Monday, September 16, 2019

Wubs Writes GH

Title: "One More" 

Single Camera--continuous shot. 
Music: one piano note over and over (if you've seen The Favourite, you'll understand)

Setting:  Corridors of Wyndemere...

Dr. O carries a candle. She's dressed in an off white old fashioned sleeping flying behind her. She hurries through the maze that is Wyndermere, pausing now and then to listen. The single piano note plays over and over. She reaches a door...pushes it open..

Lesil: (sets down candle--crosses to other corner, pushes a button...door slides open). 

Helena: (dressed in  her white Ermine fur)  Finally!  How long does one need to come down 3 fights of stairs?

Lesil: I got heres as soon az I could.. you know Valentin..haz to have brandy after dinner.

Helena:  Do they suspect?

Lesil: Happy to say, not in zah least! 

Helena: Ah, working with the ignorant is such a pleasure. 

Lesil: I trust your flight and accommodations were up to your standards? 

Helena: (leans in...whispers) I may owe you my life but I don't owe you anything else, certainly not conversation, understood? 

Lesil: Yes.. understood. 

Helena: Where are they? 

Lesil: Scattered around per your instructions. 

Helena: Are we ready then? 

Lesil: (smiles)  Oh, we are ready...but is Port Charles? 

Helena glances out the window and pushes back the curtain...scans the dark night sky....

Montage Song:  (this is important) 

Cut to Franco walking down a road (a read road--outside) under the lit moon.. he looks up.... tilts his head....shakes it slightly and keeps walking. 

Jason rises from Sam's bed and goes out to the balcony. Stares up at the sky....puts his hands on the rail leans in... 

Peter is sitting in a chair, staring out a window with a drink in his hand.  Takes a swig... looks up at the ceiling....

Cut back to Wyndemere.... (Song still playing) 

Lesil: They all have no clue... 

Helena: (Laughs) Let My Games...Begin.... 

Montage shot of Peter, Franco and Jason----staring into the camera while song fades out. 


  1. Replies
    1. I need that song montage to be at least 3 minutes long lol.. can you imagine a REAL outside road shot with Franco walking slowly under the moon? Squee.
      PS. you know Peter's gonna die in this whole thing, right? LOL

    2. I hope jason dies too along with sam

    3. Excellent! More, more, more...
      Could Helena's brain be in Cassssandra?

  2. I love it, kd.

    And what a great twist that would be, zazu.

  3. I want Helena's brain in CHARLOTTE lol


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