Monday, September 23, 2019

By Car! By Boat!

Gross here today! After a great weather week, it's humid and rainy and making my head hurt. LOL 
IT's still in the 70s tho, which is pretty good for this time of the year. 

At the Metro, Joss confronts Jax about the "boarding school' she thinks CarSon is sending her to.  She wants to move in with Jax! Sonny will be so happy. 

Finn meets with Peter because "Anna thinks they should get to know each other better" (Barf) Peter asks about his work and Franco's memory. Finn is like, you doing a story on Franco or something? Peter's like's hot right now. Finn says, you could answer some questions for ME about the memory thing, since you were there!! 

CarSon at GH checking on baby Status. Carly goes in. Epiphany goes and talks to Sonny about the baby being "Perfect in God's eyes". Awww, nice talk. 

Franco is hooked to the bed--I think he's at GH? I thought it was going to be Ferncliff? He's very calm and measured with Liz-- says she has no right to keep him from the woman he loves. Scotty says: Well, she does.  You're not sane--who doesn't believe their own driver's license? Liz asks to talk to Franco alone. She tells him she's doing this because she loves him. He said she wouldn't do this if he was going to be a vegetable... she shouldn't do this to Franco OR Drew. 

Dev is on the Haunted Star, waiting to take a Ferry to Canada. Please, swim there. 


Kim is frantic, calls Diane to get Franco out of this. Julian comes in all happy she's packed (ut oh). He tells her how much he loves her and how she's changed his life.  BLOOP! He finds the letter she wrote him when she was going to leave with Franco. I think she kinda wants him to read it. Oh, no..she tells him she 'made a mistake but realizes her future is with him". Boy she IS nutty. He asks her if more happened with Franco last night than a kiss. She says yes. He's pissed--WDV is great in these scenes!! He yells at her "It's always been Drew'!!! 

Shiloh tells Bobbie to get out of the car. She's like WHY--OH NO! it's YOU!!! She says: take my car, let us go. YEP, WILEY'S IN THERE!! He's like Oh, you've given me something more precious than money, MY SON!! 
Next scene has Bobbie yelling, trying to figure out how to walk home..fog comes in. She faints. I think due to low blood sugar. 

He takes her to GH.. she's still out. He tells the doctor that she has type 2 diabetes.  The doctor gives her fluids. Jason asks her what happened. She says: "Shiloh"! 

Jason's going to look for Shiloh on Rt. 9 where the guard was found.  Sam and he switch phones because his is almost out of charge. He finds Bobbie on the road.
Dev calls "Jason's" phone and gets Sam..He says: tell Jason, Haunted Star-- and he's hit and knocked out by Shiloh.
Shiloh calls Peter. OH! The Jesus guard was supposed to kill Sholoh but he didn't, Shiloh stopped him!! He wants MONEY from Peter, as much as he can get his hands on. 
Sam rushes to the boat to find Dev...Shiloh walks out. Hi Sam, want some tea?? 

Shiloh shows Wiley to Sam

Lucas finds out Bobbie had Wiley in the car when Shiloh took it. 


  1. In the name of all things holy WHY WHY WHY didn't Sam call Jason. No, she has to click click click down there in her high heels and try to lull Shiloh to sleep with her voice. Even when he put the gun away and walked away she didn't move. She just stood there staring at him with her big eyes...*You are getting sleepy...sleepy...sleepy*
    Nope, didn't work. I guess she'll have to wait for Jason to come and rescue her again and carry his lady in distress home. (Wiley's walking now. I'm sure he can get home on his own. And no one cares about Dev anyway. He can wait for an ambulance.)

    And what does WDV mean?

    1. Di! Hahahahaha! So funny. Sam always tries to make people fall asleep and it never works. She should give up. :) Yeah Wiley! Walk home on your own! You can do it! :)

  2. wdv - william devry. he is the actor playing julian

    doesnt the haunted star have security?

    1. Thanks, Dave. I thought it was another slang-acronym. lol

  3. Karen, it is about 90 degrees in NYC, and humid! It feels like mid-August! I am not complaining, though, I love the summer, and wish it would go on forever!

  4. its 85 in the desert. not a drop of humidity in sight.

    the haunted star seems like its one of those abandoned buildings that homeless people sleep in. anyone just walks in an out. there are no locks on the doors. no security. big omission if you ask me.

    the writing has been god the past few episodes. actions and reactions are happening and their feel normal, not forced. acting is iof course, top notch. finn seems out of place without anna. does anyone (Karen?) know the status of finola?

    it looks good, but still not good enough to get out of last place.

    1. Finola was supposedly back on set filming@ the end of August.Then production was shut down for three weeks for vacation. We should be seeing her soon.

