Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Day Two of Three

So.. this is good, I made it today-- and can blog!! Tomorrow might be tricky as Tillie's house/dog sitter is coming to check out things. Lord help me, I need five more hands lol...

Andre Maddox--dragged himself to the ER and has huge blood loss. yada yada, he's bad off.  They keep doing shaky one-camera around him. Weird. 

Mac, Flea and Maxie. Maxie is mouthy to Mac about "Staying safe".  Peter gets an earful from Robert. He tells him not to interrupt their "party" and he knows he's dark on the inside. They all sit down. Talk about Drag Queens coming to The Rib. Then Mac gets a call from Jordan about Maddox. Mac tells everyone 'Maddox is back" but not that he's in the hospital. Peter looks like he's gonna throw up. LOL 

Cam and Trina. She convinces him to go to school and LIKE IT. Trina's nails are FABULOUS

KimCo. They kiss, and Cam sees them swappin' spit!  Trina grabs Cam before he can yell, pushes him behind the bush and tells him to shut up and listen! Kim is mad she kissed Franco ..but OMG she called him Drew!! Franco's like; AH HA! =you said DREW~!! He says he doesn't want his old life, Kim is his family--his only family. Cam hears it all :sobbing: Kim tells him he has to try.  They argue, she leaves. Cam jumps out "what the HELL are you doing"? ? Talks about what Franco did for him. Franco is like "look kid, sorry but he's gone" Cam says he's GLAD OSCAR is dead so he doesn't have to see Franco like this. "he thought the world of his're just pathetic" Leaves.
Frnnco talks to Oscar's stone. Hopes he understands. 


Liason--Jason comes over with a present for Jake... a baseball jersey for the first day of school. Liz gives him some water, complains there's no time to grocery shop. He says he'll help with the laundry, whatever. Liz says "Um, we wear other colors besides black in this household" LOL!! Jason tries to bring her back down about Franco's memory--it might not happen. She thinks Jason would love that tho since he hates Franco. They argue. She ends up telling him about the Ferncliff plan. Oh, not sure if she did or not? Anyway, Epiphany calls and tells Liz Maddox is at #GH BUT NOT HURT! liz is all excited..wants to go but Aiden is asleep. Jason goes and she'll follow. 

Alexis goes into Charlie's and tells Jules the sale of the bar is off.  Oh, it's only postponed a week because Olivia wants to 'incorporate" because of something with taxes. Jules wants it sold NOW. Lucas comes in and Sam is planning a good-bye party for Jules and Kim. She's happy he's leaving lol. ..
Lucas is sad Julian is leaving. 

Alexis runs into Kim...Kim is texting. Alexis asks if she is ok. Kim says she's overwhelmed. Alexis says that She can help keep Franco away from her legally if she wants. Kim's not really that bothered there's a delay. 

Mac gives Epiphany permission to tell Jason about Maddox because 'he's officially helping with the investigation" (oh brother)...Andre was stabbed.

Peter goes into Andre's room and stares at him HARD.


  1. They could have gone a whole different way with the memory story and it might have been good. But they did not. It was nauseating to see Kim and Franco kiss. His memories are not from the Drew that we knew. That Drew would want to make it all right.
    Baby story still dragging, avian flu/Cassssandra, searching at Windemere, franco/Drew...and more. Ball of confusion...that's what GH is at this time.

  2. liason still has chemistry. might as well try them again.

  3. Perhaps they are putting Liz and Jason together

  4. I'm confused..are you going to Greece Karen? Are you in Greece doing the blog & watching GH?

    1. Karen is going to Greece, She doesnt know yet about internet connection or what she can or cant do over there. You're stuck with me for 6 days. (I'm sorry). There will be a blog every day so that you can sign in and comment like you do now. (except Saturday), Sonya will recap in the comments. I PROMISE it will be fun!!!!

