Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Teacher Teacher


So..DrewCoKim are at the door, talking, Kim opens it but doesn't see Liz in the hall. Liz sees everything tho. DrewCo says he loves Kim 'probably now more than ever". He says he's sorry to Liz but he's leaving. 
Kim and Liz are alone. Liz notices the blankets and mess. "You slept with my husband"??
Kim is like, he's not Franco, in mind and heart he's Drew. Liz hauls off and smacks her. Heh. Liz says Kim took advantage of Franco-- Kim says nope, he's Drew and we both wanted it. "Franco's gone, and he's not coming back, just like Oscar"..

Jason and Sonny at the Metro Bar... they figure that someone wanted Maddox and Drew dead. Jason pulls out a sketch. Jump to docks, he's with Peter getting paid off. QUITE HANDSOME for a goonie. 
Jason gets a  call from Shank from Jail. HE tells Jason to read the Intruder tomorrow and Peter August did the article. "I think he's trying to tell me something"....They discuss whether Peter is good..or bad. Sonny suggests they ask Maxie and Lulu. LOL !! 

Maxie and Lulu talking about Dustin at the Metro Bar.  Maxie's mouth runs a mile a minute but Lulu shuts her up by saying she had sex with Dusty already  lol.  She tells her Curtis and her mom walked in. Maxie is laughing. Lulu feels badly because she's only been divorced for a "hot minute" . Maxie says to shut up, it's fine. 

Jason asks about Peter. Maxie's like : "he's a good guy now". 

Cam and Joss talk about Volleyball practice but she wants to talk about Oscar.  Cam listens, then she asks how he's doing. He says he spent too much time hating on Franco...and now he's gone. Joss goes in to order. Sees "Mr. Phillips"--Dustin. He says hello, I'm just reading your essay.  He says it was good but he was left "wanting more". Hmmmmm, it was weird...ooky weird. Was it? Or was it just me?? 

Franco comes by. Wants to talk to Cam. Cam's hair is got it's own wave thing going today lol. geesh.  Franco says he's sorry about not being the man he wants him to be and he's leaving PC. Cam wants to tell him about Franco.  Says he was a great guy and if it wasn't for him, "Drew" would be in his body now. 

Peter visits Shank in jail. Shank tells him he called Jason Morgan to put Peter on 'his radar' because he's not out of jail yet. 
Peter is going to speed things up. 

Kim and DrewCo on the docks, they are going to leave together. Men in white coats run out and inject Franco and drag him off to Ferncliff. Kim's frantic, calls 911. Liz walks out "I did this, you gave me no choice"
Peter wants the goon to kill Shiloh
Spinelli is on tomorrow 


  1. How do you write this so fast? Glad you do.
    Kim is a hoe. The kind of 'friend' we mistake as a friend. Plus she has lost all attachment to reality. I wanted Liz to kill her.
    Cam...he is fantastic.
    Yes, teacher Dustin sounded weird for that second but I think they want us to think that unless he's good guy in the daytime and bad guy at night. Joss really looked all tall and grown up today.
    Still don't understand why Hiney wants Andre and realDrew dead.

    1. Again, I knew why,and it made perfect sense to me, but now I forgot. People have tried to explain it to me . . .

    2. I live tweet AND blog AT THE SAME TIME. lol. My brain is fried at the end of the session. I usually nap!!

    3. Peter doesn't want "Drew" to remember that he is the one that handed him over to Helena

    4. So if that is the case, wouldn't he WANT Andre to bring Franco back?

    5. I remember seeing a flashback where Shiloh delivered Drew to Helena and Hiney was there. But I don't remember who was remembering what, and why, suddenly, Hiney wanted Drew and Andre dead. It seems that, if Franco suddenly has Drew's memories, wouldn't Hiney WANT Franco to be restored? This is all soooo confusing . . .

    6. They both know Peter was involved. He can't let Andre hang around PC long enough to restore Franco's memories. He would have to be always dodging Andre and having to explain to Maxie?

  2. Kim has definitely had a break from reality. I loved seeing Elizabeth in beast mode though. People sometimes seem to forget that she's no wilting flower.

    I'm a teacher and I definitely thought the scene with Joss and Dustin was weird. No way would a teacher single out a teenage student in public to have a talk about her work. He barely knows her and has only had her in class for one day. Alarms were going off all over the place in my head. (I hope they're not going where I think they're going! Wouldn't surprise me though as they seem to want to touch on every current social topic in an effort to pull the show up instead of just writing stories WITH AN ENDING!) I don't want them making Dustin a bad guy.

    1. I agree. I think Kim should be the one going to Ferncliff.

      They wrote Liz really good today.

