Monday, February 22, 2016


OMG. Today's show drove me INSANE.

What a stall tactic. Everything was SO STALLING--- docks stalling... Sonny stalling...
Some Metro Court stalling.

Julian cut his finger opening champagne, which why would you open yourself? Oh well-anyway, Olivia thinks that may be her vision? 

Anna is a the ready with FBI guys but tries to find Sonny. 

Stupid Morgan is on the docks with a gun.  He.. I don't even want to tell you but just ruins everything LOL 

Flashbacks: Remember when Julian was Derrick Wells...Flashbacks for Julexis 

NuJoss didn't overwhelm me. Nope. She "knows Uncle Sonny" Is in the mob and wants him to come to Career Day at school.  Later, they go to Sonny's house-- and find Sonny's gun box in the floor of the bedroom. They realize Morgan took the gun. 

OMG..Brad got a DIVORCE! Yep, Handed it to Lucas and said, it's over! So..there goes that story. 


  1. Although I cannot stand Julexis, I was also irritated at the back and forth from the wedding to the mob crap. It was a nice wedding, and how nice it would have been if Sonny HAD just gone to make Krissie happy. What a sweet day it would have been.
    This juxtaposition with a wedding and mob activity has been done to death on this show. Doesn't anyone have any imagination in the show? What do they do, watch old episodes and change the names and the flowers and call it a new story????

  2. The only thing that has me watching this week is that I heard that maybe Kiki gets shot and I live in hope that she'll be gone.

    I hate the chopped up wedding scenes with mob scenes in between too. Can't we see at least 5 straight minutes of the wedding/ oh wait...I'm sure we will when the gunfire erupts.

  3. Still watching but can't believe how Joss wants to take Uncle Sonny to career day at school. Honey, being a mob boss is nothing to be proud of. Smacks head....not impressed so far. Was over at Soapzone and Michael Easton starts taping in a week!!!! Squee ♡♡♡

  4. GH's wannabe The Godfather complex is ever present, the juxtaposition of beautiful life changing rituals with mob violence. Unfortunately, the execution is what eparates it from the classic and makes it extremely embarrassing to watch. Just pitiful.

  5. Police station:

    Nathan and Maxie: Hmmm another mystery going on here? Nathan's tux and a white glove. Nathan's past coming to bite him? An Ex girlfriend? Ex wife? Is Nathan cheating on Maxie? Is Nathan lying? Cus at the church, he seems uncomfortable. Hmmmmm.


    Nik and GreenHaydRachel: Sex on a bed........ Over and over and over. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Joss and Carly: Hmmm is this a new actress playing Joss?

    Julian and the fam plus Olivia: OH! Julian got blood on his hand!!! Premonition activated.. :) OR is there more blood on Julian's hands to come? :)

    Carson's home: Where oh where is the gun?! Is it with Waldo and Ric?


    Alexis's Private room: Love the Davis girls! :) Love the flashbacks of Julexis!! Love the note he left her. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Sonny and Alexis: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Olivia, her cupcakes, and Sonny: Awwwww! :) Uh Olivia, careful you don't want your cupcakes to spill all over the place when you bend over! :)

    BobTodd and Nina: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Sonny's here that's cause for joy. Churches creep me out. All those saints staring at me.


    Nina: Well you better get used to it, because when we get married we are getting married at Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

    BobTodd: Who said anything about getting married.

    Oh man! He doesn't want kids, and he doesn't want to get married!!! Their relationship is going downhill so fast! :(

    Sonny and Sam: Oh no! More Shriners hospital for children commercial? No. Whew. :)

    Brad and Lucas: WHAT THE HELL?!!?!? Divorce papers?! Where the hell did that come from?!!?! I thought he couldn't get a divorce because something bad would happen? $#%$#%#@$% Storyline dropped!!?!?! ARGH!

    The wedding: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Pier: Oh there is the gun!!!!! Hmm why is the water not frozen up? Strange.. Well, Morgan the idiot. Morgan the idiot with the gun. Morgan the idiot confronting the bad guys. I hope Kiwi the idiot shows up soon so Idiot number 1 can shoot Idiot number 2.

    Little Morgan: I'm skeered and cold!!! There will be lots of shrinkage.

  6. LOL!!! I'm not sure about Joss, is she not the same as the new one who took over from Children of the Corn Joss? BobTodd and Nina need to stop with all the baby marriage talk cause I love them and she's gonna push him away if she doesn't stop. Loved the Davis girls. I'm not a fan of Brad but I didn't like Rosalie even more so however the divorce happened, yeah. LOL!!!Wasn't impressed with today except for the wedding part. Morgan is such an idiot. Tomorrow is my last day of vacay so dang it I wanna watch something good LOVE so I don't get the ff trigger finger. LOL!!!

  7. Sarwat!! PERFECT comment. Yes, yes yes

  8. OK, I am almost finished with today's show. My comments so far: WHY did they have to SORA Joss, this is awful!! I guess Spencer never is coming back, at least not the original one. Alexis looked GORGEOUS, I swear the woman gets more beautiful every year! But, couldn't they pay Diane for one more day? What woman worth her salt has NO girlfriends at her wedding?

  9. "AntJoan said...But, couldn't they pay Diane for one more day? What woman worth her salt has NO girlfriends at her wedding?"

    Yeah I was wondering where Diane was at the wedding!!! Why wasn't she there? Didn't she say she would never miss Alexis's wedding?! What happened?! :(

  10. There will never, ever, EVER be an end to the mob-centric storylines. It seems that there is never any closure and this black hole keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger to the point that it has gobbled up any and every character on the show.

  11. We're probably supposed to assume she's there. Sonya I forgot to mention the thing about Nathan and his tux, I really hope they aren't going to mess with Naxie. They need some happiness, it's been one thing after another. I did notice too how he acted weird, oh and the fact that he didn't bring his gun, really???? I love Maxie but he shouldn't have given in to her request.....

  12. Yes, Maxie is known for making wrong, impulsively bad decisions, I often wonder why anyone would listen to her . . .

  13. Show is headed for cancellation. This has been the worst year plus since I've watched for near 40 years.

    1. That is your opinion, just because you say it doesn't mean it will happen. Yes it's been bad but it's been good too. Let's try to be positive until we actually hear that yes it's been canceled.

  14. "Michelle Latta said...We're probably supposed to assume she's there. Sonya"

    Yeah Diane is there.. She is wearing a cloak of invisibility! :)

  15. "Michelle Latta said...


    ROFL! :)

    1. Too bad Morgan doesn't shoot himself in his little Morgan then he wouldn't have to help Kiki by doing Darbs. LOL! I'm sick but found it funny lol!

  16. I agree with the comments that it would have been nice to just have the wedding sans mob war. Remember when some were confident enough to know that having a popular couple get married was a big deal? I feel like GH wants to be a soap while avoiding being a soap if that makes sense. It's weird. I enjoyed a lot of the little things that were happening during the wedding like NiCo's disagreement, the mysterious glove in Nathan's pocket, Bracus, the Davis Girls, the Jeromes, etc. The mobular stuff didn't make the episode epic, it took away from it.

  17. "Michelle Latta said..Too bad Morgan doesn't shoot himself in his little Morgan then he wouldn't have to help Kiki by doing Darbs. LOL! I'm sick but found it funny lol!"

    Oh Michelle! ROFL! Well, at least Morgan was impotent for a little bit. :)


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