Thursday, September 5, 2019

Day Three of Three

Called back to act--only to be in a coma...

I got here late and saw Michael telling Sam about Sasha's "Major secret" lol  Sam's got some gym wear on at the Metro. Geeze. 

Nina's just blabbing on to Sasha about being a mama..yada yada. I LOVE being a mama..YOUR mama. Oh to be a MAMA... blah blah blah. 

Dr. O, Finn and Valentin talking about Sasha's health. 
"Less chatting, more work"-- I love Dr. O. LOL.. they have to do some testing that could uncover Sasha' s paternity. 
Dr. O corners Brad and says he's going to make Sasha's DNA match Nina's or she'll spill about Wiley. 


Um..Peter is skulking around trying to kill Andre.
Andre's beepers go off tho..and Peter skulks away. They give Andre something and he starts to wake up.  He says "Someone tried to kill me" . He was in Africa and Drew found him and told him about Franco. Put him on a plane and Andre flew back. Drew went on to Afghanistan. Andre was met when he got off the plane by a driver but that guy tried to kill him. He fought him off and dove himself to GH . 
Drew hasn't checked in so right now he's supposedly "missing" 

Franco goes into Julian's bar with Kim-- Julian introduces himself. Franco says: "oh whatever 
happened earlier, completely my fault" AHAHHAA OUTTING KIM!!  OH, he covers for her and doesn't talk about the kiss. 
Later, Franco asks Alexis about being a lawyer because he might need one. Alexis is like, I can't it's a conflict of interest. Franco says NO, I'm Drew. She's like: Um.. nope. 

So, Diane is at CarSon's about adopting Devvvvvvvv--well, Sonny is. LOL. Carly's like: WHAT??  Diane tells him he's 16 so they can't petition under his "Turkish" name, they'd have to lie and adopt him under his "Corbin" name.  Carly's not sure. 

Sam calls the jet company. Drew's jet disappeared from radar, just vanished. 

OH PEOPLE! THAT'S IT FOR ME until I"m home again-- not sure when I'll be doing the blog. BUT--DelcoDave is filling in so check DAILY for goodies and to dish about the show!! 


  1. Thanks,Karen, for all that you do for all the GH followers.Enjoy your trip& safe travels. ♥️✈

  2. Have a great trip!
    How funny is it that Nina, Michael etc can be understood while speaking through masks and I can rarely make out anything Sam says?

  3. Frankendrew is showing that old memories Drew was kind of a creep.

  4. Have a great trip Karen!
    Today's show was nothing. Same old Brad crap. Hiney energized into badness.
    At least Nina changed her clothes.
    We're here for you Delco Dave....

  5. New Nina not in a frumpy dress, I am getting used to her. Please get this memory swap crap over with.I like old Franco but hope this one goes back to what he was soon.Rumors are that Nik (yeah) will return and Morgan (boo)too if Grand Hotel is not renewed.

  6. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sam and Michael: Awww! Poor Michael don't wanna hear what Sasha has to say! Skeered Michael? When you break up with her, go find Francesca!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Drew Jr and "Charlie": Awww they are bonding. :) New Bromance? :)

    Alexis and Drew Jr: OH! Need a lawyer? Go find Diane. :)

    Carson home:

    Diane and Carson: Oh! Love Diane's blue jacket! So not only does Sonny's swimmers get women pregnant, now Sonny wants to adopt!!! After he adopts Turkey Boy, will he adopt the tribbles? Tribbles Corinthos.. I like it. :)

    The hospital:

    Dr. O and Brad: Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr. O: You're committed to being a law abiding citizen. Aside from the small matter of kidnapping.

    BAHAHAAHAHHAHA! Well she is right. :) What is 1 more illegal activity between them. :) We need MORE scenes with them!!!!

    Maddox's room:

    Hiney and Maddox: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hiney is going to kill him!!!! Oh wait that sound! Maddox is okay and awake!!!! :) Yeah Hiney run and hide you spineless wonder!!!

    Nurses station:

    Hiney and Finchy: Sure sure Hiney. Go call your "mom" and tell her you are okay!!!

    Jason, Sam, and Liz: Oh crap!! Drew's plane disappeared without a trace!! It disappeared into the Bermuda triangle? DAMN YOU HINEY!

    Friz home:

    Cam and Liz: Liz can't think about the tongue kiss between Drew Jr and CarlyKim! No no she has to focus on getting him to the coocoo hospital!


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