the line of the day!

    Scotty: No no no no. You only have what 55 minutes. I would just be in the way.

    ROFL! Yeah you would hahahaha! Wow Nina REALLY wants a baby like NOW! Forget talking about it. Forget thinking about getting married. Forget everything! And you can tell by BobTodd's face he doesn't want a baby. Awwww Roger Howarth!!!! You never disappoint!!! Forever an amazing fantastic actor!!!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny: Can you say daddy?

    Little AJ: Daddy!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Their scene today was so precious! So was yesterday! I hope no scenes were cut between them today! Ava not happy!!! Be careful with that "cold" that you got Ava.

    Wyndemere: Laura and Tracy bonding. :) Tracy is tired? Is she pregnant? :) Or is something very wrong with her? Scotty and Laura scene! Sweet! Reading of Helena's will?!!?! Laura is invited?!!? Is this where we meet Michael Easton's character? Is he gonna be a Cassadine? McCassadine!! :)

    Ye olde Wedding chapel: They got crowns? Oh so they are getting married at burger king? Oh look it's the joker hahahahaha! The king of burger king is marrying them? Oh and he is a fast talker!!! DAMN! What's the king going to do next? Work at an auction? Beautiful wedding dress... Oh now they are married. Now what?

    Man: Rachel?

    Oh THAT is next. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava: You lied to me!

    Uh you lied to your daughter! I say you are even!!! Ava with AJ! Awwwww!

    AJ: Mommy mommy mommy mommy.

    Awwwwwwwwww! :) Such a sweet little girl! I wonder if the little actress was looking at her mommy when she was saying that. :)Great scene between Scotty and Ava! They really should be a couple! Come on writers!!!! Bring on Sava!!!

    Waterfront: A new set?!!?!!?! Awesome! Love new sets! Dumb and dumber date scene. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand they kiss. Shouldn't it be Michael's turn for Kiwi to get her fangs in?

    They didn't show Sam today! Is she still slithering around on the floor?!!

  5., but she can't crawl up the stairs.

  6. "kdmask said.., but she can't crawl up the stairs."

    Hahahaha. She could slither up the stairs! She has been slithering around on the floor really well. :)

  7. Maybe she'll freeze to death down there and by the time she's found, oh darn it's too late. Haha!

  8. Apparently, it's colder in Liz's basement than it is outside in PC.

    1. If it's anything like my apt it is. LOL! But I'm always cold.

  9. That baby is so adorable!! I liked Roger's scene, too, surprisingly enough. MS was also good.

  10. I am hoping that Franco and Nina split up, Nina finds someone wants to have a baby with her and Franco and Liz get together.

    I like how they are together. Plus it would probably drive Jason crazy. :-)

  11. That's a recycled waterfront set. Liz's studio is there. I remember Carly (Sarah Brown) following her when she mended Jason back in the day.


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