Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wubs Wonders...

WUBSY's gonna miss me today!! 

So Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nightmare days. Three-year-olds coming for me from 9-2 and I can't do GH live. Ergo, blog may be late or no blog those days at all. 

BUT! I'm going to use today to ask you some opinions you may have on the current happenings!

1. Is Liz justified in locking up "DrewCo" or should have have free will even tho his mind is a mess? 

2. Do you think Kim will be pregnant? 

3. Pick the month you think it will be revealed that Hayden/Finn have a daughter.

4. Do you feel badly for Brad at all? 

5. What should Ava's story be? 

Ok that's enough for today! Answer some or all...

See you tomorrow! 


  1. 1. Is Liz justified in locking up "DrewCo" or should have have free will even tho his mind is a mess? I don't think he should have his choice. I loved seeing Liz in anger mode yesterday while talking to Kim. Hoping that her plan works because I cannot tolerate DrewCo much longer.

    2. Do you think Kim will be pregnant? Definitely. Franco never wanted to have kids because he was afraid of sharing his DNA. So.... he won't be happy about this...

    3. Pick the month you think it will be revealed that Hayden/Finn have a daughter. November 2020... They've barely hinted at a child yet, so it will be a long way off.

    4. Do you feel badly for Brad at all? I think everyone makes a bad decision sometimes under weird circumstances, like he did when confronted by Nelle. But it is no excuse for the things he's doing now. So I only feel "a little" bad for him. It is Michael, Lucas, and Julian I feel bad for. And for Willow when she finds out her child is dead.

    1. I certainly hope Kim doesn't get pregnant. There's enough invisible children on GH now. Even the writers don't see them . They actually brought in a child guest star this week!

    2. I will really be surprised if she’s not.

    3. Pat...Sun: 3. Pick the month you think it will be revealed that Hayden/Finn have a daughter. November 2020... They've barely hinted at a child yet, so it will be a long way off.

      No they didn't barely hint and it.. She was talking to her daughter on the phone.. :)

  2. Brad always has done bad things, but you definitely feel some sympathy for the character, I think because he is such a good actor. He didn't want to take Michael's baby originally, and certainly didn't plan to do it, but it all happened so quickly, and he was sooo traumatized from the death of his son that he didn't seem like a total villain at the time. And then, after, he justified in his mind why he had to keep up the deception. I still think, however, that his pairing with Lucas makes no sense, Lucas could do much better.

    1. I agree about him and Lucas, and his spur of the moment decision to take the baby. I also love the actor. He does such a good job of being smarmy Brad. I want to see him caught and broken up with Lucas...and out of the lab. (At least as head of it. he needs a monitor if he stays.

    2. I feel kind of bad for him too. The whole thing has snowballed and there’s no way out for him. You can see that he feels bad about Michael.

  3. It was great to see Liz step up! Kim is absolutely nuts and has been for awhile and will probably get pregnant. The Hayden/Finn will probably be a year off since we still have two other stories to reveal now. I don't feel bad for Brad - he had no qualms about murdering to keep his secret.

  4. I love liz but she is wrong. let franco be drew. still hoping for liason love story.

  5. Liz is now the kicka$$ woman on GH. She even has more spunk than simpering Anna. Nice to see her out of her scrubs. Watched her smack Kim a few times on video. Hope some of these stories finish soon and that Kim is not pregnant!!

  6. I think that Kim will get pregnant and lose the baby sending her even further over the edge possibly kidnapping Carlys baby.

  7. wow. not often someone ASKS for my opinion. normally I have to force in on everyone in a sunday surgery. ha ha ha

    1. Hell yes. I was watching the slap heard ‘round the world and I kept thinking, “what name is on his driver’s license? huh, Kimmy? I don't recall the episode where Franco went to the DMV and asked to legally change his name on his driver’s license”. So, if someone asked him who he was, he would have to take out his ID and say “I AM FRANCO!” Kim is just in looney-bin hell right now and SHE should be going to ferncliff. Totally not stable in any sense of the world. Once Franco is in Ferncliff, I guarantee she will run to Julian and bed hop for sympathy and comfort

    2. Yes. All ill-advised one night stands on GH end up in pregnancy. Just look at Liz. In 7 months we will see Kim and Lulu shopping for maternity clothes together. And in 9 months, their babies will be switched at birth and we will go through another mess of a storyline that will never end.

    3. month? really Karen? don't you mean YEAR?

    4. No. I feel bad for Lucas. He’s stuck with such a wuss. I so want a divorce and want someone worthy of Lucas to sweep him off his feet.

    5. Hasn't this character ran its course? She’s been bad. She’s been good. She’s been up. She’s been down. What is left? Maybe she and Jax can fence some artwork through her gallery and pull off an Oceans 8 caper.

    1. its a soap. miracles happen. i am sure TPTB will just assume that the viewers are too stupid to remember this. (but you are not. good catch)

    2. Ava is stunning and has such potential. They need to step it up. Jax and she in some kind of "rescue the stolen artifact for the government" would be awesome. OR have her find out about DEvvvv and blackmail Sonny but good and get Avery back.

