Tuesday, September 24, 2019

All Ashore That's Goin' Ashore!

Maxie and Spin talking about Georgie...she wants Georgie to come to PC to see James, Flea and Mac and.. meet Peter. Barf. She tells Spin that Mac and Robin even like Peter now. Ugh. 

Peter getting money together...he goes to leave but Maxie comes in! Wants to have sex Lol. She says Georgie is coming for a fall break and she wants him to get a 'Real Home" so they can visit. She wants to go "all in" with him and have him meet her kids.  They kiss. 

Bobbie in the hospital... Lucas calls the cops.  Jason is trying to calm her down and get a timeline down. He then asks Spin to locate his phone because Sam has it. Spin tracks it to the Pier. 

Chase tells Willow that Shiloh escaped..she drops her boxes. Brad overhears it. Lucas comes up later and tells them all Shiloh has Wiley.
Brad says to Lucas "I put all of this into motion".. Lucas thinks he's talking about trying to get into the DOD. 

Joss is telling Krissy CarSon wants to send her to boarding school. Krissy is raiding the fridge at Sonny's lol  Doesn't she live with Alexis?? LOL. Anyway, Krissy is talking her INTO liking Boarding School--she knew kids from Yale that went there. 

Jax tells CarSon Joss thinks they are sending her away. "You need to communicate better". Jax thinks sending Dev to boarding school is great. Sonny's like "of course you do"... Sonny also thinks Josslyn going to live with Jax is a great idea.  Hahahahaa. I'm loving this. 

Later in the kitchen: They explain to Joss about Dev and boarding school not her.  Joss says well, maybe I DO want to go now lol. But she decides she's pretty messed up at the moment and should stay home. 
Jax and Sonny talk outside and Jax wants to know the real deal with Dev. Sonny's like um, there IS no deal. 


On the boat, Shiloh tells Sam 'Fate has brought me everything I've ever wanted"... Dev wakes up. Sam tries to talk Shiloh into letting Dev and Wiley go and taking her but he won't leave without his son.  Peter's taking too long. Shiloh says "You're right Sam, I have too many hostages" 
He decides to let Dev and Wiley go. He tells Sam to drive the boat to Canada. Why would he let Wiley GO? To keep that damn story going.
So-- they leave. Shiloh tells Sam actually HE can drive the boat himself...but first he's going to 'take care of her"

Dev tells Jason where Sam is (one of the worst performances I've seen in a LONG time. Sorry but I'm going to say it. Wow, it was so bad)
Joss tells CarSon and Jax Dev probably ran away
Peter is trapped between the pier and the boat because Jason/Dev are there
Maxie finds a 350K withdrawl slip in the hotel room after Peter leaves 


  1. "Why would he let Wiley go? To keep the damn story going". LOL So true.
    Please Shank, just kill her. Borg is much better without Mumbles. His scene with Bobbie was good. They have no chemistry. Time to set them free from each other.
    Alright already Sonny and Jax. Grow the freak up. They should be thrown together in a story line that forces them to work as a team.

  2. When Shiloh said he had 1 hostage too many I expected him to shoot Dev, but no. He does the last thing any sane person would expect him to do; he lets Dev and Wiley go. That made absolutely no sense! If he wanted to kill Sam he could have just shot her too. Why are they writing this crap just so Sam has to be rescued again and carried off by the knight in shiny armour. *gag* I hope Peter sneaks aboard and kills them both before Jason gets there!!

    1. Couldn't agree more with you and zazu. About everything! Seriously Shiloh let Wiley go? Absolutely no way.

  3. I never liked Turkey Boy, but I thought that the actor was OK. However, in the last scene I saw him in (not today, didn't watch today's show yet), I thought he was losing it. So I'm not surprised that Karen said he stunk in today's scene. He is NOT Stone, Sonny doesn't need another child, PLEASE send him to boarding school!

  4. this wiley story will end when he is 18 yrs. old. lucas is definitly a better parent than the michael corinthos clan. please kill sam

  5. Shiloh would not let his "son" go

    1. Absolutely not! He was in control and he's a manipulator. No way Sam can talk him into anything, especially not giving up his son.

    2. If I'm mistaken didn't Nelle tell him about the switch? I could be wrong, but I thought she had....or maybe I'm thinking of her roommate Harmony, Willows mom.

