Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Movie Money and Martinis

Sonny's mad at Patrick. "TELL THE DOC HE'S WRONG, MICHAEL" Michael knows crap about medicine. LOL Sonny's "gonna find another doctor". Okay then, good luck with that. Great Speech that Patrick gives Sonny about him being a mobster and basically a coward. He decides to go to rehab.  BUT NOPE.. he wheels away and finds Morgan to "spring him from this joint" ..but Carly stops him. He's mad. MAD MAD MAD. 

Kiki is such a brat. Love Nina her ordering new stuff.  Todd is giving her advice HE"S SO TODD today!!! Kiki is trying to be nice. Nate calls to go over and ask Nina for money. Nina thinks it's just a social call for housewarming. She makes snacks and martinis!! She's so happy. BUT...wah wah. Nate asks for money and she realizes that they came for that, not really to visit. Nina is ready to go...she can't wait to help with the movie. 
Nate accuses Franco of living off of Nina's money. This makes Franco all broody and he leaves to take a walk. (not sleeping with Nina yet). 

So, Darby comes on, everyone goes to a party and it was JUST to get Kiki jelly? Or have her drink more? WHY didn't we see the party? Because it may have been something different and interesting? UGHHHHHH

IN THE opening of the show, Alexis tells Julian about the DNA tests. He wants the baby. She says they can't just 'go take it'.
Great! Another custody case! Leo and Avery can sit together in Court Day care.

Julian goes to see Olivia right away, even tho Alexis said to wait. :( Morgan is strangely there, tries to protect Olivia from Julian. Julian demands 'his son". 


  1. omg do we really need another custody battle. bad people having children with good people, well Sonny isn't but Ava is far worse, least Sonny didn't seduce any of his childrens girlfriends. Anyways so they have these kids then want them because they have a god given right? Olivia is just as stupid tho too. I bet Olivia decides to live with Julian so she can keep her son. And Alexis, well guess she will just be left out in the cold lol.

  2. Technically Sonny did seduce his child's girlfriend when he slept with Ava and got her preggo. Remember tomb sex?

  3. Oh ya I guess lol. either way neither her or Julian should have their children :)

  4. The hospital:

    Patrick's office:

    Sonny: Patrick! YOU ARE WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! I am getting a second opinion! You are WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    Oh he is just cranky because he still has a maxie pad behind his neck. GO PATRICK GO! You tell him!!! And Carly stop coddling him! And Milo SAY SOMETHING BABY! You are way too quiet!!! And take your shirt off!!

    Sonny's room:

    Morgan: Uh duh what is going on dad?

    Sonny: Take me home!!

    Morgan: Uh okay dad.

    Oops! Sonny busted by Carly!

    Police station: Whine whine whine. Sooooo much whining.

    BobTodd and Nina's home: While Nina is talking dirty with BobTodd with the new bed sheets she got, Kiwi looks like death warmed over her. OH DINNER PARTY!:) Fun! Nina is so excited! She is also so excited to help her brother and Maxie with the movie. I knew Nina would help her brother. :) Oh after Nina gives them the money, they didn't even eat!!! Dinner party over so quickly! And I think it's a great idea to have Kiwi become a caterer!!! :)Hmmm looks like Nathan got to BobTodd! Maybe BobTodd is going to take a walk and look for a job. He probably feels bad because he doesn't have a job and doesn't want Nina to think he is using her.

    Julexis home: Wow the house is so big that Molly will have her own wing? Sorta? Yeah Julian!!!! Fight for your son!!!!! Oh rats Alexis is right.

    Metrocort hotel: Look! Olivia's baby is still black! Awww uncle baby Leo! :) I actually do like Julian confronting Olivia scene.

    Baby Uncle Leo: Mommy! Daddy is scaring me! Where is my nephew Jerry? I did steal that book from the book store! All babies do it!!

    Police station continued: Oh love Alexis showing up and talking to the judge on the phone, while Lante overhears! :)


    Sonny: Get out of here Carly I got nothing to say to you.

    Oh!!!! Is he gonna call her a faithless whore and start throwing things?! :)

  5. I hope Olivia finds out about the DNA test and then sues Alexis...nosy biotch.

  6. Sonny: I want my daughter!

    Julian: I want my son!

    Two mob dons fighting over their babies via one night stands. Olivia needs to stop getting in bed with mobsters (Sonny, Johnny, Julian). For someone who hates the mob she sure can't stay away. There was no reason to write in that pregnancy because now we have two almost identical stories.

    Lulu isn't very bright if Dillon tells her that Dante has another secret, and she knows Dante kissed Valerie, and that Dillon and Valerie are close, she can't put two and two together?

  7. Yes, Lulu, c'mon, buy a clue! Haven't finished watching yet, but got a glimpse of Olivia's baby, still looked Black, Sonya concurs . . .

    Well, if Julian now knows that Leo is alive then Ned can come back to Olivia, right? RIGHT? He can leave that other show and come back, RIGHT??

  8. "AntJoan a glimpse of Olivia's baby, still looked Black, Sonya concurs . . ."

    Yes I do! :) Shaun is the father! ROFL!

    "Well, if Julian now knows that Leo is alive then Ned can come back to Olivia, right? RIGHT? He can leave that other show and come back, RIGHT??"

    Yeah that is what I was thinking when Alexis took that binky! I WISH Ned would come back!

  9. Sonya, poor Milo has probably just been hired as an extra. They'd have to pay him more if he speaks. That's why you never hear the extras talking.

    And what makes Julian or Alexis think that he has a right to go take that baby. Olivia is the mother. Julian can fight for joint custody or visitation but he has no right to just go take the baby. And no judge will take a baby from its mother unless she's proven unfit.

    And what's Julian going to do, stay home all day and look after an infant? I think not. He'd hire a nanny. The baby is better off being with his mother all day, rather than with a nanny or in day care.

    And I actually laughed at Sonny today. " Don't tell me I have to stay in this chair. I'M SONNY CORINTHOS!"

    lol What's wrong with you Patrick? You're going about this all wrong. Just take the almighty one to the water...and watch him walk. PMSL.

  10. Sonya; Why the REHASH of the show, act by act, we all saw the show.

  11. "Di said...Sonya, poor Milo has probably just been hired as an extra. They'd have to pay him more if he speaks. That's why you never hear the extras talking."

    Milo doesn't deserve to be just an extra. :(

    "mandy123 said...Sonya; Why the REHASH of the show, act by act, we all saw the show."

    It's not a rehash of the show. It's my fun take on it.

  12. omg c'mon Lulu buy a clue brahahahahaha, love it. thank god for ff, did it all through saint sonny yesterday. yes take him to the water watch him sink....

  13. I'm torn about GH lately. I like the writing changes but kind of need something major to happen to give the stories a jolt. I felt sorry for Nina. She was so disappointed that Naxie were just visiting for money but really tried to hide it. And now Franco is thinking he's doing the same to her. It was so sad. Sonny's being sort of jerk and I don't really want to watch him like ever but I appreciate that he's not eating the show so much. I'm intrigued by the Sakey baby stuff but it would be so much better if Michael were still a Quartermaine. I like that they've toned Morgan down. I really hope that bipolar story line has been scrapped. Kind of liking the Julexis/Olivia stuff now.

  14. Looks like Jason T. is out by the end of the year. They are really idiots to let him go. He is so talented and has been underused, mainly because Kim M. left and came back several times and pretty much destroyed his chances for having a lasting storyline.

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