Monday, September 30, 2019

Baby's HERE!

I'm too psyched. Got a new iPhone 11 today! I had an iPhone 6 with 16GB space which is like. NONE.. The 11 wasn't much more than the X with my deals so.. whoo hoo!! GOOD PHOTOS for once!! 

OK, today's show.. here we go--Carson Baby predictions:
Boy-named Corbin

IF it's a girl (which I don't think it will be) she will be Ruby. (I was wrong LOL) 

Carly's still in labor--Jason is going to tell Michael about why Carly needs a C-section. 

Jason tells Michael about the condition. 

Carly and Sonny go into the operating theater... Carly's acting scared. Laura's playing this perfectly. Dr tells them what they'll do once the baby is born. They may get to hold it before surgery.  The baby is born, it's a girl.. . CarSon says she's beautiful.. The surgeon says the case is mild and should be fixed well. 

Willow and Mom are talking in jail. Willow tells Harmony Shank is dead.  Harmony thinks he deserved his end. 

Alexis and Krissy jogging in the park. Her trainer won't let her eat dairy. They talk about Keifer and suddenly Kendra comes around the corner. Krissy is like "Don't I know you from somewhere"??  Alexis thinks it may be from Charlie's.  Kristina leaves.  Alexis tells Kendra  A LOT about her life--then Kendra gives her A SUPPLEMENT to take for her program! UT OH!!  Then, when Alexis is looking it up on her phone to see if it's legit, Kendra looks at a photo on HER phone of she and Keifer. 


Nelle is going garbage patrol in the park. Guard lets her talk to Joss because she gave her a kidney. LOL Joss tells her Michael has a new 'smart, pretty, nice, girlfriend". Nelle smiles sly smile. She says she won't be in prison forever. Joss says she will--then Nelle smiles and whispers "I forgive you" to Joss. ALL CREEPY LIKE!!  They spar a bit, then Joss tells the guard Nelle is making her uncomfortable.

Sam is called to the PCPD by Jordan who's acting all pissy and mean. Wants to question her again. Sam calls Diane and Jason. Diane comes. Jordan reads the nurses' statement-- that she overheard them talking and Sam shot Shiloh because she wanted to basically take him out. Not self-defense. Diane is like NICE TRY, JORDAN we are leaving. They go to see the baby but Jordan stops Sam and puts her under arrest!!!!!! wowza! LOL!! 

Joss goes to GH sees Michael...she says she saw Nelle. They wait to hear about the baby. Later they go into Carly's room. They tell them her name and then Sonny says it's after a neighbor he had. "She you loved her or hated her or both"...."She kept secrets and didn't suffer fools" WOW..this is after the make up artist that passed away this year. Donna -- and what a tribute. Maurice even gets a bit teary =eyed. How nice. 

TAD MARTIN IS NELLE'S NEW LAWYER!!!!! Martin Gray will probs get her off.  She tells him she had a bad childhood....cries, says she gave up a kidney..cries, Michael didn't love her..cries..the baby died. Cries. He'll take her case..he thinks the parole board will be sympathetic. SO good to see Michael--he is SUCH a good actor. 

DR Terry is on tomorrow-- they must have heard me bitching lol


  1. I was thinking it was the makeup artist that he named her after, especially when he got teary-eyed. Thanks for clarifying that. It was a touching tribute.

    Now we have 3 new storylines....Nelle and her parole hearing, Alexis being poisoned, and the nurse from DOD...all criminal related. sigh. Will it ever change.

    I'm assuming Donna will end up with no problems because thet didn't want to write any into the show.

  2. Today was pretty good. I really liked the 'Nelle' character but bringing her back, and they probably will, is what they do. Unless this is to end the baby story soon. Haha. MEK looks great and I hope his role grows into something permanent.
    Arresting Sam because of something someone says is totally ludicrous.
    This is petty but I wondered why Krissy sat on the grass in front of a bench, and Alexis joined her. It's these little things that bug me.
    Baby name is nice tribute.