    2. Yeah I'm doing Friday! :) Awww we are not stuck with you Dave!!!! :)

    3. You both do an exceptional job and I always enjoy when you cover for the queen! And I enjoy Sonyas recaps every day! So far from stuck Dave. I actually figured it out shortly after by rereading Sunday surgery as I noted below. Looking forward to next week!

    4. "Dave says You're stuck with me for 6 days."

      Oh is that how long she will be gone? Cool! I miss her already!

      "Gracegirl says, And I enjoy Sonyas recaps every day!"

      Oh thank you. :)

  5. Sorry Karen, I just reread Sunday Surgery so I get it now! Lol!

  6. The REAL park:

    Cam and Trina: Ohhhh! They are seeing Drew Jr and CarlyKim kissing!!!! Cam is angry! I don't blame him!!! Trina is just full of wisdom!!! WHO IS THIS GIRL?! :)

    Trina: They will come up for air sooner or later.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day.

    Drew Jr and CarlyKim: Drew Jr wins the line of the day.

    OHHHH WEEEE! YES! You just called me by my ACTUAL name!!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAH! And then he started to talk with an accent! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

    Drew Jr and Cam: Great scene!!!! Cam is breaking my heart again!!! :(

    Friz home:

    Liz and Jason: Oh look! Even Liz notices that Jason wears a lot of black! ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, Felicia, and the Scorpio brothers: LOVE IT!!!! :) Great scene!!! Awww Maxie doesn't want Mac to get hurt at work. :) Sweet!

    Hiney and Robert: Robert is right about Hiney!!!!!! I can't wait until Robert founds out what Hiney did to Drew and Maddox's plane!!!! I can't wait until Maxie finds out! I can't wait until Mac finds out!

    Hiney, Maxie, Felicia, and the Scorpio brothers: UGH! Go away Hiney!!!!! This is not your family!

    The hospital:

    Piffy, Mac, Jordan, and Jason: Oh geez! What is this? ROFL! Is Jason going to become a cop or something? ROFL! Yeah Piffy! HIPPA!!! ROFL!

    Maddox's room: Oh no! Hiney get the hell out!!!!!!! TRIBBLES WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?! COME GET HINEY!!!!

    1. sonya said..."And then he started to talk with an accent! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!"

      *** I didn't find it funny. He broke character. Drew never had an accent. He's just playing for laughs again.

      sonya said..." Robert is right about Hiney!!!!!! I can't wait until Robert founds out what Hiney did to Drew and Maddox's plane!!!! I can't wait until Maxie finds out! I can't wait until Mac finds out!"

      *** I can't wait either. I just hope we're both still on this earthly plane when the writers finally end this.

    2. It would be nice if they would end one story line, at least.
      I don't hear an accent but will listen more closely. Just not liking the way they wrote this Drew thing.

  7. I loved how Liz called Jason out on some of his crap. The wearing of the black (which was hysterical), glad that "Franco" is gone, and yet still trying to be "nice" to her. To me, his little phrase about not wanting her in pain rang a little hollow. I used to be such a fan of Jason but he usually is such a hypocrite now that I just roll my eyes and ff on.

    I can't even talk about FrankenDrew and Kimmy. Just a big fat yuck from me. But Cam rules! I was cheering him on. Trina is really the best friend ever. I adore that girl.

    Love the fact that Piph brought up HIPPA. It does exist you know. Lol! I was very peeved that MacDaddy wanted Jason to know the details. Another eye roll from me when that happened.

    Hiney needs to burn. In a cell. With Shank. Now.

    And Sonya is right. Where the heck are the Tribbles!!

    1. I adore Trina too. She's the perfect best friend.

  8. My general view was that truDrew started to emerge from Jason's memories when he moved away from Sonny. He revealed himself to be a loving, concerned, empathetic individual.

    This version of notDrew is just an self centered (fill in the blank)

    Thank you Karen. Reading your live recaps helps me determine whether I will watch.

    Enjoy Greece.


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