  3. the mealy-mouth whiny Liz has been on my nerves so I am glad she smacked Kim.
    I just felt Dustin was going to be a creep since Lulu slept with him- but I actually thought he would be the burglar........
    the ONLY hope would be the exchange of Dustin and Joss is going to lead to something good for Joss/writing about Oscar ALTHOUGH Trina having a crush on Dustin also sent warning bells.

    1. I hope he gets her to "write her feelings out" and it leads to a way forward for Joss.

  4. And here's a little news for valerie fans...

    She hasn’t been seen on General Hospital lately as officer Valerie Spencer, but is happy to share Paulina Bugembe will be seen in another series soon. On October 8, the actress will guest star in an episode of CBS’ long-running procedural NCIS.

  5. Replies
    1. It would be sooo nice if they brought back the original Valerie. And, while they're at it, WHERE are Molly and Krissy?

    2. original valerie is on y n r. has a bigger part than she had on GH.

  6. Ijust don't get it. Sonny, Jason, Julian a nd now Peter. They are all supposed to be deadly mobsters. Why has not one of them arranged for Shilohs death? Makes no sense.

    1. Kristina asked Sonny not to get involved in the Shiloh situation(as far as killing him).

  7. LOVE.IT. Bite it bitch! Ha! that outta my system! Haha!!
    Kim deserved that. Now please make him Franco.
    I am so glad Liz slapped her, long time coming.
    What else happened? LOL! Oh yeh blah did I understand that right? Peter has a hit out on Shiloh? Good, if so. Finally. Now give Michael his baby back and I'm all set.

    1. I'm with you on this one, Michelle.

    2. Me too, Michelle! Liz was great, yesterday! So was Cam for that matter. You could see his anguish and acceptance when he was chatting with "Drew". I love that kid. Kim is a first class looney-tune now. I have no words for her. :)

      They can kill off Shiloh and/or Peter anytime now.

  8. Maybe Shiloh will die,and there will be a murder mystery? I'm afraid, however, that he will just live forever. . .

  9. Just got caught up for almost 2 weeks. Loved the spunky Liz! Absolutely hate this new Drew and hate RH playing him. Real Drew may not have had the memories, but he had a gentler, warmer personality and was much more attractive. Still don't like this Nina and the bulging eyeballs, overacting and lack of glamour have really decimated the character. And no chem with Val. Laura and Curtis are great having an adventure together and Lulu seems to have perked up with her new guy. Feeling a bit sorry for Sasha who isn't really that terrible a person. Love seeing Liesl all the time. Kim needs to go to Shadybrook. As I said before, she should have been attracted to Jason. And yes, all of a sudden Joss looks so grown up.

  10. CarlyKim's home:

    Drew Jr and CarlyKim: Yuck!

    Liz and CarlyKim: Great scene!!!! I kept telling Liz to hit her and she does!!! YAY!!! Hit her again Liz! This time punch her in the face!!!! :) Besties OVER!!!!! CarlyKim wins the line of the day.

    CarlyKim: You're not facing reality.

    WHAT?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When she said that, my jaw hit the floor!!! Too much writers! TOO MUCH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Joss and Cam: Joss's forehead was so shiny.

    "Karen says, Cam's hair is got it's own wave thing going today lol."


    Drew Jr and Cam: :(

    Joss and Dustin: Joss is visiting crush city! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sason: Whoa! Jason has a picture on his phone of Coleman!!! Oh wait it's not. :(

    Maxie and Lulu: Maxie shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish Lulu hadn't told Maxie she and Dustin kissed and slept together. That was private and none of Maxie's business. HA Maxie thinks it's just a rebound, but I have a feeling it's not.. I like/love Lustin together and I hope he isn't a bad guy. :(

    Jail visit:

    King Mufasa and Hiney: OH BOY! Two bad guys!!! Maybe they should be a couple. :)

    The pier:

    Coleman look alike and Hiney: Man that Coleman look alike is hot!!! He needs to shave that bushy beard off tho. Damn I miss Coleman! I want him back!!

    Drew Jr, CarlyKim, Men in the "white" coats and the queen of the fog: UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I cant believe she is leaving with him! She is nuttier than a fruitcake! Perfect scene when those two guys come and take Drew Jr away!!! Then as CarlyKim tries to call 911, the queen of the fog shows up!!! :) Slap her again queen of the fog!!!! :)

    Queen of the fog: You gave me no choice.


  11. I just love all the comments! Definitely some better stuff these days. But still lots of loose ends flopping in the breeze.
    Kim sure lost it quickly. If I slept with a man's memories and woke up to see a different bod...I'd be outta there. She is now a 'loony toon'.


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