    3. I don't know what Nelle told him, but he sure seems to belive that Wiley is his son!

    4. I can't believe that Sam is captured by Shiloh AGAIN, and that Jason will come to her rescue AGAIN! I also can't believe that TPTB think that we want to see this! There are SO MANY amazing actors on, with rich histories, that we all would LOVE to see more of! I really don't understand the motivation for this . . .

  6. Why doesn't Sam hit Shiloh with a chair or bottle or something on that boat

  7. Replies
    1. So that she'll look like a princess when Jason carries her off the boat.

    2. Not sure if it's a gown. She was at Shilohs hearing earlier in the day and had to give her testimony or whatever. So that's why she looks like that. She left from the courthouse and went straight to the HS when Dev called.

    3. "Di says, So that she'll look like a princess when Jason carries her off the boat."


    4. I thought Sam was in a gown too, but they were just "blousy" pants. Don't worry though, it will be the same effect when Anger Boy carries her off the boat! LOL! I still miss Taggert....

  8. The hospital:

    Chillow: Oh Willow!!! What did that box ever do to you? Damn!!

    Bobbie and Jason: So it was 4:45 when all this happened?!!?! But it was so dark!!!! ROFL! Jason! Come on! Look at the beacon!!! You are so blind!!!! Oh there ya go!!! He sees the beacon!!! He puts on his cape and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy he goes! :)

    Brucas: Oh damn!! Brad was going to spill his guts!!!!! He just had to hold onto his guts! Let it go Brad! Let it go!!!

    Carson's kitchen:

    Joss, Krissy, and the Tribbles: Krissy is taking food from her father?!!?!?! ROFL! What?! Krissy you live with your mother! She has no food? Did she not go shopping? Are you going to take some of the Tribbles too? I don't think Alexis would like that. She could be allergic to them!!!! :)

    Joss, Carson, Jax, and the Tribbles: Make sure Dev didn't steal some of the Tribbles!!!!!!

    Joss: The talk makes so much more sense.

    Well duh!!

    Jax and Sonny: Hehehehe. Love their scene!!! :)

    Joss, Carly and The tribbles: Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: I was an idiot to think that.

    ROFL! Well, I'm glad you could admit it. :)

    Tribble: No don't go to boarding school. I will miss you!

    Spinny and Maxie: Holy cow! Maxie gushing over Hiney!!! Spinny you are right to be suspicious!!!!

    Maxie and Hiney: Oh boy! All that gushing has turned her on!!!! Oops he can't because he has that meeting!!

    Maxie: What is in here a dead body?


    The Haunted Star:

    Jonah, Sam, King Mufasa, and Turkey Boy: Don't worry Sam! Super Jason just saw the beacon!!! He is coming to save you!!!! Oh good Turkey boy just woke up from his name..

    1. Every time now when I see the Tribbles I think of you Sonya, lol! Thanks for the recap. And pointing out that it's not dark at 4:45 pm. I didn't even think about that!! :)

    2. "Julie H says, Every time now when I see the Tribbles I think of you Sonya, lol!"

      ROFL! They listen in on everyone's conversations!! :)

      "Thanks for the recap."

      Welcome. :)

      "And pointing out that it's not dark at 4:45 pm. I didn't even think about that!! :)"

      Hahahahaha! When does the sun come up? 2 am? :) And what time was it when it was time for Joss to go to bed? 7 pm?

  9. Krissy said she was raiding the refrigerator? All of the cookies and other snacks I saw looked like they came from the pantry . . .

    And Sonya, you are right, how could it be dark at 4:45?

    1. "AntJoan says, Krissy said she was raiding the refrigerator? All of the cookies and other snacks I saw looked like they came from the pantry.."

      Oh was it only snacks? Hahahahaha!

      "And Sonya, you are right, how could it be dark at 4:45?"

      Only in Port Chuckles! ROFL!

    2. The writers are idiots or Bobbies timeline is way off.

  10. Ugh - this Dev has got to go. Maybe the worst actor ever on the show, and they have had quite a few. I hope Spinelli sticks around for awhile. Really looking forward to yet another JaSam rescue -not!

  11. I didn't even notice the dark @ 4:45 detail. Yes, Shank shined a bright flashlight in Bobbie's eyes and it was dark. And Him giving up baby so easily. These are just a few of the details that we are supposed to not notice or overlook. Details can be what ties everything together.

    1. I didn't notice the dark thing either.
      As for him giving Wiley up so easily I guess that's another reason I thought Nelle had told him about the switch. Oh well. Maybe he doesn't care as much? Maybe he cares more about Cleavage than Wiley?



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