Tuesday, September 10, 2019

WubTub Time Machine: Georgie Edition

When the writers killed off Georgie, I always felt it was the worst killing the show has ever done. This was a major character, and a young one at that. Maxie was already abandoned by not one, but both her parents, and this was leaving Maxie in all accounts an orphan. There was an entire generation (late teens/early 20s) that was working together on the show that would have grown up to take over the canvas. We saw Georgie from birth to adolescence to adulthood. The path was set for her to become a doctor or some noble profession and meet and marry Harrison Chase. 

I remember when this happened, it destroyed me. And now, 12 years later I am able to look back a little more objectively and with a different perspective.

If there is one plot device that brings out the best acting in a cast, it is a funeral. Lila's and Edward's both gave us great performances. Looking back on Georgie's funeral (I recently watched them) I was able to see some absolutely spot-on writing and wonderfully acted scenes. mainly from Kristen Storms as Maxie.

To start, Felicia has been off canvas for 4 years and left the girls in Mac's more than capable hands. Frisco has been gone for... who knows. I think he was written off a long time ago (by both the show and the fans). The writers could have easily made this a warm homecoming with Felicia, a beloved character coming home and giving comfort to a daughter who needed her mother. Instead, they had Maxie bitter and justifiably pissed and she laid into Felicia the minute she walked into the door.

Felicia: I came home as soon as I heard about Georgie.
Maxie: So, one of us had to die to get your attention?


Kristen Storms gave a tour de force over the course of a two-parter. As people were coming to the house to see (Robin) or meet (Spinelli/Dillon) Felicia, Maxie was clearly getting more and more pissed at the attention people were giving to the absentee mother. You literally saw Maxie seething and her anger just building up. Sarcasm was always her strong suit.

Dillon was also off the canvas for awhile. He came home to surprise Georgie and ask her to go away with him. And he ran into Kelly's and was given the devastating news. I would be remiss not to comment on Scott Clifton's brilliant performance. He deserves all the Emmys he received in his life.

At the funeral, Maxie kept doing her slow burn against Felicia and was nice and reserved until she stepped to the pulpit and then tore her a new one. Absolutely destroyed Felicia and chased her out of the church. Great performance by both but especially Kristen. 

We knew that mother and daughter would eventually reconcile. How could they not? It also set the stage for Georgie to return as a ghost. A tacky plot point (if you ask me), but in this case, it always gave Maxie the courage that she needed during the most difficult points in her life. Something I think all of us need from time to time from our loved ones who passed on. 

The death of Georgie brought out some of the absolute best performances by some of the best actors on the show. Don't believe me? Get on YouTube  and do a search. (I don' know how to embed videos, sorry. Just type GH Georgie Death Felicia Return). It also was an excuse to bring back two fan favorites, Felicia and Dillon.

I will always feel that Georgie's death was a misstep in the history of the show. I miss the character and the actress was absolutely the sweetest thing possible. But looking back now, it wasnt a total disaster. It changed some of the characters in Georgie's orbit and made them much stronger. And unlike other characters who leave and are never mentioned again, Georgie has been mentioned many times, returned as a force-ghost and also had a child named after her.

Georgie will always be with us in one form or another. 

This is the blog for Tuesday. Please feel free to comment on the show and anything else.


  1. I had forgotten so much of the detail of that time on GH, Dave. Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane. I will be checking out You Tube later today.

  2. I always thought Georgie should have been sent away to college instead of killing her. I loved georgie and dillon. another waste of killing was emily. GH can kill sam, totally useless character.

  3. Thanks for making me cry first thing in the morning, Dave. Ugh. This broke my heart, especially Maxie's grief.

    Side note--I met Scott Clifton once years ago. He was the NICEST person in the world. I kept insisting on buying him a drink since I was peppering him with GH and acting questions, but he wouldn't let me. He offered to buy me one! Alas, I was driving and had to decline. But he was truly a sweet, sincere young man.

    1. I met him in 2007. As I stated in a previous blog, I am not star struck by people, but by materials. We parked next to each other in a Trader Joes parking lot in CA. He looked at me and I looked at him and I said "nice work on the show" and he said "thanks".

      That was it. But you are right... as nice as nice could be. Just as you would expect.

  4. About today's show: Kim is a bitch. Hate the way the story is going.
    The baby story needs to end.
    That's it. Have a great day.

  5. Here's some news...


  6. Drew Jr's hotel room:

    Drew Jr, Monica, and Jason: Jason tells Monica about what is happening with Drew!!! Monica is upset and wants to talk to the WSB! They leave.

    Carson's Kitchen: TRIBBLES!!! YAY! :)

    Carson: Great scene!!! Carly is really worried about Joss, cus she cut class, and she wants Dev to live somewhere else. Sonny says how could you be so selfish? He is being a total jerk. He brings up how she slept with Jax when she was hurting. She knows the pattern they do when they are scared and she doesn't want to go down that road!! She says they have a baby that is coming and she wants them to be there for each other! He apologizes and she forgives him. WOW CARLY! BRAVO!!!! :) You have grown so much! :)

    Tribbles: Can we go out and play? We want to play with Charlotte..

