Friday, February 5, 2016

"GH is the Beating Heart of This Town"

Oh my gosh, Molly and Krissy at the Rib. LOVED them...Molly got Kristina's diary and read it! ahhahaa. She thinks "P" is a guy. Molly is going to let Kristina stay with her while she finds a place. Hope her dorm room is bigger than my kids was! 

Nina got an adoption brochure and Franco is like "Um, NO ONE Is going to give us a kid" We were crazy, remember!? 

Morgan and Kiki. VERY good scene. Seriously. (don't faint). I like they are doing the ramifications of meds and sexual dysfunction. It's a BIG reason that younger people don't take their antidepressants and bipolar pills. Realistic.  He leaves and throws them out in the garbage. Then drinks at The Rib. 

Great Carly Liz scenes too! Carly was telling Liz she was a good Mom. Very nice. Given the circumstances, Carly was very civil. ;) Becky Herbst can cry so beautifully. 

OMG NEW HOT DOCTOR! And he can act! WOW. I love him ..there are too many people on this show. Don't do this to me!
HE's adorable and has a saint's medal for AIDS patients. He and Sonny talk about life and God and saints.
His name is Griffin Munro. 

Or Hubba Hubba :) He knew Lucas in med school. 

Jake tries to tell Jason about Sam. Jake goes to the Rib and gets a phone call that no one picked Danny up from a birthday party. He's worried. Asks Kristina if she saw Sam. He says she was going to Elizabeth's. Cut to smoke, smoke alarm and Sam. He gets there and opens the door. Show ends. 


  1. I wonder if Griffin is a love interest for Lucas. It might explain a lot about what happened to make Lucas reluctant about becoming a doctor and return home if he had a bad break up at med school or something. He's nice looking. Hope he isn't just stuck interacting with Sonny.

    1. I wondered the same thing as well. I kinda like him and hope he and Lucas get together (never did like Brad). I also hope he's only involved with Sonny as his doctor cause we all know everything has to revolve around Sonny. Blah....

  2. Thanks for the recap. I check here every day, to decide whether to watch, and it sounds decent, today, in spite of Sonny's presence.

    Oh, so the new doc is youngish. Too bad. I was hoping for someone nice, for Tracy! Or someone interesting and spirited, actually. Nice may not cut it. LOL Just no mobsters, please, GH!

  3. I hope he's not a love interest for Lucas. And they looked happy to see each other, SaveOurSuds not like people who'd had a bad breakup.

    And also liked the Liz/Carly scene, kd.

  4. Didn't watch today yet, but I am VERY DISTURBED by Nik and Hayden's quickie wedding--it made no sense on ANY level . . . And doing it without Spencer? I'm in denial that he left the show, but they still need to explain their actions . . .

  5. Maybe I'm just in a crabby mood, but I thought today's show stunk. I liked a few (very few) scenes, but this is a Friday show during February Sweeps?

  6. Floating rib:

    Nina and BobTodd: Oh oh! Nina is obsessed with babies again!!! Watch out!!!! Geez Nina listen to BobTodd he is right!!!!!

    Molly and Krissy: Huh?! So Krissy was all freaked out over the phone, and then as soon as Molly shows up, Krissy is all like, what? What's going on? What are you doing here? So don't be here who cares. Krissy GROW UP! Krissy forgets her diary? Guess it isn't that important to her? Oh wait I guess it is.

    Nico's home: Hey!!!! An impotent storyline! I LIKE!!! Geez writers why couldn't either Kiwi or Morgan say the word impotent? Ohhh so is that why Kendall Jenner and Morgan didn't have sex the other day? Because he is impotent?!!?! Poor Morgan is struggling.. Kiwi talks about their date and what was her favorite thing on the date. Going ice skating. Say what?!!!!?!?!? They didn't go ice skating! She told him no to skating cus she can't ice skate!! Writers have you forgotten already?!!?! Anyway, boy Kiwi TRIED really hard to get it up but it didn't happen.

    *little Morgan starts crying*

    Jake wins the line of the day.

    Jake: What am I? This dazed limp watered down version of myself?


    More of Nina's obsessed baby talk! Better be careful BobTodd. She could scream out REPENT and kidnap a baby!

    The hospital:

    The hospital chapel: WOW! Look at that HOT GUY! I was thinking who is he? He isn't Raj is he? Man he is so beautiful I'm going to cry!!!! Great scene between him and Sonny!