  3. i dont buy the fact that Nelle was allowed to talk to a citizen while she was on trash duty. Is that legal or even ethical? Why didnt they just let Nelle go to Starbucks and get a coffee? This bothered me.

    I'm not getting used to the new baby. She wont be heard of or seen for about 5 years when she is SORAS to an age older than Spencer.

    Yes! New stories. I predicted long ago that the baby swap storyline wouldnt be revealed for several years, after there is a strong attachment and when they need storylines. It is never going to come to an end. At least not soon.

    1. Yeh Nelle a convict can talk to a citizen but Cam can't talk to anyone while he's doing his community service. LOL!

    2. Yes, Nelle a convicted sociopathic murderer can talk to a child in the park but Cam can't talk to anyone while he's doing his community service.( which will probably last longer than said murderer's internment.

    3. A criminal with those kinds of convictions wouldn't be able to qualify for any kind of work release. She would be in max security lockdown. But this is GH jail so...! Just plain sloppy stupid though. IMHO

  4. I have a question, I thought the actress who plays nelle quit GH?

    1. Apparently she's recurring and she likes it that way since she lives just down the street from where the studio is from what I read in a magazine (she said).

    2. Yeah,everything Nelle bothers me right now too! Didn't she leave because she had all kinds of job opportunities she wanted to pursue?

  5. me too - she quit and then she 'wants to come back on her terms' - this has ALWAYS bothered me about people who leave soaps 'need a break' etc....
    you snooze - you lose.

  6. Replies
    1. Right!! That story Sonny was slinging about the babies namesake!! Puhleeez give me a break! He mentioned how she didn't like bullies or anything like that but apparently loved Sonny!? Did I get that right? Seriously!! Eyesrolling right out of their sockets here!! Lol! Besides all that why?? Why,why in the whole world did they need to give them another child on a soap so bloated with characters? And like Dave said,we'll never see her again after she leaves the hospital. But,I will say that baby was seriously soo cute!

    2. When Sonny spoke, he was talking about a real person who passed away hence why Maurice was so emotional. I posted an article below. The woman worked for GH sonhe 1982.

    3. i like karens suggestion of Ruby. i would have lost it...

  7. article on Donna Messina if anyone is interested

    1. I didn't know about Donna...but about Donna as a middle name. Oh well. She is super cute though, I agree. Ruby would've been cute, I agree.

    2. From what I read, she was like a sister to Maurice, so this was their tribute to her. If you rewatch the scenes you can see him get emotional. His words were about the real woman behind the name, which is super awesome.

    3. Donna is an old-school name, used to be quite common in Brooklyn, haven't heard of anyone with that name for a while. When I grew up in Buffalo, NY, there were 2 Donna's on our block! I somehow found it charming and wonderful that this is their baby's name, especially knowing now that Maurice's tribute was for someone at GH.

    4. Before it clicked in that Donna was a tribute to their old friend and co-worker, I giggled when he said her name was Donna. I was thinking...Oh, the Don has named his daughter Donna. lol

      When I realized why I was touched. It is indeed a great tribute. Donna will be in the GH family for many more years to come.

    5. While Sonny was explaining "Donna" to the family, I noticed Carly. She seemed really into it. Her face was full of love and then at one point she reached out and laid her hand on Sonny's chest. I was thinking "what good acting", then when I heard about who "Donna" actually was, I realized that she too loved the woman. Unusual way to give tribute to a staff member. Loved it.

  8. It looked like to me Martin Gray knew EXACTLY what kind pyscho Nell is. His facial expressions went from smarmy, to knowing, to oh-so skeptical. I loved it, and the actor looks great. All that purty white hair, lol!

    I for one was glad Sam was arrested, even though it was ludicrous. Maybe she won't be on for a few days as she'll be spending time in Port Chuckles's lock-up.

    I wonder how sick and/or goofy Alexis is going to get with her new supplement. I'm kind of looking forward to that. :)

    Curtis and Laura are on today, yea!

    1. I almost hope that this will be another Alexis story that will be dropped, as it seems so stupid . . . I"m wondering how Nelle is affording a lawyer.

