Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Pool

I've gone to the movies more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years! I've discovered $5 seats--and since I work part time, if I can get there by 1 I'm gold! Today: Dead Pool. Can't wait!

Julexis wedding starts today. Yes, I'll watch Thurs/Friday before Sunday but frankly, I'm so NOT looking forward to the whole MOBULAR crap. *SIGH* 

Hope your Friday is going well! 


  1. Karen the last movie I saw at the theatre was Mystic River lol

  2. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre since Magic Mike or Frozen....whichever came first. I wanted to see The Choice but vacay is almost over and haven't made it. Deadpool looks funny, but not my thing.

  3. The last movie I saw in the theater, was star wars the force awakens! :)

  4. I can't wait to see Deadpool been waiting for that forever!

  5. Metrocourt restaurant: Kiwi would have won the line of the day with that text she sent Morgan, but Diane won it instead. :)

    Kiwi and Morgan texting:

    Morgan: Pls talk to me.

    Kiwi: Who is this?


    Little Morgan: Oh come on Kiki! Forgive us!!!

    Hey Kiwi that is a very pretty dress you are wearing. Love it!

    Kiwi and Lucas: Lucas is right Kiwi! Morgan has choices and chose to get off his meds. Now he has to face the consequences. Great scene with them!

    Kiwi and Ava: Great scene with them!!! Love how Ava is comforting her and Kiwi is crying. :(

    Jerome family: Love it!!!! :)

    Olivia and Julian: Oh come on Olivia! Don't pretend that Julexis's wedding is going to go beautifully!

    Olivia's cleavage: I'm glad I am invited to the wedding too! Maybe I can catch the bouquet!

    Julexis's home: Some of these scenes today were strange, but some scenes were great! Diane's scenes are always funny! :)

    Molly: I know they are taking him to Shriners hospital for children in Philadelphia.

    Krissy: Oh Spencer was treated at Shriners hospital for children in Boston.

    Molly: There are Shriners hospital for children all over the country. You know, they treat kids regardless of the family's ability to pay.

    Oh no! Please stop! No more! And why do they keep saying Shriners hospital for children? They repeat so much! Just say shriners hospital helps children! And what is with Krissy and her talk about Molly's virginity?! She just went on and on and on! What was that for?!!?! It was cute that Alexis was crying. ROFL! Krissy says Molly is now a woman. Uh no. She was a woman when she first had her period! :) Geez Molly lost her virginity and we didn't get to see it! It happened off screen! I guess since the actress is 17 and not 18 yet her parents didn't want the love scene to happen on screen? I wouldn't blame them.

    Diane: I'm here to stop you. You are about to surrender your identity and independence to an archaic institution. Designed to keep our gender firmly under the boot of the patriarchy. And I for one will not have it.


    Diane: Just kidding!

    Oh! Hahahahaha! Diane!!! :) And there it is! Diane wins the lines of the day!

    Diane: How dare you beat me to the alter. You bitch. Someone remind me not to have children.

    ROFL! I want to see you more Diane!!! Writers PLEASE! :)

    Sonny's home: Hey Sonny shaved! Great scene between Morgan and Sonny!!! Sonny's hand was even shaking.

    Police station:

    Dante and Lulu: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Anna and Paul:

    Paul: Anna. You stop it. I am not working for RAJ, I'm working against him. I'm running a sting. I'm working undercover. I'm building a case against the arms syndicate.

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? I am still trying to wrap my head around what he said about Mr. Yum yum and Susan! Now I have to wrap my head around Paul running a sting and building a case against the arms syndicate?!!?! This is way too much!!! I don't know what to do with all this!!! Wow again the actor pulled me into the scene!!! The actor is so good! Paul grabs Anna's arm! :) HOT! Damn they have great chemistry! I want them together! :) Wait wait wait! So let me process all this!!! Mr Yum Yum beat up and raped Susan. Paul is running a sting! Wait this has to be a lie. Wait it can't be. Mac knows the truth! I don't know I don't know! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  6. Paul HAS to be lying or this whole crap is a rewrite! Just.Don't.Get.It. As for Diane, love her!! Loved the handcuffs and her line of the day! I actually liked the scenes between Lucas and Kiwi, almost forgot they were related. LOL!! I wish Michael Easton would air soon. ♡

  7. Sonya, thank you for the recap. I am on vacation and your version is so much more entertaining than the real thing!

  8. "LSV422 said...Sonya, thank you for the recap. I am on vacation and your version is so much more entertaining than the real thing!"

    You're welcome!!! :)

  9. Okay now that I am calm from the Paul situation, although I am still processing it, I can share a couple of other things that happened on today's show..

    Haunted Star: Oh come on Lulu! You see Raj from the big bang theory's gun and your Spencer poker face sucks!!!! Now that you are bound and gagged, what are you going to do now?!!?! Do you have a plan? You should! You are a Spencer!!!

    Pier: Oh boy here we go!!! Time to rumble!!! Gun shipment is coming!!! 6:00 instead of midnight!!! And there is manic Morgan with a gun! Idiot!

    Little Morgan: Where is Kiki? Morgan you left a message with her!!! Oh forget Kiki. Where is Darby?

    1. You slay me Sonya!!
      Little Morgan: Where is Kiki? Morgan you left a message with her!!! Oh forget Kiki. Where is Darby?

  10. Lulu's handcuffed to that railing, but she can just lean forward and pull that tape off her mouth...right?

    The gun-running mobsters are the show's way to contrast Sonny the Good Mobster with the Big Bad Mobsters like the Jeromes. Sonny must smuggle counterfeit Vermont Teddy Bears.

  11. "Michelle Latta said..You slay me Sonya!!
    Little Morgan: Where is Kiki? Morgan you left a message with her!!! Oh forget Kiki. Where is Darby?

    Hahahahaha! Glad you like it. :)

  12. I'm wondering if they are rewriting the Paul thing to keep the actor - they did sorta write him into a corner.

  13. "Gary Johnson said..I'm wondering if they are rewriting the Paul thing to keep the actor - they did sorta write him into a corner."

    Yeah it looks like it. It looks like they are redeeming him! I am all for it. And then they can pair him with Anna! I hope they aren't planning on redeeming him and then kill him off! :(

  14. This is a little off topic but did anyone notice that federal prosecutor Robert Coughlin, intoduced in the last minutes of Hawaii 5-0 , was played by Ingo Rademacher. He's going to be on a continuing story arc for a while.

    1. Yeh I saw that on Ingo's IG. Unfortunately I forgot to watch, but will set dvr for next week.

  15. I bet the contact that Paul has at the Justice Dept is Michael Easton.

    1. That'd be awesome!!!!! I wish they'd hurry and put him on already. It's like waiting for Christmas to get here.....LOL!


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