    Dr. Griffin Munro and Lucas: Ohhhhh! So HE is Griffin Munro!!!! I forgot when he was supposed to come. HE IS SO HOTTTTTTTTTT! He is my new husband! Back off Karen and ladies!!!! :) He is mine!!!! :)Hmmm I wonder if he and Lucas dated. Is Griffin gay? Hmmm Griffin could be Caaaaaaaaaaarlos's son! :)

    Jake's room: He is alive!!!!! YAY! Man he is all bruised up! Great make up!

    Carly and Liz: Wow! Great scene! Carly was all nice to Liz! :) Well wonders never cease. :)

    Cave: Poor Sam! No food, no water, no blankets.... She can't even pull the plug out from the heater! Hey there is a fire alarm!!! I don't have a fire alarm in my basement. That's probably a good thing to have in the basement. Nancy Lee Grahn even twittered this,

    Nancy Lee Grahn ‏@NancyLeeGrahn

    Is my kid still on the basement floor? #gh #davisgirldown @kellymonaco1

    Hahahahahaaha! Yes Nancy. She is! :)

    So. Caaaaarbrina and baby are still nowhere to be seen!!! So, then the baby is dead. :( RIP baby Rivera. :(

  7. So the new doctor was there to prop mob boss Sonny? Aren't enough people kissing Sonny's butt on this show?

  8. I just really liked the show, I guess because I wasn't expecting much excitement. Liked the dialog.
    I think the new doc looks like Carter from "Trading Spaces" anyone remember him?

    GH is still a mess and I think they are going to cast for Paul's daughter as well.

  9. Michelle Latta said...I kinda like him and hope he and Lucas get together

    Do you realize that if he's gay that means all the male staff at GH are gay? There'll be no one for Liz and the other ladies to drool over.

  10. Oops...forgot they added a new psychiatrist and he's not.

  11. He does resemble Carter Osterhuas, but he is even better looking.
    I really like the scene with him with Sonny. They were talking just like two regular guys. That won't last long once the ball gets rolling.

  12. Nice scene between Liz/Carly. It gets old everyone attacking Liz. Glass houses and all.

    I actually thought Dr Munro looked like he could be Nathan's brother. Only problem is why must everything revolve around Sonny? I use to love Sonny; think I lost interest the last time he married Brenda.

    Just want to say I love this blog and hearing everyone's input. :)

    1. A long long very long time ago I loved Sonny, think the Stone and Robin yrs but after it becoming the Sonny hr I grew tired of him. I did love the Carly Liz scene as well, our girl Carly is growing up.

  13. OK, everyone knows that I think that Maurice is the most handsome, beautiful man in the world, but this new doc!! OMG!! Yes, Sonya, you are right, he does look like your other love, Caaarrrlllooosss!! Sonya, you are SOOOO fickle, I thought Carlos was the love of your life, now this new doc is your husband?? I myself will stay true to my love Sonny, as this new guy is too young for me to look at in that way . . .

    His meeting Sonny first means to me that he will become Sonny's new bestie, as Sonny no longer has Jason to fawn over him. First he will become his doc, then his friend--they already have bonded over the saints, what was the name of the saint that he said that started with the letter "A," that has to do with people lost from AIDS? Is that real? (I am Jewish, so don't know about these things.)

  14. AntJoan, I think he said St. Aloisious or something like that. I don't know saints either. Loved Molly and Kristina, the new doc is gorgeous and can act, unlike the actor who plays Nate. I can't see the two nut jobs with a baby. A little therapy and a brain tumor removal will never make those two normal. I wish MS would stop playing with her hair. Becky was outstanding yesterday.

  15. "AntJoan said...OK, everyone knows that I think that Maurice is the most handsome, beautiful man in the world, but this new doc!! OMG!!"

    I know!!!! Dr. Munro is so beautiful I could cry!!!

    "Yes, Sonya, you are right, he does look like your other love, Caaarrrlllooosss!! Sonya, you are SOOOO fickle, I thought Carlos was the love of your life, now this new doc is your husband??"

    ROFL! But Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos was "dead" and then he came back, and now he is gone again! I don't even know how long he will be gone! I can't keep up! And I can have two loves of my life!!! :)

    "I myself will stay true to my love Sonny, as this new guy is too young for me to look at in that way . . ."

    Hahahaha. Nahhhhhhhhhh. He may be young, but he is an adult! :) So you can look at him anyway you want. :)

  16. New doc kinda looks like Stone. Same eyes. Now if they could just get the motor oil out of his hair.....

  17. The new guy kinda resembles Stone, Carlos, Nathan, even Sonny--he's a hunka hunka burnin' love, like they are, I guess, in some ways, all hunks (at least the dark-haired ones) look alike!



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