    2. I had read that she would be on Sept. 19 . . .

  5. People - it's been 100 degrees in September here in Alabama with 100% humidity -
    this PROVES my theory that Jason only saves Sam over and over again - cause that is the ONLY storyline SB and KM have -
    can't wait to see WDV scream at Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. "People - it's been 100 degrees in September here in Alabama with 100% humidity -

      YIKES! Do you have a fan? Air conditioner?

  6. Today was good! Glad Kim got dumped on!
    Hope when Liz looks Francos Drew eyes she can will Franco out LOL! A girl can dream. 😂😂
    It's 97 in San Antonio 100 with the heat index! Hottest Sept on record.

  7. 85 + in New Hampshire today. Won't stay hot though

  8. Is Jason really saving the day again? Maybe there will be a surprise. I sure hope so because that scenario is more than tired.
    Kim needs Shady Brook.
    Whoever said the other day, maybe Karen, about wanting to see a glimmer of Franco come through from time to time. Me too. This 'Drew' is not likable in any way.

  9. why does jason always have to save the day?

    1. Because he has the cape, and someone keeps turning on the beacon. :)

  10. Sam is supposed to be a PI. Let her save herself

  11. Hope my Anna comes back with a spine. They have changed her so much it's horrible

  12. I was so happy to see Julian finally turn on Kim, especially when he asked her if it went any further than a kiss.

    1. OH ME TOO!! Those scenes ROCKED

    2. WDV was outstanding in these scenes, whereas TB was her usual stuttering self. Sam is a total moron. Doesn't anyone lock the Haunted Star? Don't care at all about Sonny, Carly or their baby, but glad to see more of Epiphany.

  13. Time to let Shiloh, Kim, Peter, Dev, Sam, Sasha, and Brad go. These stories have lasted too long. Want some action! I am starting to fast forward so many scenes. I imagine others are too.

  14. I haven't watched yet, but I really think that Liz should tell Drewco that Franco's last words to Cam were that he would come back, and that Franco would want to come back, and she has to fight for him.

    1. Well, I watched, and she did say just that :) !!

    2. lol I didn't want to tell you that yesterday since you didn't watch. Knew you'd be as happy as I was.

  15. Yesterday's show was really good, and a lot happened which made me very happy.

    Kim is beyond manipulative and pathetic and Julian was awesome! Sam is worthless. I agree with what everyone else has said about her character, her mannerisms, her story lines and the actress. I need Shiloh to just shoot her and put us all out of our misery.

    Liz spoke a lot of truths yesterday, and this Drew Lite character is a complete tool. I agree that a little bit of Franco needs to come thru and soon, because I want this current character gone now.

    I listened to the podcast. Good job Karen you were great! As were the others. :)

  16. The road:

    Bobbie and King Mufasa: Oh I know what you are doing King Mufasa! You are blinding her with the light so that she don't see who you are and drives off! Oh crap! King Mufasa kidnapping Jonah!! OH CRAP BOBBIE PASSES OUT!!! BOBBIE!!!!! :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Joss and Jax: She is so dumb.

    Carson and Jax: Yeah you better talk to Joss Carson! She has lost the ability to communicate with you, and she is starting to have memory loss, since she doesn't remember what Turkey Boy told her just a minute ago!

    Hiney and Finchy: Awww they are bonding how sweet. They are going to be family soon. Son and Step father. Oh wait no. Uncle and Nephew. :)

    The hospital:

    Piffy and Sonny: Great scene!!!!! :)

    Piffy: I believe all babies and children are perfect in God's eyes.

    While watching it, out loud I said, AMEN!! Damn that scene made me cry! Whoever wrote that line, it was a perfect line. :)

    Bobbie's private room: Oh she is awake! YAY! Oh yes Lucas! King Mufasa took Jonah! What are you going to do now? Tell Brad? Brad might pee his pants! Brad might rush to see Julian!!

    Drew Jr's private room: I'm not sure where they are either. Great scene though. Glad Scotty showed up!

    The guard's private room: Wow that guard is hot! :) Glad he is okay. Can we keep him?

    CarlyKim's home:

    Charlie and CarlyKim: GREAT SCENE!!! :) You should read the letter anyway Charlie! I mean why not? :) So glad he dumped her. It's about time. I hate the way she always treated him.

    Julian: It's addressed to someone else. My name is Julian.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I love it!!!! :) Another great line!!!! :) Poor Julian. :(

    The haunted star: Why did King Mufasa take Jonah there? Oh down goes Turkey Boy. King Mufasa on the phone with Hiney,wins the line of the day.

    King Mufasa: Yeah no. I'm sorry he isn't here right now.

    ROFL! Oh hi Sam! :)

  17. I keep hoping that Cassandra has had Helena's memories implanted. I was watching for glimmers of it during Cassandra's interactions with Laura, Alexis and Valentin. I can see that being her motivation for all this mind mapping more than to have her own "soldier boy". She is all about self-preservation.


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