  8. OO HOW Fun!!
    Yes, I love mad Liz.
    Yep but preggers with Julian's baby but she says Drew's baby.
    I say February sweeps 2020 and then the ending will be the day she graduates from high school!!!!!!!!(It'll make me mad she doesn't have her child on Christmas. but it's Sweeps.)
    Hate Brad - NO way to redeem him now
    (UNLESS Lucas finds out and HE lies about Wiley.)
    want Ava to find a good man -

    1. I WOULD LOVE this... instead of what we think Lucas would do..he does the opposite. Yep.

  9. Lucas might lie too. Bobbie lied about him

  10. Yes, she is justified to do what she can to restore Franco. He is not Drew.
    Most likely she will. Hope not. This character needs to go.
    Maybe Finn will find out about his daughter when she gets engaged to Wiley.
    Feel bad for Brad? No.
    Ava...some gallery stuff with intriguing and mysterious clients. Actually watching MW.

  11. 1. Nope. By this reasoning, Drew will have to be checked into a mental institution upon his arrival back in PC. Also if 2 of the 4 options happen after the surgery (no change/more Drew memories) how do you justify keeping him in a mental ward? No judge in the world would order a person to undergo a risky medical procedure against his will.
    2. I would love it if they would surprise us and NOT have her be pregnant
    3. Right after Shiloh dies, Carly gives birth and Nina's "marriage" implodes. They will need new stories.
    4. Do not feel bad for Brad
    5. I think I am done with Ava. She has more chemistry with Julian - maybe they can go be Flowers in the Attic in Manhattan.

  12. I have not finished watching yet, but I am finding today's show VERY EXCITING! LOTS going on!! I don't remember why Michael told Willow to wait a few weeks before telling Nina she is not her daughter, it seems she should tell her before she moves forward with the wedding plans. Of course, this is a soap, so it would be so dramatic if Nina finds out during the wedding, but I don't think that's the plan . . .

  13. OMG, I meant Sasha, not Willow . . .

  14. 1.Yes she's justified. Always been a Liz fan, and love RoHo's yes.
    2.She BETTER NOT BE!! But being GH and how they love pregnancy storylines, she will probably end up pregnant!
    3.The month....oh wow...umh May?
    4.No I don't feel bad for Brad one bit!!!
    5.Ava's story? Not sure?

  15. 1. Abso-freaking-lutely! I used to be on the fence about Liz, but I am loving her right now. And Sonya calling her Queen of the Fog yesterday was hysterical! :) I've decided that Drew was a real ass in his younger days. He needs to be Franco again.
    2. I begging to all of the gods that she will not get pregnant.
    3. I agree with others, Karen. Month is really optimistic. I say in 2021.
    4. No way. He is morally bankrupt. Love the actor though! Lucas could do so much better.
    5. Not sure about Ava. Love her and the actress. Loved all of the scenes she's in with Laura. I guess I'll say some gallery caper like others have mentioned.

  16. SHILOH is gone - yeah - his character was not redeemable - great great actor, but it's time he left - saw his interview this morning.
    Kim is now nonredeemable too - she needs to go.

    1. Yes agreed! Please send Kim away. Far far away...

  17. When they finally get rid of Peter, too, let's have Spinelli with Maxie.

  18. I meant to post this yesterday: Is the good looking 'security guard' the furry guy that Hiney hired to kill Shank...all cleaned up? Wow if it is!

  19. Yes, I wondered the same thing.

    Mufasa said Shiloh is leaving, would love a link to that interview.

    1. Here's one but I think there may be more out there.

  20. Good morning Port Chuckles!!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Sasha and Michael: WHAT?! She is in a robe, and Michael with no shirt on and just in his underwear!! They had sex?!?! UGH!


    Valenina: When is the truth coming out? And when are they going to break up?


    Maxie and Jason: Geez. Maxie is rambling! No Maxie no more coffee!!!!!!

    Spinny, Maxie, and Jason: HI SPINNY!!! OH MY! SpinElle are still together!!!! YAY! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Krissy: Hahaha. Yeah Krissy how DO you feel about your mother and your shrink dating? :) Just wrap your head around it. :)

    The pier:

    Coleman lookalike and Hiney: Damn I miss Coleman!!! I also miss Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!! :(

    Police station:

    Sonny and Cassie: Sonny acting all Don Juan Mobster! :) Sonny vs Cassie haha. Delicious. Cassie is not skeered of you Sonny! :)


    Chillow and King Mufasa: King Mufasa wins the line of the day.

    King Mufasa: You look a little pale. Are you sleeping? You must know all about those restless legs of hers.


  21. 1) Yes, Liz is justified. Franco is not in his right mind/mentally unfit.

    2) God, I hope she isn't. There are too many babies/kids on the show already. Whenever the writers run low on ideas, someone turns up pregnant.

    3) February sweeps... which is too long! LOL

    4) Not. One. Bit. Send Brad away and let Felix console Lucas. (Or maybe a newly "out" Dillon.)

    5) I will watch Ava in ANYTHING, but let her get the upper hand on Sonny and Carly for a change.


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