    Oscar's meadow:

    Joss and Michael: Joss is so upset. She cut class and doesn't want to forget anything about Oscar, like his old locker in school. Michael is a good big brother and they talk. He knows how she feels, especially about Jonah. :(

    The hospital:

    Liz and CarlyKim: HOLY COW!!! CarlyKim is in fantasy land!!! WAKE UP CARLYKIM!!! BobTodd is NOT Drew!!!! Liz is your friend! I can't believe you would do this to her!!! Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: He's in the middle of some I don't even know what to call it. It's a bizarre programing episode.

    ROFL! Yeah Liz you snap her out of it or I guess you will have to punch her. :)

    Jason and Liz: Oh boy Liz just jumps into defense mode and sticking up for herself and BobTodd, and all Jason wanted to tell her was that Drew's plane went missing and he wasn't in the plane!

    Wyatt, his mother, and Hiney: Oh look. Wyatt the one in the cabin who found Hiney kidnapped. Wyatt needs his tonsils out and he is afraid of the pain afterwords. Man this kid is a wimp! :) Hiney was all sweet and sugary to the kid. He got Wyatt to change his mind about the surgery. Maxie was there and watched the whole thing. I don't know why she hid. That was dumb.

    Hiney and Maxie: Maxie is dressed like a librarian and she tells him how happy she is!!! UGH! Hiney is alone on the phone wondering why Maddox isn't dead yet! GAH!!!

    Hiney: I want to be the man you think I am, but I'm not.

    Maxie! When I man tells you who he really is, BELIEVE HIM!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julian and Brad: Holy crap! Brad wants Julian to kill Dr. O!!! THAT'S INSANE!!! Brad would NEVER want someone to kill anybody!! Come on writers!!!!! You failed!!! Well at least Brad knows that if Lucas knows the truth he could lose him by A: He goes to jail. B. Sonny kills him or C. Lucas divorces him.

    Drew Jr's hotel room part 2:

    CarlyKim and Drew Jr: What the hell are you doing there CarlyKim?!!? Liz wants you to stay away from him and so do I!!! I don't know why you had to tell him that this is a fantasy world. Just ignore him and if he goes up to you in a park or wherever, THEN talk to him. Now he tells her about Drew, and she is in shock. She is speechless! What happens now? They have sex?

    Grand hotel: Did anybody watch this show last night? If you haven't don't read on!!

    The person who killed Skye, well when I found out that it was Mrs. Parker, my jaw dropped!! Oh but wait it wasn't her! It was really her husband!!! My jaw dropped again!!!!! Then someone shoots Santiago!! My jaw dropped a third time! Who shot him I wonder? The twins's father? Hmmmm. Is he going to die? I hope not! I want he and Jason to have a relationship! If he dies, then he would have lost 2 fathers! :(

    1. Did watch. All the twists and turns like a soap opera should have. Sure hope it gets renewed or poor Santiago may never be found.
      Thanks for your recap.

    2. "zazu says, Did watch. All the twists and turns like a soap opera should have."

      YES! I agree!!

      "Sure hope it gets renewed"

      I hope so too!!

      "or poor Santiago may never be found."

      Yeah true. :( I hate when shows end and you don't know what happened to a character!!

      "Thanks for your recap."

      You're welcome. :)

    3. Thank you for your recap Sonya! I agree, Kim needs to steer clear! Out of respect to Liz & her kids! Some BF she is! How can she be attracted to someone just because of his memories? Isn't a relationship a physical & emotional attraction? Kim hasn't been right in her mind since Oscars death that still doesn't give her a pass.

    4. Yes, excellent recap Sonya thanks! Kim makes me sick, and she is SO delusional! If I was Liz I would have pulled a Dr. O. Slapped Kim and yelled SNAP OUT OF IT!

    5. "gracegirl says, Thank you for your recap Sonya!"

      You're welcome!!! :)

      "I agree, Kim needs to steer clear! Out of respect to Liz & her kids! Some BF she is!"

      Yeah she isn't being a very good friend. She needs some serious help!!!

      "How can she be attracted to someone just because of his memories? Isn't a relationship a physical & emotional attraction? Kim hasn't been right in her mind since Oscars death that still doesn't give her a pass."

      EXACTLY!!!! No it doesn't give her a pass. She and Julian need to break up. I don't like the way she treats him. She isn't a very good girlfriend either!

      Julie H says, Yes, excellent recap Sonya thanks!

      Thanks and you're welcome! :)

      "If I was Liz I would have pulled a Dr. O. Slapped Kim and yelled SNAP OUT OF IT!"


  7. I thought that the actor who plays Brad did an AMAZING job in his first scenes with Julian. (I haven't finished watching, so I don't know if there are more scenes to follow, likely there are.) Of course I don't like the character, always thought that georgous Lucas could do SO MUCH BETTER, but I have always liked him with Britt.

    I am writing before I finish the show because something is driving me crazy. At the time, it made total sense to me that Hiney wants Andre dead before he can reverse Frankendrew's memories, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out now how it makes sense. Wouldn't Drew remember that Hiney was there with Helena, not Franco? So why is Franco becoming Franco again a threat to Hiney. Again, I know it made sense at the time, I must be forgetting something . . .

