Wednesday, September 25, 2019

By Hook or by...


Liz tells Cam that Franco is at GH--and she's having him committted. Cameron isn't happy. She tries to explain why.  Laura agrees with Liz. She says it's for the best. 

DAW!! Aiden gets Franco his fave candy.. :) Franco doesn't know him.  Aiden says they had a lot of fun together and he's sorry he doesn't remember him. 

Bobbie is in a private room.  Joss and Carly want to visit her. Bobbie's mad Lucas called her, 'she's pregnant and has a broken foot"!!  

Brad is praying at the chapel. Willow comes in and they pray together. 

Jax goes to see Sonny.. Jax thinks they should call the cops.. Sonny says nope. Jax--WHY? Jax knows something is up. 

Dev is taking Wiley to the hospital. JASON goes on the boat to save SAM-- OMG didn't I bitch enough with the Damsel in distress shit LAST TIME? 
Sigh. Even if Peter ends up shooting Shank, I don't even care. No, Jason tells Dev to go to GH. Dev sees Peter and asks him to dive him to the hospital. Peter says yes.
Shiloh is all "Not even Jason Morgan is here to save you"... OMG CAN THIS GET MORE BORING?????/

The Canadians could watch-- THEY got to see Shiloh unbutton his PANTS AGAIN to try to rape Sam and Jason shoots him.

Then they go to drive the boat back-- ( I didn't realize it was out on the lake?) and SHANK comes out with a BASEBALL BAT with a HOOK in it and starts beating on Jason, they fight. Shank is going to hit him and ...


NEWS INTERRUPTION WITH.. WHATEVER THE HELL IS GOING ON. I have NO idea why they broadcast that-- NONE. 


  1. They interrupted because they think they are the primo news station and they have to interrupt the unwanted Soap.

    And for heavens sakes, Jason. Don't you know you always cut off the head of the snake.

    And why didn't Aiden ask Franco why he was cuffed to the bed, or is that a normal site at Liz's house? lol

    And that bat was a fishing gaff.

    1. They said NOTHING.. lol. it was like DERP..and then taking in UKRAINE!! LOL

  2. LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Young and the Restless casts Jeffrey Vincent Parise as "dangerous" character Simon Black

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am so excited and happy I get to see him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. GH should have never let him go.

    2. "zazu says, GH should have never let him go."

      No they shouldn't!!! :(

      "kdmask says, I'm so happy for him!"

      Me too!! :) So are you going to start watching Y&R? :) Oh and did Michelle Stafford on twitter, told you she misses you!?!?!?!!? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


  3. i loved Sam's dress today. thats how bored i am. i am doing a fashion review. but i did think it was really nice.

    epiphany and franco was a good scene. well done by both of them as always.

    ok so. brad and lucas are missing their child. and they are acting like they are ready to fall asleep. they dont even act like they want to be together anymore or like there is any urgency there. Time to cut losses on this pairing.

    It is 1:30 pm pacific time and we just got interrupted. So you got interrupted a few hours ago and now we go interrupted now. Gotta love it.

    1. Did they time it so that it was in the middle of GH?

    2. P.S. And the interruption was supposedly live.

  4. No comment on the interruption or I'll go ballistic. Only missed the middle part with savior Borg saving Mumbles. And not so successfully. Does Jason have Shank's gun or will Sam be the one to save Jason this time. Turning the tables doesn't make it more appealing.
    Aiden was adorable with Franco. Hope we see a little of him soon.

  5. 3pm start here so I got to see it all. Very rushed and flat. Sam and Jason were too non chalant after1 shooting Shiloh. It was too predictable. Guard had on a bullet proof vest. He took it.

    Aiden scene was amazing. Willow was captivating even in a short scene.

    Aside from that.... an epic ending fell super flat. At least with the Ryan/Ava storyline it was powerful.

    Kemo seems to be phoning it in. Guy playing Shiloh is acting his arse off and wished for him as an actor it came together better.

    1. kemo has been phoning it in since day 1. overrated.

  6. OK - haven't finished watching yet - but why would Jason shoot Shiloh and not check the damage ? Right then you know Shiloh is coming back - also - I checked Dick's sporting goods store and they don't sell baseball bats with hooks in them unless you pay extra

    1. I know! with didn't either one of them check?!?!

    2. OMG, I know, just leaving him there, makes nooo sense . . .

    3. Also, where was the blood on Shilo if he was shot? There was nothing on him when he came on deck and attacked Jason!

  7. I couldn't believe Jason shot Shiloh and then he and Sam just went about their business without even calling the police. Aiden was really precious with Franco. Dev is painful to watch. Love having Jax back to annoy Sonny.

  8. Well I missed the Aiden's scenes, and the unbuttoning of the pants, and Super Borg saving Mumbles. Perhaps those last 2 were worth missing. But I did see the end. Great cliff hanger, but we all know how it will end. Certainly not with our hero taking a bat/fishing gaff to the head. :)

    Shiloh the actor is great, and I hope he goes on to bigger and better things.

  9. The haunted star:

    King Mufasa and Sam: I can't believe he just let Jonah go! Sam has magical powers!!! Actually, this was a great scene. Love how Sam talks to him, love how we found out that he killed his father!!!! Oh oh! King Mufasa is going to take off his pants!!! OH MY HE GETS SHOT! Where does he get shot? Below the belt? No. Rats. Who shot him? Was it one of the Tribbles? No. :( It was SuperJason!!

    Sam: Is he dead?

    SuperJason: Yeah he is.

    Sam: We have to make sure.

    SuperJason: No we don't. He is dead.

    Sam: How do you know?

    SuperJason: My Spidey senses are telling me. Come on let's go.

    Sam: Aye Aye captain.

    Hmmm who is Captain and who is Tennille?

    SuperJason and King Mufasa: Oh two muscular men fighting!!! Who will win? We shall see.

    King Mufasa: I have a bigger one than you!!!

    SuperJason: No I do!

    King Mufasa: You want to fight until death to prove who has the bigger one?

    SuperJason: Yes I do!

    The hospital:

    Bobbie's room:

    Carly and Bobbie: Carly will never ever ever forgive Jason. :) ROFL!

    Lucas and Bobbie: Hmmm I didn't see anything on the news about what happened Lucas!!!

    The chapel: Oh come on! Seriously!?!?! Brad praying?!?! No no no! Unless he is going to repent, then this scene is a waste of time. Oh no! Willow shows up and they both pray. That just made the scene worse!

    Brad: Hey God. You probably don't remember me.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but sorry Brad, Sonny won it. Now when Brad said Hey God. A thought popped into my head. Hi God it's me Margaret. ROFL!

    Drew Jr's room:

    Piffy and Drew Jr: Great scene!! You tell him Piffy!!!!

    Aidan and Drew Jr: Awwwwwwwwww. :( Aidan is breaking my heart. :(

    Liz and Drew Jr: RUGRAT?!?!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Shut up jerk!!!

    Carson kitchen: Soooooo many family secrets that Tribbles hear.

    Jax and Sonny: I love their scenes so much. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: For one reason. To make you happy, because that is my first priority.


    Sonny: Good night Jax.

    Sonny's thoughts: I love you Jax.

    Too bad Sonny can't say that out loud. Sonny, Jax loves you too!!!! :)

    Sidenote: I watched the pilot of Bob Hearts Abishola this week, and it is a very funny show. I love it. I saw Vernee!! (Stella) She was on the pilot!!!!


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