  9. She can't have drugged it already? She had some too? Storyline is stupid, Keifer has been dead how long??

    1. Alexis drank hers, and trainer lady barely sipped it, pretending she was drinking it. Lol, Keifer has been gone for a good long time!

      And yes, AntJoan, I would rather go back to the Alexis story that was about the watch that kept stopping at a certain time!

    2. This is another stupid and unnecessary storyline. The watch one at least peaked my interest. This is just another "Nelle" seeking revenge.

  10. Jail:

    Mr. Gray and Nelle: TAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YAY! It's so good seeing Michael E. Knight!!! :) He looks great! Although, he should get rid of that beard and mustache. So Martin Grey eh? Inside joke from the writers? :) Marin from Tad Martin on AMC? Grey from Edmund Gray? Martin just makes me think of that song from AMC, Everyone wants to be a Martin!! Hysterical!

    So Marty is a lawyer eh? Trying to get Nelle off eh? I hope he succeeds!!!! I want her to run amuck!!!

    Willow and Mama: Willow is dressed like a school marm/librarian. ROFL! What is with that shirt?

    The park:

    Nelle and Joss: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Love that there is a scene with them!!! Joss did very well with her! Nelle all pretending to be innocent and sweet! Hahaha. Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: That stale prison air not cutting it for you?


    Alexis and Krissy: Krissy again you bring up Dr. Neil! Do you have a problem with your mother and him together? You say you don't, but I think you do. Alexis says that Kendra won't let her have diary! Alexis you can still have ice cream!!! Just have diary free ice cream! So her saying Kendra won't let her have ice cream is so dumb.

    Alexis, Krissy, and Kendra: OH! Krissy you think Kendra looks familiar? Dig deep in your mind!!! You will remember! :)

    Alexis and Kendra: AH HA! I KNEW IT! Kendra knows Kiefer!!! Cute picture Kendra! Is he your brother?!!? Oh oh! That powder could be poisoned!!!!

    The hospital:

    Michael, Krissy, and Joss: I'm glad Michael told them that the baby has spina bifida!! They should know! The tribbles are sad though.

    Michael and Joss:

    Joss: She can't manipulate me anymore.

    Good girl! :)

    Joss: I did what my dad always says. I took advantage of the limitations, and turned it into my advantage.

    GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Carly's room: The baby is born!!!! The tribbles are jumping up and down! They are so happy!!! Wow what a big baby for Carly being 8 months preggers. Hey the doctor said he was going to put the baby in a baggy! What happened to that? Her name is Donna!!!! :)

    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna
    I had a girl
    Donna was her name
    Since she left me
    I've never been the same
    Cause I love my girl
    Donna where can you be?
    Where can you be?
    Now that you're gone
    I'm left all alone

    Oh what?! The baby will have surgery and she won't have Spina Bifida anymore?! Oh crap! :( Why can't she grow up with Spina Bifida?!!?! I love that they named the baby Donna after the make up artist!!! Love how they gave her a tribute! Love that Sonny got emotional!!! Love how they incorporated the real Donna who passed away into the baby Donna! We got to know the real Donna! Awwww. :) Great scene!!!

    Police station: Oh what?!!?!?! Sam got arrested?!!?!! WHY?!?!! Because of what that teeny tiny nurse said? Where is the proof?!!?!?

  11. MEK looks way too young to have that white hair - still has that baby face. I liked the Donna tribute but can't watch CarSon with yet another baby. Is Avery up in the attic?

    1. Agree that Tad/Martin needs to get rid of his facial hair& white hair.Although he's not too young to have white hair, I think it's not flattering on him.

    2. Probably someone watching her. Or I don't She's 5 now. Too young though to be allowed in the hospital room with Carly.
      I agree about MEK facial hair...shave it. I'm not big on it. I like a little, like a goatee. My dad has had a mustache for a couple yrs and I keep telling telling him to shave it. LOL!!

  12. I could see Tad's t
    winkle in Martin's eyes.☺


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