    1. hi antjoan. i never bought lucas and brad. there is no chemistry or spark there. you know who i want lucas with? i think he would have spark with julian. i know, i know... that little thing about DNA. but if they werent related.... i could see it.

      someone once commented on julian and brad. i know... julian is str8 right? i know hundreds of guys (and girls...) who were married for decades and came out later in life.

      i'd love to see a later-in-life gay coming out. julian? lucy?

    2. How about Jason LOL! Can you picture Stonecold gay....I'm rolling it'd be so funny!!!

    3. "AntJoan says I thought that the actor who plays Brad did an AMAZING job in his first scenes with Julian."

      Yeah he did! He is a great actor!! :)

  8. Someone please explain this to me . . .

    1. Some things on present day GH just can't be explained. I wondered why Drew's
      memories don't include when he and 'Franco' grew up together but there's Monica wanting to hear about his childhood memories. What you said is correct...Drew would know, not Franco. They just want to make Hiney bad again whatever way they can it seems.

    2. Thanks, but I KNOW there was a reason this made sense to me originally. SOMEONE WHO KNOWS, please help . . .

    3. I don't necessarily think he wants him dead before the transfer as much as dead before he sees Hiney before or after the transfer. Andre knows all about Peter's involvement so he basically doesn't want him to leave the hospital alive. Does that make sense?

    4. And...if he killed Franco's body with Drew's memories wouldn't that mean the end of Drew once & for all? Just a thought.

  9. You all know what a Becky/Liz fan I am...that being said,the hyprocritical bullshit that came out of her mouth today to KrazyKim was just beyond comprehension. It made her look like such a fool....well, she really is because she married Freako. I'm just so over the lack of writing for her. The writing for Liz has been absolutely disrespectful the last few years. I don't know why Frank & Company can't stand the legacy characters. It baffles the mind.

    The Joss/Michael scenes were really nice. But come on, it's long overdue for Joss to move on. Oscar was a brief blip on the radar yet they keep trying to make him seem like he's been on canvas from day one. It's what they do if you think about it....they force characters and pairings by continually TELLING you how great they are, how great they are, how great they are...see what I mean? Think Parking Lot Peter...one of the most forced characters on the show next to Saint Sonny and the Mumblers.

    And don't even get me started on the CarSon idiocy today....*insert a million eyerolls.

    Anywhoooo.....just touched base with our fearless Queen Wubsie who is living her best life ever in Greece! She and Helena are enjoying some Ouzo...in their tea of course.. while dining on Tarasmasalata, Moussaka, and Octopus!


    1. HEY!!!! You haven't posted on here in a long time!!!! :) Good to see you here. :)

    2. Yeh Sonny bringing up the CarJax sex was not needed, it had not one thing to do with the Dev talk they were having. Sonny is such a little wanker.
      As for moving on, yes, Joss was a little annoying today, so she forgot ...so what Joss, it is a part of moving on girl. LOL!! Does she expect to grieve her whole dang life?? I too liked her and Michael's talk.

    3. Awesome update about the Wub Queen, I would love to be in Greece with Helena, lol! Totally agree about the CarSon scenes. Sonny has been such a jack ass lately, that if I didn't know better, I would think they are setting up a murder mystery. Ha!

  10. sonya said..." Maxie was there and watched the whole thing. I don't know why she hid. That was dumb."

    *** Because they wanted Maxie to see the sweet side of Psyco Pete. The whole scene made me throw up in my mouth! I don't care how good he is with kids, he killed Drew and tried to have Andre killed too. Now he just ordered someone to finish the job. (This since he's been reformed...so to speak) Showing his human side to a kid doesn't make a difference to me. Ted Bundy was a charmer with a heart of gold too.Superficial charm and glibness are common traits of a psychopath.

    1. One million up votes Di. I threw up too, and had so many eye rolls I lost a contact lens!

    2. "Di says, Because they wanted Maxie to see the sweet side of Psyco Pete."

      UGH! *Rolls eyes*

  11. And sonya, I pictured you dancing with glee when you saw those tribbles. PMSL

    1. ROFL! Always so happy seeing them!!!! :) Hmmmm aren't you? ROFL!

  12. Yes, Sonya, I thought of you too--the tribbles had a starring role in yesterday's GH!

    I think that Maxie seeing the nicer side of Hiney is a way to set her up to be in total disbelief when she learns of his crimes! And he is killing people just to keep Maxie from finding out things about him that had to do with his past, which she already has forgiven. How stupid to ruin his present iteration to cover this up, there will be no coming back from this! (Well, again, this is GH, so . . .)

    1. "AntJoan Yes, Sonya, I thought of you too--the tribbles had a starring role in yesterday's GH!"

      ROFL! I wish they were in the credits! :)

      "I think that Maxie seeing the nicer side of Hiney is a way to set her up to be in total disbelief when she learns of his crimes!"

      Yup! She will be devastated!!!

  13. I’ve been in France and have really enjoyed all the commentary since I can’t watch the show. Will be able to fast forward accordingly when I return. Still hoping Nik will be back and Heinie will be gone soon.


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